Thursday, July 08, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Eva Longoria being carried out of a bar by her brother-in-law.
Eva Mendes' job is just to look good. Apparently the guy is tasked with carrying her bag.
Ellen Page looks great.
It's like Fergie took this in front of a green screen.
From the Petco wedding collection.
From the when you are to lazy to wear bottoms collection. Miley Cyrus is a HUGE fan.
From the WTF collection.
The Conehead collection.
From the I always wanted to wear a burka, but don't like black collection.
Do you know who this is? It's Maizy from Uncle Buck! Gaby Hoffman.
The Goopster in Paris.
Gwen & Gavin and the brood at Disneyland.
Jennifer Aniston walking the streets of LA.


0 said...

Ellen Page is gorgeous. Love her as an actress as well.

Gwen, Gavin, and the kids all look so cute and happy. I like her hair like that a lot!

Stacy said...

That pic of Eva Longwhoria drunk and having fun almost makes me like her. She's so staged 24/7, I'm pretty sure that's the only real candid I've ever seen of her.

ea73 said...

Did Gwen Stefani do something to her face, or is it just the haircut?? She's reminiscent of Debbie Gibson in this pic.

not on my dollar said...

Ha! Ha! At the lady in the birdcage.

I like the conehead outfit.

Goopie's dress looks pretty too bad I can't say the same for her.

Gwen and Gavin and the kids are adorable.

I know I'm alone but I like Eva Longoria.

not on my dollar said...

Oh and lampshade lady takes second place at the LMAO picture of the day.

Tara said...

@ ea - I agree, Gwen does bear a resemblence to Debbie in that picture!

I still love Gwen but I'm not digging her look at all. The kids are beautiful and Gavin is still almost too pretty....

If it's Eva Mendes' job to look good, I suppose she wasn't paid that day! She isn't looking her best there, which is kind of nice b/c it shows that even the attractive ones have bad days.

Ellen Page is adorable!

RocketQueen said...

Gaby Hoffman has a Darlene from Roseanne thing going on. Sorry, her real name escapes me - Sara something?

feraltart said...

Not on my dollar - I agree about Gwyneth. Whatever she has done to her face has ruined her looks. Can't she see how great her mum, Blythe Danner, looks for not screwing around with natural beauty. Then again, Blythe did not have Madonna as her best friend letting her think Frankenstein looks are attractive.

Tara said...

RocketQueen - Gilbert. And I agree, she does kind of look like her.

not on my dollar said...

@feraltart, me thinks the mom may be more self confident or humble than her "try too hard to impress" daughter. That's why one resorted to surgery while the other aged gracefully.

selenakyle said...

The model in the sixth pic from the top is what my Grandmama would've called "spraddle-legged." (RIP Grandmama)

chopchop said...

Gwen Stefani's face looks different. I think she's had some work done and she was wearing big shirts & holding big bags over her midsection to draw attention away from it. It worked too; all the tabs thought she was PG, meanwhile her bruises & swelling faded.

RocketQueen said...

@Tara - thank you, on both counts :)

Cindy said...

The petco wedding dress -- I have just one question -- how does the groom get the ring on her finger? or kiss her? (ok it was two questions)

TinselSass said...

What did Goop do to her face?!

Robert said...

@RQ: Sara Gilbert,
Melissa's kid sister.)
Sorry, but Gaby Hoffman's eyebrows have to be dealt with.
Gwen Stefani seems to be sliding slowly into Suzanne Sommers territory!

Mango said...

Ellen Page looks great if you call wearing a black shapeless sack great. Pretty face, ill-fitting clothes.

Loved the fashion photos!

Why isn't Goop at home making a vegan taco for Apple?

Ms.Leigh said...

eva 1 looks like she's having a great time!

eva 2 is doing a very good job at looking good. as does ellen page. she's just so cute to me.

fergie really does look like she's been photoshopped in. her
hair looks good tho, meh.

LMAO at the petco wedding collection. do you think they'll carry it in my size?? and will it make my ass look fat?

rofl at the burka comment. hilarious.

i remember when gabi hoffman was really cute. girlfriend let herself GO.

the rossdale family looks adorable as always. damn them all!

jen doesn't look so preggers there...

__-__=__ said...

Great fashion commentary! Really hilarious, made me laugh. Thanks!

RocketQueen said...

@Robert - really?? That's Melissa's younger sister?! I never knew that. They looking nothing alike.

blankprincess said...

@RocketQueen: That's because they are adoptive half-siblings. Melissa and her brother Jonathan (who played Willie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie) were both adopted by their folks. Their mom later remarried and she and her new hubby became the biological parents to Sara.

I know way too much about Little House on the Prairie. I admit it.