Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Sam Elliott gets the top spot today. One of the greatest actors ever. I saw Up In The Air this weekend and Sam has a small part in it and I was really happy to see the guy. As for the movie itself? Hmmm. Great movie. Fantastic. You should definitely see it but to me anyway it was not Best Picture material and the product placements in the movie are so over the top they become distracting. It almost seems like scenes were invented just to give another 30 seconds of air time to companies.
Long time no see Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford.
Very cute picture of Christina Aguilera and her son.
You just can't make this kind of stuff up. Celine Dion and her son for sure. Although he did forget about combining the mouth with the dramatic hand and arm gesture. He will learn.
An American Pie reunion.
It has been awhile since I have given you some Christopher Meloni love. Who is going to volunteer to talk to him about his shirt?
Carlos Ponce - Miami
And then Chris Rock stabbed Spike Lee with fake scissors. Oh, speaking of Chris Rock. The movie I am looking forward to the most next year stars Chris Rock. It is called Death At A Funeral. It looks amazing.
Not looking so amazing is Emeril. It's ok to buy bigger sizes Emeril.
Last night Emma Roberts and
Julia Roberts attended the same event but I didn't find any pictures of them together.
Does Hugh Grant look a little heavier to anyone?
Here is another look at Hugh and Sarah Jessica Parker's dress. I'm not sure what look she was going for there, but she certainly is in shape.
Also at the premiere was Elizabeth Hurley. You know nothing odd about her showing up wherever Hugh is.
Johnny Depp in the Tokyo airport.
Apparently this Johnny Depp is a popular guy.
Another celebrity earns a quick $100 and some free shoes.
Lea Thompson and her daughter Zoey.
The good news about this whole thing is that apparently Miley Cyrus did give Prince Charles her gum to hold while she met the Queen.
I don't care what fancy name you give them or how much they cost, they are pajamas.
Puddle Of Mudd - Los Angeles
If you think getting a star is tough, this is the hardest get in Hollywood. Hand prints and footprints. The very top of the top of the top.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Rachel Weisz looks lovely.
Victoria Beckham, not so much.

Vincent Cassel & Natalie Portman on the set of their new movie. Great picture of Vincent.
Viggo and Johnny Depp in one day. Who loves you?


Syko said...

Good grief, it looks like Celine Dion's kid got a haircut, FINALLY!

Is that a belly bump on Posh or did she take an aspirin?

Mooshki said...

Sam Elliot rocks. Instead of Up in the Air I think I'll re-watch The Big Lebowski.

Aww, Lea's daughter is adorable.

Okay, it may be inappropriate for the Queen, but I really want Miley's dress.

Wow, Enty, you really do love us. Sigh...

Lauren said...

lol, Syko. I am sure she just had a blueberry.

I love the reader photos today!

And RDJ totally deserves handprints and footprints.

Taylor said...

Just here to show some love for Sam Elliott. He's the reason I named my son Sam.

lutefisk said...

SJP had a great figure when she was younger, then she went all scrawny.
I am glad to see she is filled out again.

Sporky said...

Thank you for Sam E., Enty! I LOVE him!

Courtney Ford was great on Dexter. I read somewhere she was about to give up acting when she finally landed that part. And she's so lucky to be married to that SuperHunk!

Celine, thank you for finally cutting that boy's hair.

Carlos Ponce is channeling Ben Stiller.

I'm really really sick of that sideways peace sign. Can we retire it, please?

SJP looks great!

Leah Thompson's daughter is cute!

LOVE Natalie P's pink coat.

MontanaMarriott said...

Hey you got Mr. Bellucci but no Monica, but it is a great pic of Vincent Cassel

I saw Chris Meloni on a NYC street once and can I say that man has a KILLER ASS on him, WOW lol

Yeah did Renee Charles get a haircut? About time

pomme said...

great pix today!

Thompson's daughter is pretty as CDAN readers

i like RDJ's tie!

Viggo ,i love you in "the road".The kid &you are great in the movie.

and it's not the best allure for Depp!

chestnut-red said...

Sam Elliott rocks!

I love Hugh Grant. I think his best movie was "Music and Lyrics."

Emeril looks like he's about to burst.

