Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

The Zooey and Emily together on the red carpet, and posing in front of a vodka sign. My dreams are complete. Definitely top spot worthy.
And to make all of your dreams come true, Adrien Brody. I am going back up to spend more time with the Deschanel sisters.
Now I feel dirty I said that because Abigail Breslin is down here listening to all of it.
Well, Anne Heche still hasn't killed James Tupper.
But that is the most uninspired kiss ever. Maybe he thinks her lips are poisoned.
Alexis Arquette is truly one of a kind. I use the phrase one and only often, but in this case, it is definitely true.
Also at the same event, were David and Courteney.
Ashlee & Pete make their way to a S&M club.
Two more weeks and then Bradley Cooper will stop smiling all the time.
Cameron Diaz doing some morning show press.
Carmen Electra getting stared down by some guy boozing it up.
I think Chris Kattan just realized the name of the show.
Daniel Merriweather - Sydney
Edie Falco rallying for health care.
Men's Fashion Week has moved to Paris and ridiculousness.
I can't get enough of Halle Berry.
I still say Isabel Lucas should be getting more attention than Megan Fox for Transformers.
Randomness of the day goes to Jimmy Fallon and Tiger Woods.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks great and he is standing next to first timer Marc Webb.
Jude Law looks angry but the new hair plugs look fantastic.
I always thought Jason Patric would become an A-lister.
Kate Gosselin wandering around her driveway.
But who took the picture of Katy Perry?
Kat von D all covered up.
You would think Lily Allen could at least afford a better wig.
Liza Minelli - Amsterdam
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Have you noticed that John Mayer talks about a lot of his exes, but not Minka Kelly.
Do you know what that is in Mena Suvari's hand? It is Mena Tequila from Jose Cuervo. Today is a good day.
I love Perrey Reeves.
And you can't have Perrey Reeves with Rex Lee who is with Rachael Harris and Michael McMillian.
The first time I have seen Thomas Dekker actually dress normally.


MizCaramel said...

I thought Anne Heche was preggers? Did she have it already?

ElsieFire said...

So, I'm suprised Enty didn't make a comment about what the shiz Carmen Electra did to her hair! Half buzzed on the side. Ick Nast.

God, I will never tire of that phrase.

ElsieFire said...

Oh yeah and cute readers!

Reader 1, you remind me of that actress from LA Law, Michele Green.

Yeah, I am that old.

nancer said...

what DID happen to jason patric? he's a good actor and he just kinda fizzled out.

i love 'nurse jackie.' as a nurse, i see a lot of truth in that show. go edie!

minka kelly looks great.

i'm still snorting over men's fashion week. what a complete waste of time and money.

strawberrygirl said...

I love Emily. Zooey is really pretty, too. I don't think they look very much a like, but both are pretty in their own way. Emily has that classic beauty look and Zooey has that sorta baby face look.

Jen said...

love Edie

Carmen isn't looking so "fresh"

RocketQueen said...

Agree with the comments on Carmen - what's going on there? Bloated face and over-tan...what else?

lol agree with ElsieFire - Ick. Nast. will never never get old. Speaking of which, that's how I feel about Adrien Brody. I do NOT see the appeal.

Really dislike Minka's dress.

Hmmm...Kat Von D - wasn't she a guess in yesterday's blind?

Lucas is far too thin and of all the complaints I'm hearing about the new Transformers, that's one of them. Overly-skinny actresses.

Miss(pdx) said...

Okay so Carmen must be realizing by now unless she wants to become like Pam, she needs to switch it up. She is starting to show her age and its not cute anymore.

I luuuv Halle's hair short!

This is the 1st good pic of Jude I have seen in years.

Kat Von D looks so beautiful.

Yay readers!

Unknown said...

I don't know if it's the angle or what, but whoever took that pic of Edie is a moron...she looked absolutely FANTASTIC today at the rally, despite the 95 degree weather.

ItsJustMe said...

Wow, way to go on the good hair plugs, Jude. Wonder what they look like up close and personal.

I don't get the appeal of Adrien B. either, he IS an afghan hound, per Michael K!

Kate Gosselin shows the world she is single, nipped & tucked, and ready to mingle.

Right after I had bought what I thought were the most adorable red and gold heels, Alexis Arquette shows up in them at some event, and everyone says how terrible the shoes are, totally ruining them for me, and therefore, I will never have a soft spot in my heart for her.

Great reader pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Great reader photos!!

(Hands clasped together, eyes heavenward): please please PLEASE let Abigail Breslin grow up okay, please??

Seems like not that long ago (and yet SO long ago) that Lindsay was looking fresh-faced and apple-cheeked on the carpet for "The Parent Trap." Sigh...

KellyLynn said...

Can we trade in Tila Tequila and get more Mena Tequila? Just asking.

alaina said...

Random Observations...Carmen and Cameron look rough. Daniel Merriweather looks like Sean Astin. Edie Falco looks like the redhead from Real Housewives of NJ (but blonde, obvs). The male model in his bike shorts looks like a twig. Also I want some Mena Tequila.

