Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Dominique Swain gets the top spot. Not just because she is an alumnus of the blog, but because she is also newly engaged to Andrew Bennett. Congratulations!!
Tyler Perry missed out on the top spot today, but he is definitely a one man money making machine.
Amanda Bynes finally wore something different and gets back in the photos.
A first time appearance for Alex O'Loughlin.
The ageless Bernadette Peters. 61 years old and still looking fabulous.
She said it. Not me.
"Hee hee. Old bag."
It's Geddy Lee. Ooops. Sorry. Demi Moore.
It has been a long time since Gabriel Macht made the photos.
Don't ever say that Guy Ritchie won't do whatever it takes to make a buck or keep sponsors happy.
Gwen Stefani at Fashion Week. All the models are sporting The Kate.
The one and only Isabella Rosselini.
So is Jacinda Barrett the most successful Real World alum?
So are we saying that Jewel is creative or just sum people think she is creative? I crack myself up.
Jemima Khan with no Hugh Grant. I guess it is finally over this time.
Jessica Simpson and the about to get married CaCee Cobb in Brazil.
Kate Beckinsale at a premiere last night in LA. Yes, even though Kate wasn't wearing her wedding ring, Len was there. He looked unhappy and miserable but he was there.
Speaking of unhappy and miserable, whatever died in Kate's container probably felt that way.
Khloe Kardashian and the Christina Aguilera school of lipstick. Lamar Odom is about 7 feet tall so that should give you an idea of just how tall Khloe is. To put it into perspective, if Lamar Odom raised his hand in the air as high as it could go, Tom Cruise could jump up and down all day and never even come close to touching it.
For some reason, I am ok with the huge amounts of lipstick on Drew. Maybe it is because she has been looking really good lately.
You think if I gave her $20 Kendra would try and eat them all?
For Matthew Broderick this is pretty good.
The legend that is Omar Sharif.
She prefers to be called Robin Wright now. No more Penn. Yeah, until next week when they get back together.
I just want to know how much CGI is going to be used to make these 80's flashbacks realistic.
Shia with no cast.
Samantha Mathis. I love her. I thought she was going to be huge, huge.


RocketQueen said...

Wow. Isabella Rossellini appears to have gotten old quickly, when I wasn't looking. A class act.

I think the divorce filing is gonna stick with Sean and Robin this time - fingers crossed.

Drew looks awesome and so does "Whip It!"

I'm going to say it again: Guy Ritchie is looking much happier these days, and who can blame him? (hee hee)

When did Kate become a butter face?

farmgirl said...

I couldn't agree more about Samantha Mathis.

Dschingis said...

dominique looks pregnant

Dschingis said...

dominique looks pregnant

sunnyside1213 said...

Kate gained weight for her last role and it seems to have stuck.

whole_lotto _luv said...

Yeah, I'll be watching 3 Rivers. I watched the crappy vampire show for Alex O'Laughlin, too.

Did Camilla have work done? She looks different.

Kate Beckinsale's hands look so normal in that pic, but I will be forever looking at them first thing because of them being so freakishly large.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

So is CaCee Cobb marrying Donald Faison?

audieh_1 said...

I just watched the two Kardashian sisters who aren't Kim on Bonnie Hunt. They have three working brain cells between them, and those will be gone soon due to the tall one's drug consumption. I feel so sorry for the infant the not tall one is carrying. She just may leave it out side a trendy celebrity ridden restaurant one day because she got distracted by a camera.

leigry said...

I really like Dominique Swain. She seems like the anti-Lohan. Wish I saw more of her.

Whatever died in Kate's container ended up on her head.

Also Love Samantha Mathis.

Drew looks younger than she did 10 years ago.

ardleigh said...

Congrads Dominique!

Bernadette Peters must have a portrait aging in her attic because she never does. Did you see her looking at Demi Moore like WTF?

Isabella looks like her Mom.

Drew looks really happy!

Omar is a legend.

Lady Metal said...

Could you guys please take back Jessica Simpson to USA? Thanks.

ihpguy said...

Gabriel Macht is so gorgeous.Why hasn't he hit it big? said...

