Monday, December 07, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Monk gets the top spot. Series finale and the highest rated show ever on basic cable. I am going to miss this show.
Alison Moyet - London
Blake Lively after her SNL hosting gig.
Courtney Love & Michael Stipe. Is she blushing?
Cristiano Ronaldo letting off a little steam.
Carrie Underwood has a tattoo in the front and also one in the back. She is nothing but ink under those bikini bottoms.
All of these people in Morocco came to see Christopher Walken and Hairspray. But there was something missing. Oh yeah. It needed more cow bell.
That is probably the most natural smile I have ever seen from David Beckham.
This dress was so tight on Eva Green she had to shuffle her feet inches at a time to move.
I can't remember when I last saw Eddie Vedder in a tie. Wow. No wonder Jill looks so damn happy.
Fleetwood Mac - Sydney
An actual picture of Heidi Klum not looking like a runway model. Shocker!!
Is it too mean of me to say that this picture of Jennifer actually looks like Marc Anthony in a wig? It might be a compliment considering couples start to look like each other after they have been together a long time. It could be a sign of love. A stretch I know.
Someone trotted out the Ellen Barkin doll!!!!! They forgot to turn her head in the right direction. Julianne Moore and Rita Wilson(really?) are sitting on either side of her.
This looks like some porn I once watched. Research only mind you. They didn't look as good as Jenny McCarthy though.
And yes, the next door neighbor's wife was out of town so he came to visit Mrs. Claus.
It's hard to believe Joe Reitman was once married to Shannon Elizabeth.
This is you after a night spent with Lindsay Lohan.
Jenna Ushkovitz never gets any of the Glee love and she deserves some.
Katie Holmes just always looks so old. Maybe dowdy is the word? Yeah, I know she is rocking the shorts or the short skirt or whatever but its totally offset by the upper half.
Not the best look ever for Khloe Kardashian.
The guy on the left is Kelly Osbourne's boyfriend.
Lady GaGa seems to be channeling every Guns N' Roses video from the 90's.
Remember that this picture of Lindsay Lohan was actually airbrushed.
Leighton Meester shows why you don't go to the dollar store to try and find Lady GaGa clothes.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
And she gets to be above Neil Patrick Harris. Not a bad place to be.
Pee Wee talking about his new show.
One of my favorites, Rachael Harris.
Reese Witherspoon looking a little cranky.
Madonna and Tom Ford. Who has the bigger ego?


Ms Cool said...

I could've used a little more cowbell. Awesome.

Stardust said...

ooooo, there's a reveal in here. Hot tub, neighbor...anyone remember?

Pookie said...

michael stipe &, both look great!

idk who eva green is, and i'm sorry she prob can't breathe, but she looks fab.

lol @ jho caption...she actually looked great that day, and btw, GREAT game. suck it NE Cheaters.

jenny mcc looks fabulous!

flamenco SURIIIIIIIIIIIIII! i am so crazy about that little one...but i'm REALLY starting to hate the lack-of-coat/heels-on-a-child thing. grrrr.

is khloe wearing a bumpit?

cutie readers!

*hearts NPH*

figgy said...

Reese looks cranky cuz the contract negotiations broke down and now she has to look for a real job.

Stacy said...

Reese has bitchface as often as the AlbaDemon. I really don't get what people see in her.

figgy said...

Oh , and the heels? CanNOT be good for that child's feet.

MontanaMarriott said...

Wow, Alison Moyet looks great! Did she have weight reduction surgery?

Even with the sunglasses Jlo is still giving that same half open mouth squinty eye look, wth?!?!

Ohhh wait till Tori's see that pic, someone is going to be sleeping on the couch tonight lol

Good to see that Madonna's botox hasn't fallen off.

sunnyside1213 said...

Michael K. called Suri's shoes Minnie Mouse ho stroll heels. I almost wet my pants when I read that.

sunnyside1213 said...

Always love our reader photos, but today's #1 is priceless.

nancer said...

it seems to me that when suri starting dressing up, katie quit trying.

Mooshki said...

I'm going to miss Monk, too. :(

There is never enough cow bell. And, Enty, have I told you lately how much I love you?

Sporky said...

I agree MontanaMarriott, that's the best Alison has looked in a long time!

WOW is there going to be a new Pee Wee movie? I just watched the first one again this funny and cute and weird that he was found jerking off in a theater...that's Hollywood for ya!

More cute reader photos!

Guess they gave up trying to make Lindsay look decent and went full-on ho.

lutefisk said...

Oh, Jason looks like he picked up all of Lindsay's diseases.
I was watching Live Aid the other day, & when Madonna came out I couldn't help noticing that her face was totally different back then.
She has had so many tweaks over the years it's hard to remember what was her original face.
Love the reader photos.

Preciousredtx said...

I think there may be a reveal in the Carrie Underwood post...anyone else?

pomme said...

i love reader pix!
and it's Tom Ford who has the big ego today because his movie " a single man" could be nominated to GG or Oscar(colin firth or julianne moore)

Moxie said...

I was wondering the same thing MM, it looks like Alison Moyet had weight loss surgery (or she seriously upped her exercise regime, that is possible too, I know). She looks great.

I LOLed at the Ellen Barkin doll caption.

Nice to see two footballers in the photos. :)

mygeorgie said...

Little person, second from left, looks like Reese Witherspoon, just happier.

Lainey has full on pics of Katie's atrociousness. She really is a weird duck that Katie. Completely dillusional.

blog hopper said...

