Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Christopher Meloni and Ice-T on the way to a trailer to check out Coco's newest photos.
One of my favorites, and way underrated, Dann Florek.
Elle MacPherson enjoying Aspen while
Zoe Saldana looks a little nervous.
Well, today is glorious and sunny and you can see for miles, but yesterday and the whole week have been horrible here as you can see by Halle Berry and
Jessica Alba.
Kelly Bensimon and her kids.
Kirsten Dunst trying on a new hat which covers her new hairstyle.
I was going to award Keri Hilson the worst outfit of the day award, but
decided on the amoeba wearing Grace Potter instead.


RocketQueen said...

I'm not the greatest skier, and I would HATE it if there were paps up there taking my picture while I was trying not to fall on my ass.

pomme said...

zoe is very very skinny

Jamie's Girl said...

I'm mad because Elle McPherson did something to her face. She should have known better. It's just as bad as Cindy Crawford.

amoteafloat said...

What Elle did to her face is called "sunworshipping."

And I think Cindy still looks damned good, personally. If she's had work done, it's subtle as hell.

Pookie said...

this set of randoms is all about the boots for loving elle mcp.'s sorels. that's the 2010 'joan of arctic' which i've been lemming...lotta love also for kelly bensidouche's daughter's pink hunter wellies, b/c that's rain galosh doine right....and eek...comeone grace potter, those OTKs look fab, but need to be worn w/ tights unless you're a legal, working, lady of the evening in vegas. OTK boot fail for you.

Allison said...

Oh thank you Enty for the Law and Order SVU pics. That show and cast is so awesome. Mariska Hartigay aka Det. Benson is my hero!!

Mooshki said...

K.Dunst looks cute. She should always wear hats.

Keri's outfit reminds me of 'Mean Girls' when they cut the holes in Regina George's shirt over her breasticles.

Chrissy Buns said...

i have been enjoying the pictures of LA in the rain. living on the coast of Washington State, i love me some rain! only bad thing is LA isn't built for rain like we are ;)

Tallulah said...

Enty, what I want for x-mas is no more Kelly Bensimon. Please!?

lanasyogamama said...

My Sorel's aren't as cute, but buy are they nice and waterproof and warm.

I haven't seen Bensimon's show, but I can't help but think she's really pretty. I'm sure she's not pretty on the inside.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I've been skiing since I was 8 or so, and that chick is doing it all wrong. Unless, of course, she's doing the snowplow to stop herself. I would also like to know where her poles are? Someone might be breaking a leg this Christmas.

The Tempestuous Grape said...

I thought Keri Hilson was Star Jones at first.