Thursday, November 05, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Backstreet Boys & Jonas Brothers in the same photo. Moms and their daughters can scream at the same time.
See that look on Anne Heche's face? That is the look that should scare the ever living hell out of James Tupper. Seriously.
Beyonce - Berlin
The US Weekly lets kiss some ass and see if she will give us an exclusive picture of Britney
And the reality.
Cameron Diaz never met a joint she didn't like.
This picture with James Marsden was the widest her eyes got all night.
Cory Monteith makes his first solo appearance in the photos. Not like a solo appearance like Carrie Prejean apparently had with herself on tape, but a solo appearance nonetheless.
Charlize Theron & Viggo.
Charlize with her mom.
Diana Ross. I will let you make your own comments.
Fairuza Balk in a wtf is she wearing outfit.
The winner though of the wtf is she wearing outfit goes to Mel B who decided that pants just are not important.
Does anyone else think that perhaps Eva Mendes might need a repeat visit to rehab? She has been looking off lately.
Foo Fighters - Berlin
Green Day and Katy Perry.
Hayden P in Elle.
We had one angle from Jimmy Fallon yesterday but I thought you might want to look at his junk.


Christine said...

It's like the boybanders from yesteryear and now are having a shiny suit competition.
No, our suits are shinier!
No, ours are!

Caroline said...

Love Green Day and Cory Monteith.

empyrios said...

I think it's safe to say NO ONE wants to look at Jimmy Fallon's junk.

Am I wrong??

Mooshki said...

Re: Jimmy Fallon, Enty, when we said we wanted FFF back, that's not who we meant. ;)

pomme said...

britney needs a bra!
charlize theron looks pregnant!
viggo is the one and only guy in the world not to be interesting by Charlize theron!
mel c forgot her pant!
the guy in the blue "suit" is very...there is no world for saying

Aimée said...

Just been to see Green Day this past weekend in London at Wembley Arena. It was quite amazing that i'm buying more tickets when they go on sale tomorrow morning to the Wembley Stadium gig. Ooops :D

nunaurbiz said...

Never thought I see Charlize take a bad photo, but there's proof! I don't think she's pregnant, but that outfit is not flattering from that angle.

I would hope if I were standing next to Viggo, he'd be more thrilled LOL

Love James Marsden, what a cutie!!!! Don't like the premise of his new movie, tho. I'll wait till its on HBO.

Beth said...

Hayden P just wants to skip directly from 19 to 30. She tries so hard. And it's so pathetic. She couldn't be less alluring.

leigry said...

empyrios you are definitely not wrong.

Stacy said...

James Marsden is just soooo damn pretty!

.robert said...

Mooshki, he's a grower.

farmgirl said...

I think Charlize looks pregnant also

Mango said...

Britney looks haggard. And her nipples are pointing south!
Charlize looks fat! Or is she preggers? Miss Ross looks like a bag lady! I never would have thought she'd let herself go like this. Couldn't happen to a nicer person!
Must have been cold the day Jimmy Fallon was out. :)

RocketQueen said...

Yeah, there are definite whispers about Eva these days. Hope they aren't true.

That look on Anne's face is scaring the ever living hell out of ME.

Idiot Watcher said...

I might be more willing to look at Fallon's junk, if it weren't so underwhelming

Sporky said...

Britney's boobs look like one dropped something and the other is looking for it on the ground.

Maybe Charlize just had a burrito for dinner?

Is Anne Heche wearing a wig?

I agree w/ Enty about Eva...methinks Cameron's been passing the joint to her in the ladies'.

Mooshki said...

.robert - that's not the problem, the problem is what it's attached to.

Tizzy said...

Squeeeeeeeeeeee. Jonas Brothers! Thank you, Enty!

But I AM the mom and I never loved Backstreet Boys' type of music but I can admit "I Want It That Way" IS one of the best songs ever...

I love all their shiny suits. And Joe looks the best of the gang, natch.

IDK about Eva Mendes substance issues but I absolutely ADORE her dress!!!!

Guess I am feeling drawn to shiny objects today.

RE: Fallon...what junk?! I heard the funniest story about someone trying to sign him into the NYU dorms to get laid when I was a student there in the late 90s and he was already on funny, what a goob.

Tizzy said...

Oh, and agree with Stacy...on James him. He's just so FUNNY.

B626 said...

Brit's newest '3' song sounds like a total rippoff from the 'G-Force'

selenakyle said...

Well, thanks for Jimmy's junk. Hell, I'll look.

Lorin said...

what junk?

Momster said...

Sh-t. Heche's look is scary.

Mel B should go jogging with Steve Guttenberg.

Haven't seen or heard of Fairuza in a long time.

Ashli said...

Fairuza Balk!!! Don't care what she is wearing; it's Fairuza Balk!!!

Cheesy said...

Is no one going to discuss Beyonce???? I mean, ICK NAST!!! Talk about blowing up!

ihpguy said...

Jimmy Fallon has the classic Irishman's disease - no junk...

UNLESS he's a grower and not a shower.

Can we also include Gerad Butler and we've seen the Collin Farrel evidence first hand.

Lana's Blog said...

Diana! Don't you know enough to wear sunglasses when you're makeup isn't done?

shakey said...

Charlize has bunions.

Jocasta said...

UGH. C'mon Beyonce.
Did you really mean to make everyone your gynochologist?
Girl, please.
Cover that up from now on...only your man Hovy and your children should see all that.
Tell your designer mommy to not make you look like a Barstow p*ssy peddler...all due respect and shout out to Micheal K.
Disturbs me. I won't look anymore.

Jade, That Girl said...

really enty, "moms and their daugthers can scream at the same time?!"

i was a raging bsb fan, and i am twenty four with no kids.

you are making me feel old.

PJ Nelson said...

ihpguy said "Jimmy Fallon has the classic Irishman's disease - no junk..."

Guess you've never heard about Liam Neeson :) Byrne and several others are blessed also, but not like Liam.

MommaBear said...

I love how in photo #1 Britney's nipples were airbrushed outa there, and in #2 they're standing at attention. Well, I suppose not 'quite' at attention, as they are pointing south. Seriously, if your breasts sag so much as to point your nipples down, it's time for a good old supportive bra.

linnea said...

haha @lorin

beyonce has always had those curves... she just loses weight for movies and stuff, right?

That said, her outfit is just horrible.

Tara said...

Looks like JF has a turtle. Poor guy.