Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Brandi Cyrus and her mom try and hide so they won't be recognized as being related to Miley Cyrus.

Amber Heard and her friends get dressed for a Halloween party.
Nahla is all dressed up with her mom Halle Berry at the pumpkin patch.
Roseanne Barr is going as Steve Maertin dressed like King Tut.
I always knew there was something a little off about the Hudgens sisters. They are vampires.Makes sense.
Isla Fisher can't wait to
get her mask off.
I'm not sure what Sacha Baron Cohen is.
Skyfall premiere in Berlin.
Lots of Daniel Craig fans.
The first changes have been made at Disney post LucasFilm purchase.
Emma Roberts is hiding from the paps only on her left side. She is ok with the ones on the right.


msgirl said...

And there are the Hudgen sisters.

lazyday603 said...

Amber Heard's male date went as Anna Wintour? That's classic.

Momster said...

LOL at the Epcot photo. My inner geek loves that stuff.

Mamaroni said...

Ahhh what is nahla dressed up as? It is totally creeping me out

BrittH said...

Blind reveal? Hudgen.sisters!

Frufra said...

Momster, I love your new avi! Any scoop on the movie filming up your way??

Sherry said...

I know no one wants to hear it but I can't even get to any pages on my work computer. Crashes before it even starts now. Worked early and now just grinds to a dead stop. The phone is the only way to go I fear.

LadyLagerfeld said...
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Robert said...

Or Strawberry Shortcake and Ronald McDonald...

Jeneral said...

I thought she was Raggady Ann.

JSierra said...

I thought she was Lindsey Lohan.

curlyhairslacker said...

Anna Wintour, nice!

Even Isla's sock monkey costume is adorable! Love it.

Can't wait to watch Skyfall next week!!!!!

Emma Roberts has some awful hair.

Mama Abroad said...

Momster, help me out with the Epcot photo. I didn't get it.

.robert said...

Disney bought out Lucas so the Epcot dome was shopped into death star.

Mamaroni said...

Really? Yikes! Those eyebrows were completely unnecessary.

__-__=__ said...

OT - I haven't seen another Sandy post since it hit. I hope everyone is safe. I know your homes may not be. I also know how shocking it can be. Here is my experience just in case it helps someone. House next door locked up and waited for insurance adjusters. By the time they arrived mold was on everything and the home was condemned. This house was flooded and water had only barely receded.
Open all windows
Open all doors and cabinets
Pull out all drawers and stand them up where air can get to them
Pull anything out of cabinets. Set it on edge of counters or remove it from home.
Pull out all carpet and pad. We cut small sections because it was so wet.
Use a box cutter to cut drywall 3-4" above where it was wet. Get it out of the house.

This saved my friends house. Good luck to everyone. Would be great to turn on fans but there was no power for over a week.

M said...

Scoop gossip hounds:
Evan Rachel Woods
eloped with Jamie Bell.
Like Amber Heard
Announcing she is bi
In August 2012
Actually getting married
To Jamie Bell in Canada.
Well she was formally
Engaged to Marilyn Manson
Google formercriminalprosecutor
I know where Missing Iowa Cousins
Lyric & Elizabeth Are.
As Always ; M

Me said...

@M, i've been trying to find updates on that case. i read your blog on this case. do you think the girls are safe at least?

M said...

Yes, read my post. Follow me on twitter for the latest news.
Thank you for reading
As Always ; M

L said...

maybe i am reading too much into this.. but why are Halle and Nahla sliding down over a towel? Halle does not want to touch surfaces touched by normal people's backsides? LOL

L said...

oh, and the Anna Wintour dress cracked me up!

Chilie said...

M, you are such a tacky broad with continually promoting yourself in every bloody post you make.

ljsmed said...

Haha ; )

Vkn said...

Yes you are reading too much into this. These types of slides require towel/sacks to prevent skin abrasions. Most children know this as its a very popular ride and a necessity for all great childhoods.

M said...

Not "broad".
I investigate to find out where the missing cousins are.
Instead of "using" them to grab page views on site filled with ads & banners that are profitable.

Your definiton of "tacky" is more properly directed to someone else.
I don't exploit stories, I investigate them.

I also offer real scoops you won't find here. Always Kartrashian free.
Check it out.
As Always ; M

Agent**It said...

Mr /Ms equation, excellent advice. Esp the drywall tip. I learned that from a neighbor and was surprised that I could do it myself so easily. Also, bleach will be your new best friend. Wish I could physically help somebody in that area. From SoFla .

Dizzel said...

I think she is supposed to be a LalaLoupsie doll.

warmislandsun said...

Nahla is so darn cute. I hope her parents haven't messed with her head too much. She is going to be breath takingly beautiful one day. I don't want any crazy ruining her life early.