Lea's daughter is a cutey-pie, and she looks a lot like her mom.

Readers #1 and #2, love your photos.

Too-skinny Victoria and another huge purse. What's the attraction with such a big purse anyway? Who wants to walk around with one hanging on your elbow all the time?

RocketQueen said...

Okay, how weird is it that I was more attracted to Chris Meloni when he was a homicidal male rapist on Oz than I am now?

Sometimes I just want to grab Posh by the shoulders (careful not to break her, of course), shake her and scream "get over yourself!"

Julia Roberts looks amazing. That skin!

I agree SJP's body is banging, but that dress doesn't really seem age-appropriate.

Pookie said...

brandon routh looks DELICIOUS!

LOVE aguilera.

lol @ celine caption. poor kid. he's a cutie w/ that haircut tho.

oh meloni...so much hotness trapped in so much douche-ocity. noooooo.

awww...love you carlos p! i'm so gonna watch 'perro amor'.

where is emeril's neck? this really concerns and worries me.

bad liz shot, but omg, great dress! speaking of fab dresses, am loving miley's non-age appropriate one and rachel weisz'. *heart*

is miley levitating?

yay readers!

juicy said...

RocketQueen said...
Okay, how weird is it that I was more attracted to Chris Meloni when he was a homicidal male rapist on Oz than I am now?


whole_lotto _luv said...

My favorite Sam Elliott movie is The Contender. He looks a bit like Einstein in this photo.

Xtina's son is cute.

Maybe it was laundry day for Meloni?

I can't really see Reader #1, but I'm sure she is gorgeous, as is Reader #2.

Hi, Viggo! Because I know you are waving at me!

Syko said...

I forgot to comment on Miley's Halloween Hooker dress with her bosom exposed to the waist. Very appropriate for meeting queens and so on.

And I do love some Sam Elliot. I think he may look hunkier with the white hair than he did when he was younger.

Kingrey said...

My God, Posh needs a Cuban sandwich with a large papaya milkshake.

Hugh Grant has put on a few pounds, but that's ok, he looks good.

Enty, if I talk to Christopher Meloni about his shirt, please contact my family and tell them I punched myself in the kidneys 4 times while tripping down the stairs at work.

Did Miley pull a "don't you know who I am?" with the Queen?

I'd like to buy Johnny Depp a beer and chill.

sunnyside1213 said...

Sam Elliott. Loved him since the movie Life Guard.

I am sure Chris Rock will screw up Death at a Funeral. It was a great movie, just don’t see how it will translate to CR’s brand of humor. At least Peter Dinklage will be back.

Julia looks amazing. Too amazing. What is she 50?

Love SJP’s dress. Ted thinks she has had work done???

Enty, it is odd about Elizabeth Hurley.

Lea Thompson look wonderful as always and her daughter got her genes for sure.

Miley, I know you are young, but you need foundation garments. (What a classless skank.)

RDJ – nice to see that it is possible to come back from Hollywood Hell.

Posh, your new deflated look is sooooooo much better than “concrete tits”. Did Anna Wintour take the bait?

The pink coat. I want it!!!

Viggo. Heard very kinky things about you. Don’t care. I would play in your sandbox any day of the week.

Cheryl said...

Love Sam Elliot. If he's in it, it's good.

Mmmmm Viggo!

Stacy said...

Love Vincet Cassel. Lurve him.

Even a hater like me has to admit that SJP looks good when her face is turned away from the camera.

Harriet Hellfire said...

When I saw reader #2 I thought "it's Rachel Weisz!" and then I scrolled down and the next picture was Rachel Weisz. *L*

Ms Cool said...

I love Sam Elliot, Johnny Depp, and Hugh Grant. He only looks big because he is next to SJP. Leah Thompson's daughter looks a lot like her. Miley looks very inappropriate. Can't stand Courtney Ford in Dexter - does that mean she's doing a good job? Also can't stand Julia Roberts for various reasons.

Not to be mean but does Emma Roberts have one of those vision problems where she can't look straight at you? She has the same look in every photo I see.

Ms Cool said...

