Friday, September 11, 2009

Jillian & Ed Are Finished - They Just Don't See It Yet

Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski are going to split up. At this point I am just counting down the days. Thankfully it looks like Jillian finally woke the hell up and realized Ed is and was and forever will be a tool. I mean Ed is the guy who told his friend that Jillian was going down on him when they heard the first rumors about his infidelity on television. Who shares something like that? The same guy who tells the women he is sleeping with to bring over beer and condoms.

Anyway, Jillian was in New York for Fashion Week and she was accompanied by Mike Steinberg. Mike was on the show also but kicked out in the fourth episode. Well, he had Ed are friends so Ed said she should hang out with Mike. Why wasn't she with Ed? Listen to this crap and tell me what you think.

"Ed was supposed to be here today, but then he couldn't book his flight."

Step 1 - Open internet
Step 2 - Find your favorite travel site. (I recommend one that advertises on here)
Step 3 - Type in Chicago to New York
Step 4 - Book it.

WTF is so difficult about that? And don't tell me flights were sold out or too expensive. There are a million flights a day between the two cities and because of that they are cheap. It is a convenient excuse, but doesn't stand up at all to any kind of followup question. Thank US Weekly for not asking a followup.

Jillian was then asked about her wedding plans and the date. Remember she was all gung-ho about getting married as quickly as possible and is supposed to move to Chicago next week and blah blah blah. Well now she says, "We want to try to live a normal life and get to the point where we live together and start to come together and then start planning."

I wonder now if she even moves to Chicago. Once she moves she will be there for awhile. Even if he cheats on her everyday I think she will keep trying to work it out because it will be front page news and she will be embarrassed. My advice to her is to not go yet. If he loves her he will fly up to see her every couple of weeks and fly her down to Chicago as well. Make him work for it a little bit and show that he can be faithful while they are apart. My guess is he can't.


RocketQueen said...

Oh honey. Stay in Canada and find a man that deserves you and won't take advantage of your naivete.

Pookie said...

it won't be until she recognizes her worth that she'll put an end to that ridiculous relationship. i hope that day comes soon.

Patty said...

Who are these people?

whole_lotto _luv said...

What Patty said.

Mooshki said...

She's a Bachelorette and he's the cheating dick she picked. So basically, just more useless reality whores. :)

selenakyle said...

Gawd, I love your toothy new avatar, Mooshki!

That thang cracks me up.

valerie said...

At least on the VH1 dating shows, they admit that they have broken up. Jillian could learn a thing or two from them.

califblondy said...

What? You mean this wasn't true love? I'm crushed.

Can't wait for the next round of the Bachelorette/Bachelor. I'm so hopeful every time even though I know how it's all going to end up.

Tune in "For the most dramatic Bachelor season EVER."

sunnyside1213 said...

Trista or whatever her name is, is still married to her fireman here in CO.

Chelbell said...

Did Daisy and London stay together by the way?

Mooshki said...

Thanks, Selena. It's an ostrich, and they've always freaked me out. :)

figgy said...

I swear I've never heard of either of these people.

When oh when will reality tv just GO AWAY?! I hate hate hate every last stupid reality tv show.

Then again, how can I hate them when I've never watched one? Okay, so I hate what I read about them.

Vicki said...

Wow I didn't even know who the hell this was until I read the tags.

littleoleme said...

I would have feelings of awwwww for this girl or say what a jerk this guy is if it wasn't for the fact that this is a FAKE REALITY SHOW.
Jezus people.

Moxie said...

I don't think this relationship was ever real. Jillian knew there wasn't a "love match" so she picked a guy willing to play along (to avoid a Brad Womack ending -- he's the guy who picked nobody a few years ago and was vilified for it), Ed and Jillian get paid a nice bonus for pretending, and they break up a few months after the finale.

The sad part are the hardcore fans who believe they're soulmates and Ed is the most amazing guy alive. You think I'm kidding, but those fans are out there!