LMAO at Lady Metal

Eve Montana said...

anyone have the inside scoop on the shia labeouf/carey mulligan situation?

shakey said...

Do you think Amanda reads the blog?

I very much love Bernadette Peters. I was honestly upset when she and Steve Martin split.

Chuck needs some Crest Whiteners. Love that Geddy Lee comment! I give Jemima Khan's attempt at a pose a 1.5.

My son saw a close-up of SJP in that outfit and he said, "My God, what an ugly woman!" She's supposed to look younger, but she just winds up looking like an older woman desperate for youth.

DNfromMN said...

ihpguy - because he was pretty, but awful in The Spirit. We'll see if he can pull it out for Whiteout. (Darling bf saw it last night and said it was a fun movie up until the end which was just "huh? ok, that was lame.")

Alex O'Laughlin better become a regular in the random photos.

Enty, I love your comments about the jokes between Charles and Camilla.

I like Drew, but the black-tipped hair is just ew.

Wil said...

Congrats to Dominique .. wonderful to see young folks in love! I hope they have a blessed life!!

Demi .. MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!! Poor Geddy Lee .. he will feel dirty if he sees that!

Drew's hair is adorable! I sooo wanted to do that back in the day. But my Mom wouldn't let me bleach my hair .. however I guess I am kinda doing that longitudinally now .. albeit strand by strand and top down!! : D - LOL!!

I loved SATC .. but damn if this thing doesn't just look like it is going to suck! Women my age playing at being in their 20's?? Yikes!! Buy stock in Johnson & Johnson folks! Their gonna need a ton of Vaseline on those camera lens!!

Samantha Mathis should have been huge. I think the River Phoenix deal kinda messed her up.

Cor said...

I agree on Samantha...I loved pump up the volume!

Lisa (original) said...

SJP's feet look like a NY state highway map! Just awful!

Jerry said...

So is Jacinda Barrett the most successful Real World alum?

What, not The Miz?

Leah said...

Dominique looks great her and her "to be" sure look cute together! Congrats!

Drew looks fantastic! Her whole looks fits together perfectly!

merrick said...

Totally nailed it on the Geddy Lee comment .. you had me rolling!

Thanks Enty!

Emobacca said...

Yeah Mike "Miz" Mizian is the most successful Real World alumnus

who do you think? said...

Thanks for the Alex O'loughlin photo. Love that man. Yes, please make him a regular in your Random Photos. And I have to disagree with whole-lotto-luv--I loved Moonlight. I downloaded all the episodes on Itunes and then bought the dvd of the season. Yeah, I know. Obsessed. Love Alex. Hope Three Rivers is good.

J-Mo said...

Samantha Mathis reminds me of Mandy Moore, they just don't seem to have that "IT" factor although it seems like they should. I don't recall any of her movies though, just remember a Law & Order SVU role she had that was awesome.

curious_cailyn said...

Aaaawww... Congrats, Dominique & Andrew!! :)

lutefisk said...

I love Drew, but she had some recent work done:

Diane said...

Whomever "The Miz" is hasn't been nearly as successful at garnering success post-RW as Jacinda Barrett, because I'm going to have to Google to figure out who the hell you're talking about. And if anyone else looms greater in the post-RW pantheon it's have to either be Judd Winick (major figure in the comics world), Pedro Zamora (just because), Jon the cowboy (because he was so adorably fresh faced!), Heather the rapper (who just MADE the OG RW), or basically anyone else from that very first season because that was the first and last time I really liked everyone.

Anyway. Back to the rest. I want to age like Bernadette Peters has aged. She is an example to us all. So is Isabella Rosellini, and if she does end up looking like her mother, wouldn't that be what we all wish we could end up looking like?

Guy Ritchie looks like he's having the time of his life. I can only imagine how miserable life was with Madonna the life sucking soulless monster. Speaking of life sucking soulless monsters, how in the world did Demi Moore get to looking like one? OTOH, Camilla is too adorable for words, as is Drew Barrymore. And I refuse to say anything bad about Matthew Broderick because of Ferris Bueller, and Kim Cattrall because of her WDYTYA? when she tracked down what happened to her bigamist grandfather. "That son of a bitch" still rings in my ears.