I love the reader photos, too!

nancer said...

i like sam elliott too but 'one of the greatest actors ever?' i don't think so. he's got a great voice and a look to go with it. you never hear that voice and not recognize it immediately.
he's worked for a long time and pretty steadily but i've never considered him one of the great actors.

nunaurbiz said...

Love YOU Enty!!!!!!!! MWAH!

RJ said...

Miley as usual, looks like trash. She is hopeless.

Hugh Grant is one of my all time favs. Wish he'd put on a tie, though. Yes, he has put on a little weight, but it makes him look even better. I don't like the scrawny-man look. It's bad enough that we have to look at skeletal women. Having said that . . .

Emeril might want to back off the pork fat just a little. Personally, I think chefs should look more like Emeril and less like Giada. Skinny chefs are up to something. Still, it is important to be healthy. Ten, maybe 15 pounds, is all he needs to lose.

Julia Roberts does look amazing, better than she has in a long time. I think it's because she may have gained a few pounds (maybe between 5 and 10). She was getting way too skinny for a while, and it made her look old and pinched. Maybe she didn't take any pics with Emma because she didn't want to overshadow her. I think it's always been important to Emma to not appear that she's trading on her aunt's name, and I think that's refreshing.

Stardust said...

@Ms Cool - I loved Courtney in Dexter! Thought she did a great job layering that character. And I used to feel the same way about Julia, but I have to say she was amazing in Erin Brockovich. And I love me some Johnny but this raggedy-ass look is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Green Wave Gal said...


Sylvia said...

Love Sam Elliot!!!

HillBilly Miley looks like she is slouching.

Thisisridiculous said...

Whoa are those 6 inchers SJP is wearing? she's only 5'1

I adore Johny Depp!

Emeril looks like he's been chocked in that suit.

So that's Rachel Weisz?

Caroline said...

Thanks for the Johnny Depp photos. That is all.

Mr Pink said...

Looks like Natalie P. just tried to explain that whole vegan thing to Cassel.

Kim said...

Very cute reader photos today!

Glad someone has been regularly giving SJP a sandwich. I hate the bony look on anyone.

Enty loves me. I was so up for some Meloni today, and I didn't even know it. My only remaining girl crushes are him and his L&O:CI counterpart, Vince D.

Lea Thompson's daughter looks just like her, wow!

I know some of you love on that Johnny Depp guy, but he hasn't done anything for me since Jump Street. I always want to wipe his face with a napkin, god knows what's in all that hair.

Audrey said...

Great reader photos. I love Chris Meloni - he is hot, but my gaydar is totally going off right now.

B626 said...

Sam Elliot in the 'Lifeguard' movie mid 70's-
HOT STUFF for a teen.
He's still hot in my book.

Tom Berenger in 'In Praise of Older Women'
2nd place HOT STUFF 70's movie back when sex scenes in movies looked real.

figgy said...

Celine's son is adorable. And as much as I'm not a fan of her music, Celine is apparently a genuinely nice person.

SJP is an excellent example of how a not-so-pretty woman can look great with a fit body and good clothes. Good for her! The French seem to appreciate that a lot more than Americans do.

TinselSass said...

Who would have ever thought Jason Biggs would be hotter than Chris Klein? Oh, the ravages of time.

Why does Emma Roberts have the hair job of a 40-something woman?

Thank you for Sam E, Johnny D, Vincent C and Viggo... what a nice afternoon break!

blog hopper said...

Christopher Meloni was amazing in Wet Hot American Summer...love him!

Wonder if Chris Klein has ever met his daughter...

SFG said...

Is that Danny Moder with Julia? If so, he looks bad. What's with the shoe polish colored hair dye?

ardleigh said...

I LOVE Sam Elliot. His voice makes me giddy.

DNfromMN said...

Add me to the list of people who'd be willing to rip that shirt off Meloni.

mygeorgie said...

I must be a wanna-be narcissist 'cause I always love what Skinny Vicky Beckham wears.

I love you Enty, but I almost always disagree with your loves/hates fashion choices.

I don't get the appeal of Melon Head Meloni & yet I adore L&O.

Mango said...

Dear Miley,

"Safety orange" is not a good color choice for you. Also, all that cleavage showing on a teen... ICK! Put on a bra, for crying out loud.

