Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Entertainment Tonight Needs To Rethink Red Hot Rumor Definition

Apparently Entertainment Tonight has a different definition for red hot rumor than I do. I am guessing it is different from your definition and anyone who actually has a pulse. For some reason, they spent time and money and resources to interview Julianne Hough. Not sure why actually. Anyway, in their report talking about the interview this is some of what they said.

"Dancing with the Stars" pro turned actress and country singer Julianne Hough welcomes ET to her new hometown of Nashville, TN over the Fourth of July weekend, and she addresses the red-hot rumor that she's dating "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest!"

Since when is that red hot? Even if it were true which I think most of us agree it is not, how would that be red hot? I don't think red hot really describes any dating. Red hot should be for beatings and drug arrests that don't involve Lindsay Lohan or Tom Sizemore. Now, if you told me Ryan Seacrest was sleeping next to the coffin of Merv Griffin, now that would be a red hot rumor. If you told me that Julianne's brother was trying to date Cheryl Cole because he actually liked her and not her money, now that would be a red hot rumor.

As for whether Julianne is dating Ryan?

"If you guys want to know anything about boys or relationships, you'll just have to listen to the music, 'cause it's all in there,"

So, umm, we have to buy the album to find out? It isn't like she is writing these songs. I'm actually shocked she said you'll instead of ya'll.


childeroland said...

She's just promoting the album after putting out the rumor herself, via ET, obviously.

Shmooey said...

I am not familiar with this woman, and as for Ryan Seacrest, I couldn't pick him out of a line up to save my life.

But he is mentioned so often in this and other entertainment sites, that I have started to develop this image of a Liberace-esque figure - a super-camp, everybody-knows-he-is-but-he'll-never-admit-to-it person.


What is it that he does exactly? I thought he was the presenter of American Idol, but I don't see why that would make him such gossip fodder.

timebob said...

Ryan loves these rumors becuase it makes him seem all manly. Which is why he never shoots down any of them.

She isn't even very country she is a Mormon. I think Mormons have good grammar and magical pantaloons.

looserdude said...

Song titles from Julianne's album: "Don't Shave Me, I'm a Beard". "My Boyfriend Sleeps With Boys". "Don't Hate Me for Being A Fame Whore".

RocketQueen said...

lol @ pantaloons, timebob!

Thanks for the laugh Ent - red hot my ass. After what Kiki revealed to us on reveals day, we all know what the story is here :)

DivaJulia said...

What made me smile about this post is that SOMEONE finally mentioned Ryan and Merv's name in the same sentence. Why isn't this story OUT?

Mack said...

Ryan's not campy or Liberace-esque, Shmooey, but he hasn't been seen around publicly with a lot of women.

I don't know if he's gay (I'm still getting over the pics of John Travolta kissing his lover at a Toronto airport and the rumors about his wife getting it on with muscular black dudes), but the rumors continue to have staying power. Chances are that, given the number of gigs he juggles (insert gay jokes here), Seacrest is too busy to do more than hire a hooker or break off some at Oriental Shiatsu Massage in Santa Monica.

Julianne is truly a climber and a golddigger. Not par excellence (because she should have gotten beyond D list or aced herself a high-roller by now). But, hey, it's hard out there for a...

Nu's Woman said...

She has aced a big kahuna. Seacrest is getting paid very well. He is more than likely a double digit millionaire at least.

Shmooey said...

Thanks for the info, Mack.

I too find it hard to process all the gay rumours that abound. If they're all true, there are a lot a people living double lives.

Also, out of curiosity I googled "Oriental Shiatsu Massage in Santa Monica" to find out if it was just rhetorical or if you were referring to a real place, and it actually exists!
And it's a well-known "massage" establishment. Ewww.

ardleigh said...

Forgive but I'm going to have fun with this.(p.s. My knowledge of country music is VERY limited)

She could rework 2 of Loretta Lynn's tunes:

You Ain't Man Enough (to take my meal ticket).

I am just a... Big Old Famewhore. (set to Coal Miner's Daughter)

Stand By Your Mealticket.

My Hero's have Always Been Famewhores.

or one where you don't even need to change the title:

If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time.

Sylvia said...


Didn't GayCrest kissed what's her name from Desperate Housewife and it was a very awkward kiss. No passion, nada.

Adventurous Kate said...

Wait -- RocketQueen/Kiki/anyone else, where was the reveal where Kiki was talking about the people she knew? I remember reading it but forget which post it was...

Jamie's Girl said...

Sad, really sad.

RocketQueen said...

@Adventurous Kate - it was in the comments of the reveal about Nicole Kidman wanting to be in the Twilight movies - which I still find hilarious.

Mack said...

As you will learn, Shmooey, a lot of celebrities are living double -- and triple -- lives. It's unfortunate because they would be talented without all the lie-living. But it's their choice. So be it.

As for the "massage" place. It's a well-known joint. So is the TomKat Theater, another illicit joint for folks on the prowl -- especially folks of Seacrest's rumored sexual preference. Welcome to the City of De... I mean, Angels.

Ms.Leigh said...

am i the only one who gets really annoyed when a grown woman talks about dating "boys"? i know she's trying to be cutesy, but i think it's so weird. especially when you're talking about a man who'se a lot older than you.

if you're a grown ass woman, then you date grown ass men.

Shmooey said...

That's what gets me down about learning of what goes on behind the public facade.

I enjoy checking out this site, particularly for the sense of community, but reading about 20 kinds of filth everyday is depressing.

It seems whenever the veil of glamour is lifted all there is behind is something ugly.

Is there anybody out there in showbusiness who isn't a drug addicted, incestuous, jackass adulterer on the down-low?

Adventurous Kate said...

Thanks so much, RocketQueen! WHAT A THREAD!!