Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Yeah, well call me when Kelly Ripa eats the whole thing. Although, I would give her more of a chance to finish this sundae than
Tori Spelling even taking a bite of that cookie.
Lindsay is still alive. Oh, and her mom is threatening to torture the world with another Lohan family reality show.
Leighton Meester on the set of her new movie.
I love both Lea Thompson and Hal Sparks.
Marilyn Manson and one of his pieces of art.
Mark Knopfler - Amsterdam
I forgot to post Mena Suvari wedding photos yesterday so my dad made promise to post a couple today. ( I have had to pull them. Apparently they have not even been published yet.)

Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes and The Rock in Cancun. Liev Schreiber was supposed to go to Cancun to do press for his movie but went to Tahiti with friends instead.
Neve Campbell on the set of Scream 4. I guess she needed that paycheck.
Naomi Campbell. I smell a Rogaine deal.


Jamie's Girl said...

Rogaine would make Naomi relevant, and she's not and hasn't been in about 15 years. She deserves nothingness.

Love Kelly Ripa, always have, always will.

Scream 4? Really?

kvr said...

Is Naomi's hair from too many years of weaves or a chemical disaster?

Bar Harmonies said...

I LOVE Eva's dress!

Lady J said...

I like Eva's dress. Very pretty. Mena looks beautiful. I love her dress.

not on my dollar said...

Enty thanks for posting the BALD Naomi picture. It's priceless!

I want Mena's gorgeous wedding dress and she looks absolutely beautiful.

Rumors a floating around that Liev went away to contemplate staying with Naomi Watts. Hope the rumors aren't true.

nancer said...

i love eva's dress too. very pretty. ditto for mena. what a beautiful bride and great gown too.

i adore mark knopfler!

tori is barely getting her teeth on that cookie.

i'm sure she'll go gargle to loosen any stray particle containing a calorie so it doesn't find its way to her stomach.

jess said...

Lea Thomson hasn't change at all.
-So much hype going on because of Scream 4, even the Cox-Arquette are up for it.
-Models treat their hair like crap..flat iron, blow dryer and hair spray.

RocketQueen said...

I'm wondering about Naomi's hair, too. Scalp exhaustion?

The Rock looks weird with that Fu Man Chu. I like my Rock slippery smooth :)

Love Hal Sparks - have never been a fan of Lea Thompson for some reason. Caroline in the City annoyed the hell out of me.

A Lohan reality series? Oh dear god. I can't decide if it would be the best thing ever or if I hate Dina for continuing to try to make money from her family by any means possible. I guess both.

Gretchen said...

When I saw that picture of Naomi on Dlisted, I about fell outta my chair laughing. That picture getting distributed couldn't happen to a more deserving person!

Okay, can you imagine how awful it is for Tori's husband to try to have sex? How bad that kind of bony-ness would feel next to you? Sad, just very sad.

Lisa (original) said...

Manson's painting looks like Jack the Ripper's first victim. Totally gross.

And yes, Naomi the bitch's hair fell out because of too much weaving, glueing, taping, attaching and chemical damage.

Cancan said...

Can anyone ID Eva's dress? MUST HAVE.

Mena got married in a church?! As a divorcee?! How refreshing. I hope this works out for her.

Sherry said...

I'mpretty sure what happened to Naomi is the same thing that happened to Kim Z. from Atlantic Housewives.

jbeebs said...

I would guess that Eva's dress is Dior-she wears a lot of Dior.

chihuahuense said...

That doesn't even look like Neve. I thought it was Selma Blair.

Has Mena always been blonde? I don't remember her as a blonde.

Tori, if my chest looked like that, I would not wear those shirts. Shit, I don't wear those shirts anyways with little kids, because you are always bending, bending, bending. So do us all a favor and put the deformed ba-zoogas away.

I never liked Kelly Ripa until I saw her on Watch What Happens. Now I am a fan.

MCH said...

@chihuahuense: I thought that was Selma too! I am reading these posts on my tiny phone though so I can't blow it up!

Mena is gorgeous! She is so tiny. Love her dress.

I saw some headline earlier skimming about trouble w/ Liev & Naomi. :(

delilah said...

naomi is getting her karma-loves it!

Ms.Leigh said...

i'm OMGOBSESSED with mena's gown... similar to my dream gown but *gasp* even better? she looks beautiful.

i'm dying for eva mendes' dress too. so cute!

HA HA at naomi campbell going bald. yeah, it's mean but so is throwing cell phones at peoples faces.

Mooshki said...

Wait, wasn't there a blind long ago about someone who was bald, and we all thought it was Tyra?

delilah said...

i meant the model not actress!