Thank you,


Tizzy said...

Meloni's shirt is unacceptable.

It'll have to come off.

With my teeth, preferably.

paulealex said...

Can't believe Hollywood is remaking Death at a Funeral... Have they ran out of ideas that they have to copy a great british comedy! It's a really good movie!

mngddess said...

I just recently went through 4 seasons of Oz. Chris Meloni...yum.

And VIGGO!!!

shakey said...

Ok - ditto on Sporky's first 4 comments. (I always thought Brandon Routh was gay.)

Lea's daughter looks just like her. What's with the Laverne dress?

Hopefully Miley did not say one word to the Queen.

Reader #2's photo is very natural. Nice!

Vincent looks like he made a joke at Natalie's expense. She has this look on her face like she's doing an uncomfortable laugh.

J-Mo said...

Still love Hugh Grant! Has he ever made a movie where he wasn't watchable? Wish he wasn't too lazy to show his range, he shoulda been our Tom Hanks/Jimmy Stewart everyman. And I really liked the movie he produced where he played a doctor.

Kinky Bootleg said...

I saw a clip of Miley meeting our Queenie... bitch didn't curtsy! Even Lady Gaga risked a little PVC-chafing and curtsied. Miley just stooped her shoulders slightly and blinded poor Lizzie with the glare off her pubescent paedo-magnets.
Fer shame!

And why they hell do I find Vincent Cassel kinda sexy? Anyone? He looks like he was created with CGI.

Aimee said...

Great post! Christina's son max looks so cute! I actually like SJP's dress, and of course any post with Johnny Depp is great =)

Aimee said...

Oh yea, can't forget Miley meeting the Queen! Can't she show a little class for once...

Wa said...

They are going to remake Death at a Funeral?!?!?!
way to ruin a good movie...

Kristi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristi said...

I'd be happy to talk to Christopher Meloni about that shirt. About taking it off, that is! Mmm...

I've always had a strange crush on Sam Elliot, and while I'm sure that sounds weird, I just don't care :) Have you HEARD that voice?!?

CarlRulz said...

Christopher Meloni is YUMMY!!!!

Leah said...

Wa said...

They are going to remake Death at a Funeral?!?!?!
way to ruin a good movie...

My sentiments exactly!

Green Wave Gal said...

I will gladly fight anyone for Chris Meloni! LOVE HIM!

I was an Oz fan too...OMG!

empyrios said...

Thanks Enty ;)

Sam Elliot is the bomb. He's got a great voice and a kind face. Loves him.

Courtney Ford drives me mental in Dexter...but in a good way.

Classic Celine right there. I always think of the SNL parody when i see her "i am the most beautiful singer in the world", lol.

it's always the bad facial hair that makes Depp look strung out. it's like he tries not to be good looking.

i guess Miley traded her gum smacking for inappropriate and ugly cleavage.

RDJ definitely deserves the dual prints. Great comeback story. Remember his interview from prison?

Love Vincet Cassel but there's no way he's laughing at something Portman said. Must be laughing AT her.

Viggo is amazing- except for the fact that he's a Habs fan. That's his only flaw. He was in Montreal at a game last week for the 100th anniversary and introduced some players. Such a cool guy.

mygeorgie said...

empryios: Viggo spoke FRENCH too! I didn't have a clue what he was saying, other than "madammes & monsiuers", but damn! He's freeking yummy, no matter the jersey he was sporting.


If the above doesn't work (I suck at this stuff) search "Guy Lafleur presente par Viggo Mortensen"

empyrios said...


yeah i saw that! and he speaks french very well. apparently he speaks italian and swedish too.

a man of many talents...gotta love those!

sunnyside1213 said...

Viggo is indeed a man of many talents. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001557/bio

He speaks fluent English, Spanish, Danish, and French, but he also speaks Swedish and Norwegian reasonably well.


empyrios said...

wow. that's a crapload of languages.

i can barely get by in broken french. a shameful canadian i am :(

i love in the clip when they're introducing him in french they say "d'Hollywood" cuz it sounds like Dollywood, LOL.

Caroline said...

Hey Enty, do you know what was being filmed outside the Y downtown today?