Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Don't worry. I haven't lost my mind. There are two parts again to the photos. Just three months after writing an entire post about why no one should ever date an NBA basketball player and four weeks after meeting, Kneepads is reporting that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are getting married. I saw the stories yesterday and didn't really believe them, but Kneepads never goes out on a ledge unless it has about 100 feet of concrete supporting it. If the marriage lasted a year I would be shocked.
I love Leona Lewis' dress and as far as I know she is not marrying an NBA player.
Every candid of LeAnn Rimes always has this same pose. It is like she has one expression for cameras and this is it.
Most Awkward. Kiss. Ever.
Of course Nick might have just been looking at these photos of Mariah from her movie.
Melissa Etheridge looks great. Kelly does too, but we will get to her later so just pretend she isn't there.
Miley Cyrus has invented the mullet dress.
While Selena Gomez who is about the same age as Miley looks very lovely.
Martina McBride is just a great singer.
Apparently Nico Tortorella can't even bother waiting to get out of his coat before getting some up close time with Sara Paxton.
I always have to put in pictures of Noa Tishby. It is kind of like a rule. More of a guideline. If more people bought me drinks their pictures would be in the photos all the time too.
I just don't understand why no matter what event they are at, boxers like Oscar de la Hoya have to pose like this. Sure, he probably thinks it is better than posing in lingerie, but for the rest of us it gets old.
Not getting old to me at all is looking once again at Paula dressed as Ellen.
Penn Badgley. The forgotten actor from Gossip Girl.
Chace Crawford. Pretty much remembered all the time.
The 43rd time Perrey Reeves was asked to twirl her skirt.
The amazing Sheryl Crow.
Twice in a week for Seth Green and Clare Grant, but the look on Seth's face is priceless. Add three inches to Clare's height and shrink Seth by about an inch and you have Tom and Katie, minus the genuine smiles. Oh, and the fake breasts. Unless Tom has some. Maybe? Noooo.
She may yell at people for not giving them a table, but Salma Hayek looks pretty.
They need a Hart To Hart reunion movie.
Holy crap. Sarah Silverman is wearing a dress. Sure, it looks like she raided the cast offs from Hee Haw, but it is a dress.
I didn't even recognize Toni Braxton.
Yeah, Monopoly is all well and good until someone decides to start taking shots and screaming, "You want Marvin's Gardens, I will show you Marvin's Gardens."


.robert said...

I grew up watching Hee Haw (4 channels so what do you expect) and one of those girls would have worn blue jeans boots with that dress.

M said...

Um, Enty? Demi Moore invented a version of the mullet dress years ago. Though hers had those awful biker shorts instead of a skirt.

Quintessential Southerner said...

i wonder if miss jordin sparks is keeping herself 'pure'?

Anonymous said...

Leona Lewis is lovely, but that dress is several kinds of tacky. It would like fine in a 19th century saloon/bordello, maybe, or as lingerie.

Martina's outfit is bad too - is that velvet walking shorts, or is it just the angle? She's so pretty, she should be wearing something better.

I LOVE Noa's dress. Va va va voom...I want one.

And it's great to see Liza and Stephanie, and I don't care how they dress.

Cecilia00 said...

The engagement is sooo a publicity stunt.

Time line:

2-3 weeks more of people wondering.

Next month: Booked on major talk show. Coyly confirm engagement.

One week later: Cover of OK, IN Style etc. with small exclusive.

2 weeks after that: Announce,ent of E! new reality show: Khloe and Lamar: In Love & Getting Married.

1 month to 6 weeks after reality show goes off air - breakup.

linnea said...

Seth and that Clare girl? Best picture ever.

Also, strangest boobs ever.

AnonMom said...

Ha ha ... M ... you beat me to it.

One thing I can say about Khloe is that she has that smile a girl only gets when they are in looooooooooooooove.

Auntie Jen said...

Ooh, a Hart to Hart reunion would be awesome!

B626 said...

Yes, Seth Green certainly looks happy to the evil Nth degree.
He deserves it!

Pookie said...

"Kneepads never goes out on a ledge unless it has about 100 feet of concrete supporting it." teehee!

leann's hyper reaction is nervousness, enty. she's not comfortable yet being photo'd knowing it's b/c she's a homewrecker.

i heard mariah actually got decent reviews...

teehee @ "mullet dress"!

OMG LOOOOOOOOOVE MARTINA!!! class, class, class any way you slice it.

RocketQueen said...

Everything I'm seeing and reading about Miley these days (hooker dresses, pole dancing) leads me to believe she's going to be a Lindsay Lohan type hot mess here down the road.

Stephanie Powers! I had forgotten all about her! I'll never forget the episode of Hart to Hart where someone tried to blind Mr. Hart by sticking needles into the eye thing you look into at the optometrist - they were set to pop out when he put his face against it. I still freak out a little EVERY TIME I get my eyes checked.

I agree that the kiss with Nick/Mariah I think he's more into her than she is into him...or something.

Wondering if that's Leona's actual dress or if that middle part is a separate piece you can buy to go on anything? If so, want one! Very slimming.

missyg said...

Miley Cyrus is heading the way of Lilo- can anyone else see that? Dropping weight, sexing up her image and red carpet clobber...just wait until she dies the hair blonde!

f said...

Isn't the Salma Hayek comment a reveal?

bionic bunny! said...

other hart to hart fans, robert wagner's autobiography was pretty good!
i love seth green!
he was in one of the drew carey tapings we went to, what, 11, 12 years ago? hard working, funny kid. been a fan ever since!

MoodyBlueEyes said...

ITA that Miley is the next Lindsay/Britney. Selena, on the other hand, seems to be a decent kid (so far) and looks great in that dress.

Speaking of dresses - I LOVE the one Perry Reeves is wearing. I'd look like crap in it, but she looks fantastic!

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

The body language in the Mariah & Nick photo speaks volumes! The way he has his pelvis pulled away and angled out, as well as the stiff armed embrace - there's clearly not much romantic affection going on there.
And I hadn't noticed before what a big girl Mariah is getting to be. Goodness.

Ryan said...

WOW. Miley's still 16 right? Last time I checked? Holy crap is that dress not age appropriate! Selena is much more refined and looks very pretty.

chihuahuense said...

LeAnn has quite a set doesn't she?

Of chompers, that is.

Miley is the reason I'm glad I had boys.

Oscar is hotness, even if he likes the panties.

Thank goodness that mess Paula will be forgotten in a couple months.

Why is Sheryl Crowe relevant or amazing?

Babs said...

Can't wait to see the movie Mariah is in - the previews look incredible.

WTF with Martina's shoes???

Liz said...

Who are the people playing Monopoly?

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