Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

A reunion of some of the Pretty In Pink cast gets the top spot.
Annette Bening at a tribute to her at the Mill Valley Film Festival.
Apparently Avril does not have an elbow.
Bijou Phillips in Hawaii.
David Hyde Pierce sporting a beard for his new role on Broadway.
Emma Stone looks thrilled to be going on Letterman.
Mr. T still looks like Mr. T. Do you think he is tired of the mohawk yet?
Guns N' Roses - London
Gretchen Rossi lets Slade off his leash for a few minutes.
Men in a suit time. Jeremy Piven.
Brian Austin Green.
Clive Owen
And Jake G.


Jamie's Girl said...

Jake G. Yummy!

Lady J said...

Love a man in a suit! Thanks Enty! Clive looks great. BAG looks good too. Don't like the facial hair on Jake G but he looks good in the suit.
That pic of guns n roses looks like Kid Rock.
I don't know if I would recognize Mr. T without the mohawk. he has been wearing it for like 30 years.
Emma Stone looks REALLY skinny. I like her as an actress though.
I LOVE PRETTY IN PINK!! Duckie forever!

Lauren said...

That Avril picture is too funny. It never ceases to amaze me what companies will do with photoshop to morph someone in to what we think is "right." Which is clearly a washed up faux punk pop star with no elbows.

Electric Warrior said...

That Pretty in Pink photo def deserves the top spot...Annie Potts looks great!! (So do Molly & Duckie)

How on earth did the people at Maxim miss that?? It's the cover photo for chrissakes, that's inexcusable, f'real. Whomever let that be published should be fired. Followed by whomever thought Avril Lavigne was a good cover choice. Why some celebs are still relevant when they haven't produced anything in several YEARS gets under my skin. So does Avril Lavigne and her cokehead jerk of a boyfriend (another one that's famous for no good reason).

West End Girl said...

Clive Owen on top of Jakey G? Yes please!

Mooshki said...

I love Emma Stone. Finally went to see 'Easy A' and it was really funny!

Chrissy Buns said...

it seems to me like Jeremy Piven only owns 2 suits, they shiny blue one, and the not shiny blue one.

wouldn't it be funny if Mr T had hairplugs? kinda like Richard Simmons is stuck with his hairdo because he has hairplugs! hahahah!

RJ said...

Thanks for the Pretty in Pink picture!! Love that movie.

Also, many thanks for the men in suits. Especially Clive Owen. Growl.

Wish I had Emma Stones itty bitty thighs. Sigh. (Still, if I was trapped under something very, very heavy, these monster thighs of mine could probably free me pretty quickly.)

deity2 said...

SIGH....The "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack on my bare walls...I was such a fan of that movie.....perfect timing too....that was when i was young enough , not to have met my husband!

tigerjen77 said...

Yay! David Silver! Oh I mean Brian Austin Green. I will forever have a crush on him.

MadLyb said...

I always wanted Andie to end up with Duckie. Love that they're in the top spot.

I agree with the men in suits comment above. YE-UM!

I really hope Emma Stone blowes Lilo out of the water for good. The girl isn't going to make a comeback - she doesn't have the talent or discipline. And that's my judgmental schpiel for the day.

Lissette said...

I loved the Pretty In Pink
It is soooo my high school experience! Thanks!
What magazine is that from???
No excuse for Maxim
I love BAG

lanasyogamama said...

Girls with elbows are so fat.

Mango said...

The only Brat Pack movie I disliked more than "Pretty in Pink" was "St. Elmo's Fire (utter drek). But I've always loved the Psych Furs song.

That Avril pic is wrong for so many reasons.

Say what you will about Jeremy Piven, but he does have really nice toupees, not like those crocheted tea-cosy head toppers that William Shatner wears.

Jeffrey said...

Clive Owen FTW!!!

Chrissy Buns said...

i hope Jakey G. isn't Toothy Tile. i am watching Prince of Persia and he is sssooooo hot!

Mooshki said...

Remember, Chrissy, even if he is Toothy Tile, that doesn't mean Ted is telling the truth about any of it. It's all just gossip. :) I have a friend who's crazy for Jake too.

MCH said...

I just watched the Biography episode on The Brat Pack. Pretty interesting stuff. I never knew that John Hughes wrote Sixteen Candles with Ringwald in mind.

LOL @ Maxim!!! Hey Maxim (& any other mag that has totally eliminated a body part whether on purpose or not), I can properly use Photoshop. Feel free to give me a call!

I LOVE Emma Stone. I heard Easy A was great.

I kind of dig the Jake G. beard...but I'm in a beard loving phase.

drunken failure said...

Whassa madda Entertainment Lawyer, get arrested for another DWI?

Mooshki said...

Hey, everyone knows our EL does all his drinking in the basement!

RocketQueen said...

Lol @ westendgirl! Mmm Jake looks HOT.

califblondy said...

Clive looks hot!

angelina said...

Pretty In Pink!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that movie, where is this pic from? I love it too!