Rita Wilson looks great!!

RocketQueen said...

Nice sunglasses, JLo - I'm sure they were necessary. God, she and PDiddy should have stayed together - they're one and the same.

Eva Green's dress is awesome but too tight :(

I didn't think much of Blake Lively on SNL - but Rihanna's bit with "Shy Ronnie" was hilarious.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

We all need more cowbell :-)

Courtney looks smitten, Stipe looks a bit annoyed. Good picture, nonetheless.

LOVE EDDIE VEDDER! Beautiful photo of him and his wife!

Heidi is still fab, even w/o makeup.

Reader #1's photo is great! Would love to know the story behind it! Reader #2 is cute!

B626 said...

Who is Paul Ruebens married to?
He appears to be wearing a wedding band.

Caroline said...

Great photos! I will miss Monk too. Love Alison Moyet. Can't stand Eddie Vedder. Courtney Love looks baked. David Beckham looks good. Tom Ford skeeves me out.

Tara said...

Paul Reubens yay!!! Love, love, LOVE him!!!!

Eddie Vedder! I wanted to marry him when I was 15 lol.

NPH, wonderful as always.

Reader photos are fabulous!

Umm...I actually think Lindsay looks pretty there. Really. I'm serious.

I'd rather see Jim Carrey than Jenny McCarthy. Blah.

Julianne Moore is amazing! I used to think Ellen Barkin was one of the most amazing looking women ever (she has such a gorgeous face) but she looks so plastic. What happened?

I must admit, I still like/listen to Hole. It was the music of my teenage angst, what can I say? Michael Stipe looks like he would rather be anywhere else.

Kingrey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kingrey said...

Real Madrid's my favorite team, but Cristiano Ronaldo is such a pretty boy. They're still behind Barcelona. :-(

I love Eva Green, but her dress looks like it's about to rip at the seams

Tara said...

Oh, forgot to mention Christopher Walken...what was I thinking? I just love him.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Love me some Fleetwood Mac!

La said...

love love LOVE Alison Moyet-- she does look happier & healthy there.

i have no use for Courtney Love

Julianne Moore looks radiant in that pic, I like Rita Wilson

really puzzled by Suri's "flamenco shoes" -- to have one pair is one thing, but to be photographed in them multiple times ...?

GladysKravitz said...

Khloe Kardashian looks just like Taylor on "Tough Love." For those not familiar with that reality show, go take a look on Taylor is a hot mess on that show, and Khloe looks like her twin sister.

Susan said...

Love the pic of Michael Stipe and Courtney Love. I'm having major flashabacks of 1996 right now.

I love Heidi, too. I feel bad that she was photo'd without "her face on." Can't a gal be in her happy clothes sans makeup once in a while?

shakey said...

*sniff* I was hoping Ent made a psychic connection with me and would have posted photos of Viggo Mortensen at the Hab's 100th anniversary game. (I forgot to ask.)

But this is a good crop. I lovelovelove Alison Moyet. I have the 12" ep of Blow Wind Blow and can't find it on mp3. Hauntingly beautiful song.

Michael Stipe does look miffed, but he looks good. Carrie Underwood isn't an A-list tweener, so that blind isn't her. Eva Green reminds me of the awkward girl who acts like she's pretentious. Eddie Vedder does clean up nice.

Jlo reminds me of a tawny Madonna in that pic. Wow - Ellen Barkin. She looks better with a little bit of meat on her. Khloe scares me in that picture - she's the prettier version of a coworker of mine. (I do believe that is a bumpit, Pookie.)

Lindsay has Udo Kier eyes.

f00bby said...

what the frick have they got that child in now!

Hannah said...

I was thinking the same exact thing, Stardust! I never usually read comments on the random photo's but had to this time to see if anyone else thought so.

Kinky Bootleg said...

If you squint at J-Lo's dress and tilt your head.. I swear you can see a 3D battleship.

Eva Green clearly thinks she's a lot more kooky than she actually is. Smokey kohl eyes don't automatically equal bohemian genius, love.

Are Madonna and Tom actually trying to form facial expressions!?! Wow, maneuvering that much botox into place must be a titanic effort... I'm impressed by their dedication.

Heidi looks like a human being! Yey!!

*blows the barrel of her snark-gun and slips it back into its holster*

Deborahleah said...

It was WONDERFUL to see Alison Moyet in the pics. I hope she's feeling as good as she looks and keeps on singing and recording! Thanks, ENTY!

Sarah said...

@MoodyBlueEyes (and everyone else who liked reader photo #1): THANKS!!

I dressed up as a broken and demented doll on Halloween (you can't see it in this pic, but I was carrying around my suicidal teddy, who had a plastic bag tied around his head). My friend took a bunch of pics, but this was my favorite. I saw the giant recycle bins and couldn't resist. Although, it was a lot easier to get into that position than it was to get out. :-)

Sonya said...

Are those formal shorts Reese is wearing? Bleh.

wade said...

Khloe looks like the old WWE wrestler Chyna I have to say. Shudder.

B626 said...

Monk MUST do a 2-3 hour TV movie every few years for us addicts.

gurnage said...

Eddie Vedder looks great. I have always had a crush on him since college but, wow. Michael Stipe looks a bit embarrassed but still cool. He will always have that cool factor. R.E.M. is so underappreciated! Thanks for the great pics. You rock, Enty!

bionic bunny! said...


i wouldn't mind being on top of NPH. if only...