Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

I don't think I have ever seen Rosanna Arquette out somewhere with her daughter Zoe.
Rihanna - Vancouver
This is Stella McCartney at some party for Kate Moss. Is that Lorne Michaels behind her? Hmmm.
This is the world's smallest mom. She lives in Kentucky. She is 2'4" and has 3 kids. Oh, and she wants more. Two of her kids were born with the same disorder she has.
I'm not sure what kind of look Tyra was going for here.
A very tired Victoria Beckham. Divorce rumors getting her down?

French Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld tells Anna Wintour all about her boots.

Later that day, Anna pretended to look busy when Blake Lively was her seat mate.
Zac Efron in Malibu at a party this weekend.


RocketQueen said...

I think it's more likely Posh/Victoria was weak from hunger as opposed to tired.

I think that pic of Rihanna (with that hair) is kick ass.

Shmooey said...

I would like to see Victoria happy.

I know she is irritating in many ways, but I think she is a good wife with a crap husband, so she deserves better in that department.

Rose said...

I like Victoria a lot. She may not smile for the cameras but she is actually very funny. She is always with her kids as well.

Lady J said...

I would like Rihanna to fade into obscurity. I am tired of this no talent heffa.

slider1964 said...

The smallest mom, is being a selfish idiot !! She has some sort of like brittle bone thing. Why would you want a baby that you know had at least a 50/50 chance of having that kind of life-long,debilitating pain? I don't get that...

selenakyle said...

Posh just needs a cheeseburger, some fries and a beer, then take a good healthy dump for a change and then get laid. By this I mean live a REAL life for once instead of being so GD plastic and on-show for the cameras all the time.

I know she's (from all accounts) a good Mom but come on! Only eating edamame beans and pineapple and Diet Coke ain't a real great diet for this many years without some ill effects. Plus, there MUST be either some raging bulimia, anorexia, diet pill or cocaine in there somewhere to get THAT skinny and stay there.

She just has never looked healthy to me in years. And dead in the eyes.

not on my dollar said...
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not on my dollar said...

Rihanna thinks her look is badass but it actually makes her look silly.

I find Victoria useless as a celebrity.

bj said...

does Rihanna even know how to play the guitar? She looks so phoney, as usual. The 'I look so cool, so badass, so tough, look' Instead of the 'cool' costumes and the ever changing hair, learn to perform better.

RJ said...

Since when can Rihanna play a guitar?

I think if Victoria Beckham ate (and kept down) a few decent meals she'd look better in general, but I have to say that the first thing that I thought when I saw these pictures is that she was probably having bad cramps. I have that body language a couple of days a month, too.

As badly as I hate to admit it, Zac Efron brings out the cougar in me. Such a yummy little thing!

M said...

I can tell I'm tired.

When I first read the caption about Carine Roitfeld I though it said she was telling Anna Wintour all about her BOOBS. And then I didn't get it when I saw the picture of her below with those boots. I thought Enty was making a joke (like he's been known to do) and looked for the caption saying, "I meant 'boots'!" But then when I went back I realized I mis-read. Wouldn't be the first time.

I have no clue who Carine Roitfeld is, but I liked my version, better...:D

I think I better take a catnap at my desk, now.

Lana's Blog said...

Blech, can't stand Stella McC.

I feel bad for VB. My feet would hurt SO MUCH if I wore those high heels all the time. And knowing your hot husband wasn't hot for you? That would stink.

Carine is so hot! Kind of obsessed with her style.

We get it Blake, you're pretty.

MadLyb said...

I don't like 'Sad Victoria'. I much prefer the 'I'm better than you' Victoria. I don't get the Blake Lively and Zac Effron thing, other than they have cool names.

Rosanna Arquette must be really good in bed - she's had a song written about her, after all. She was sort of my girl crush back in the '80's after 'Baby It's Me'.

Anna Wintour can bite me.

I don't have a problem (not that it even matters WTF I think) with 'Little People' procreating, even if it means bringing more 'Little People' into this world. Life is LIFE. I'm so SICK of the standards some people put on how we're "supposed to look". It's good to be alive, which is something too many people don't realize until they're on their death bed.

MadLyb said...

Oh, Good Lord, I AM old. "Baby it's YOU".

Tenley said...

Something is wrong with me today, everything/everyone I see here today I have to do a doubletake. I really thought Rhiannon was Prince at first glance.

Robert said...

Can I assume Rhianna unleashed a blistering guitar solo after this picture was taken?
I'm also assuming the guy in the picture with Tiny Mom is her husband, which leads me to ask: how does a woman 2 feet tall have sex with a (seemingly) large-sized man?
Who said Blake Lively is pretty?

Lissette said...

Rihanna play a guitar???? Give me a break! She's so much style, not a lot of substance. I heard her live, wow! What a difference! :(

Zac is adorable, sorry! He really is. It could have something to do with the fact my daughter keeps playing HSM 1 and 3 over and over again (since 1st of July)! Not looking forward to the tragic movie, "Charlie St. Cloud."

Saw "Last Airbender," my husband who had no clue Jackson Rathbone was in it, said that it was the worst movie ever made, but that his character was the only real actor in the movie. When I told him it was Twilight guy, he couldn't believe it was the same guy.
Movie was pretty bad, by the way! But, JR was very, very good.

bionic bunny! said...

@ robert, without getting too graphic, i think it's the same way that a woman can give birth. the female body is pretty amazing, man.

also, every female body is subject to "brittle bones". it's called osteoporosis. i had a dear friend in school who is a little person, and an actor. he married a little person, a beautiful lady, also an actor. oh, he's also been a wrestler, stuntman, and an ewok. :)
i don't know about his kid/s, but who's to say a loving couple shouldn't have children? i don't remember who said that, but there are much worse things to be than a little person.

0 said...

Yay, not just an Anna picture, but GRACE!! I seriously freakin' adore that woman.

Leah said...

I'm looking forward to the Charlie St. Cloud movie!!