And finally...I used to think if I was skinny, rich, and was on a TV show, I'd be super happy. Now I see Kate Gosselin in her bikini and unhappy situation and feel blessed by what I DO have. I am also blessed with big natural boobs so I'm happy for that too. :)

califblondy said...

Jason Patric was hot stuff and a good actor. It's funny how things go sometimes.

Something's off with Carmen's face.

Anne Heche creeps me out. Her man is hot though. Poor guy.

If there was a Bud Light can on the side of the tub with the pizza, that'd be me. Nothing like a cold Bud and a hot bubble bath.

MnGddess said...

Is it me or do Kate Gosselin's boobs look wildly out of proportion?

She's spending so much money on herself I wonder if there's any left for the kids.

Lucky777 said...

Top photo was great! Emily loooked a little extra done up, but can never get enough of the Deschanels.

And enough with Bradley Cooper. I've always been a fan of his, saw the Hangover, but it's just overkill now

Anonymous said...

I love the Deschanels. I think they should do a photoshoot covered in bechamel sauce: Bechamel Deschanels.

I don't care if Adrien Brody looks like an Afghan hound, I would hit it.

I'm with AnnMarie - please let Abigail Breslin be an OK teen/adult.

I'm gonna say no to those gold short shorts over bike shorts.

Enty for every Halle picture, we should get a Gabriel pic.

Beautiful readers like always. and I'll shut up now. Great set of photos, enty!

Anonymous said...

Emily, I love her eyes they bring out her features. Zooey, don't know who she is but looks cute 2.

Adrien Brody, don't see the attraction.

Anne Heche, what a kiss no passion.

I was about to say who was that drag queen and notice it's Alexis lol.

Ashlee looks like a fembot lol. Her creepy husband like always looks gay to me.

Cameron D., never liked the girl.

Carmen E. looks like a hooker and like she gained tons of weight.

I love Nurse Jackie :).

Men's fashion ridiculous.

Love Halle's hair cut. Very fresh and comfortable.

Jude Law, another guy who I don't see the appeal.

Jason P. used to find him attractive.

Kate G. looks like she is hooking lol.

Readers very cute.

AvaMore said...

I heart Edie~ one of the truly marvelous/talented actresses of our time.


Haven't seen the Nurse show as I have no cable, but def plan to Netflix it!


AvaMore said...

and HI readers!

lutefisk said...

What;s up with Courtney Cox?? She looks awful.

TinselSass said...

While intense and sometimes a horrible dresser, Thomas Dekker is a great spirit and talent. FUNNY and SUPER SMART. And truly doesn't take himself too seriously. (And NO, I am not Thomas... just have worked with him.)

Next on my fantasy banned from CDAN forever list: Ashlee & Pete. Their poseur nastiness makes my skin crawl.

Who's on your fantasy banned list?!

TinselSass said...

BREAKING NEWS... Michael Jackson dead:

ardleighstreet said...

Abigail B. has a really good chance to turn out OK. Her brother Spencer is stll decent and not tabloid fodder. Right?

The hilarity of Alexis standing infront of HUNG. As for her outfit NO. Just because they are all metalics doesn't mean they mesh well.

Maybe Jude is angry because Skank Miller still proclaims to LOVE him.

So I wonder what Enty's Dad thinks of Mena Tequilla?

Emma said...

Reader #1 needs to brush up on her LA Law

Lucky777 said...

@DNfromMN: mmmmmmmmm....Bechamel Deschanel...I could eat that dessert!!!!

lapin said...

Yay, a bunch of favourites today...Thomas Dekker, Tiger, Deschanels, Edie Falco, Halle Berry and Minka Kelly!

Bechamel...I'm gonna cook now. :)

Judi said...

Genetically, the Deschanel are so blessed, it's sick!

Jude's hairline looks the same to me. [shrug]

PollyPureBred said...

I love Jason Patric. I think he went his own way.

Sinjin said...

ADRIEN! Hey some of us like the
"Euro afghan look" lol. Adrien, it hit it every single day, you'd have to ask for a break!

Robyn said...

Is Carmen Electra preggers cause she has deff put on weight

Jerry said... can't have Perrey Reeves with Rex Lee who is with Rachael Harris and Michael McMillian.

A four-bagger! I didn't recognize one of those names. I gotta stay in more often.

Leah said...

HA! Jerry-
Perry Reeves and Rex Lee are from Entourage (playing Jeremy Pervert's wife and assistant respectively)

Rachael Harris was the bitchy girlfriend in the hangover.

Michael McMillian - is from True Blood

amanda rae said...

Wow, poor little Abigail Breslin has the ugliest, most shapeless legs I've ever seen on a young girl. How unfortunate. But she's got a cute face, so maybe she'll be OK. She should wear pants though, just to be safe.

I absolutely loathe Pete Wentz and his nasty, ugly, sleazy, talentless hooker wife. I hope a piano falls on them both and they get crushed like cockroaches. Hilarious AND a great gift to the world!

Jerry said...

Thanks Leah. Now instead of 0 for 4, I'm 0 for 3: don't have HBO so never seen Entourage or True Blood and I haven't seen Hangover yet; not sure I will and pretty certain it's not the kind of movie I'll find memorable enough to retain the actor's names {no offense to any actors reading this post}.


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