Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Muhammad Ali got a lifetime achievement award last night. I have met him one time and I still remember every second of it.
Scientists announced today that no matter how bad you have messed up your Rubik's Cube you are never more than 20 moves from solving it. Really? They obviously have not watched me play.
Ali & Roberto still together.
Anti-Flag - Wheatland, California
Adam Lambert kind of looks like Mike Myers as Adam Lambert.
And even if you are the daughter of Alessandra Ambrosio you still love the taste of a balcony railing.
Amy Winehouse on the way to the hospital to visit her dad. Well, he has always said he loves her breasts so this should cheer him up.
Bill Bellamy. He has been around forever. Here he is with Bow Wow.
Everything is always funny until Toodee gets his hand cut off by Blake Lewis.
The other Murphy. Charlie Murphy and Ice Cube.
Look how happy Chris Martin is.
No Goopster anywhere close.


MISCH said...

Come on.....can you blame Chris Martin...imagine what living with her must be like...

Mari said...

You know, I love that Amy W. got all spiffed up to see her dad in hospital. The girl looks hella rough 90% of the time (even if she is cleaned up, it either doesn't last or there is a major flaw) She made the supreme effort here. Also, she brought him something, and I bet it's food!

AndrewBW said...

In 1974 I was in Louisville, Ali's home town, at a science fiction convention shortly before he took on George Foreman in Zaire. Ali came back home to visit and stayed at the hotel where the convention was, and as soon as he showed up the whole joint just emptied out. Everyone wanted to see him, and despite the crowd he was friendly, generous, and patient with everyone. A good friend of mine was there with his infant son, who must have been about 4 or 5 months old at the time. My friend asked if he could get a picture of Ali holding the boy. Ali took the kid, cradled him gently in his left arm, scowled, and shook his fist in the kid's face -- Ali's fist was as big as the boy's head -- while my friend snapped the pic.

Truly a champion.

Tara said...

Chaaarrrlie Murphy! Cocaine is a hell of a drug. ;-) LOL, Charlie Murphy is funny as hell. IMO, he's the cooler brother.

chopchop said...

I love me some Chris Martin.

Pookie said...

yay m.!

alessandra a. is STUNNING.

Caroline said...

I love Charlie Murphy and Ice Cube!

j said...

Mari, are you kidding? Would you squeeze your boobs together and have them practically falling out of your dress when going to visit your the hospital??? With all the inappropriate comments her father has made about his daughter and her breasts, and the how she dresses provocatively around him, it is truly disturbing.

jess said...

Alessandra and her daughter are gorgeous!
-well, I don't know how the Goopster and Chris got together anyway.

not on my dollar said...

Chris looks cute and I love seeing him without Goopy but I get the feeling he's kind of immature.

That's a nice looking picture of Ice Cube.

Alessandra Ambrosio's daughter looks so cute licking that germy railing.

c17 said...

"When We Were Kings" is one of the best documentaries EVER! I suggest any Ali fan watch it.

C. Martin is HAWT! He needs to dump the size 0 and get with a woman of substance!

I *love* Ice Cube. That is all.

linnea said...

is it just me or did Amy have her breasts done AGAIN? They look a lot bigger than before.

moxie said...

Ali and Roberto are now living together in San Diego, he is already back to work and she is going on job interviews, looking for a job in San Diego. They both moved to San Diego because it's where State Farm had an office opening up for him in CA. (His other option was Beverly Hills, which they turned down for a more private life in San Diego -- says a lot.)

I wouldn't be surprised if she's on DWTS this season, it's good money. Hard work but the work is very short-term. She'll be raked over the coals for it by skeptics (fame whore, etc) but she can put the money into savings or a house, I think she should do it for that reason alone.

Harriet Hellfire said...

The picture of the kid licking the railing looks like a fat lip waiting to happen.

Lana's Blog said...

Roberto of Ali and Roberto is not a good dresser. His collar at the finale was very painful.

I would kill to look like Alessandra.

I heart C. Murphy

Just Another Blonde said...

Every time I see Charlie I think "Cocaine is a helluva drug" lol :)

Tara beat me to it!