Thursday, July 08, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Congratulations to Jennifer Saunders who announced she is cancer free after battling breast cancer for the past year. How I love Absolutely Fabulous.

Sting - New Jersey (Thanks Leslie)
Alela Diane - Paris
Ashley Greene being stalked by Twilight fans.
Apparently if you buy this issue of V and have a quarter handy you can scratch off the V and see all of Adriana Lima. Nice marketing gimmick.
It looks like it took five minutes to do this. Well, at least when they break up he can probably change it to Advil and make some bucks shilling for them.
Claire Danes and Jessica Alba in the, "oh you are both actresses, lets put you together pose."
Cameron Diaz making friends in Mexico City.
Cory Monteith at the Vancouver airport.
Not Claudia Schiffer's best look.
As the boat goes down, Catherine Zeta Jones keeps posing.
Drew Barrymore in Elle.
Probably the only time you will ever see Diane Kruger in a top like this.


MontanaMarriott said...

I too LOVE AbFab and am sooo happy JS is doing much better!

Abby said...

RocketQueen, I was going to say the exact same thing about Claudia's skirt. Dropped yoke AND pleats!! Looks like my junior high closet puked on her!

I don't think Brody got a real tattoo, I think she just wrote on him with pen.

selenakyle said...

OMG I love, love, LOVE Ab Fab and I miss it very much.

God bless you, Jennifer, and you look gorgeous in that photo.

chopchop said...

I've loved Jennifer Saunders since the French & Saunders show (I think that's what it was called). They aired it on MTV after The Young Ones in the mid to late eighties. She's a rock star.

Avril Lavigne is a poseur.

califblondy said...

I hope the very best for SweetieDarling Jennifer. I was watching "Friends" the other night and she was hilarious as the mother of Ross's fiancee, Emily.

I admire her for keeping her illness private.

memyselfandi said...

Claudia looks like she pulled that outfit from Michelle Duggar's closet.

And I really hope Brody's "tattoo" is really just from a pen.

Tenley said...

I am so over Drew.

Cindy said...

Yay Jennifer! AbFab was the best.

Lana's Blog said...

I have never, ever thought Drew was attractive.

Selock said...

SO relieved...when I saw Jennifer was the top photo, I thought the worst and avoided clicking for a long time. Thanks for the happy news, Enty. Such a brilliant comedienne.

Mango said...

I wasn't aware JS was ill. So glad she's on the mend!

Adriana Lima looks like a mannequin in that pic.

I've disliked Claire danes ever since she refused to film more episodes of, "My So-called Life". She (like Michael Caruso and others) decided she was too big for the small screen and wanted to share her great talent by making movies.

Looks as if Drew is not wearing panties. Not surprised. Maybe she thinks that going commando will sell more tickets for this bomb.

Claudia Schiffer modeling for a latter day Swiss Miss cocoa box.

Ms.Leigh said...

oh i loved abfab, glad jennifer saunders(sp?) is getting healthy!

i have to admit, if it's true about the v cover, that's a really sexy idea. she looks good too, i think.

drew barrymore trying to be sexy? i just can't with her.

__-__=__ said...

I totally forgot about JS being Emily’s mom on Friends! Good one califblondy! Best of luck to her!! Would love to see more AbFab. They are my idols indeed!! I so want the Patsy big hair!

BJ’s tattoo is the most lame commitment tattoo ever. Avril should be ashamed. She will not look back on this fondly later in life.

Nice seats Leslie!

CZJ isn’t posing. She’s hanging on for dear life. Look at that dink riding the waves. And they always make women sit in the front. I broke my coccyx like that once. And cursed the day I laughed at that line in Napoleon Dynamite.

john said...

Aaw, Jennifer looks gorgeous. So glad to hear she is on the mend.


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