Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Your Turn

It is that time of the year again. As People gets set to reveal who their Sexiest Man Alive is, this is your chance to say who you think is the sexiest man alive. Actor, celebrity, your garbage man that you look fondly at every week at 530 a.m. Your choice.


Ms Cool said...

Celebrity: Daniel Craig

In my real life - I cannot fathom having the hots for anyone but my husband.

fubugrass said...

My celebrity husband, Henry Cavill. [drools excessively] Or! Maybe! My celebrity gay boyfriend, Matt Bomer. I guess I have a type there.

In real life, there are a couple of extremely attractive baristas I've spent a great amount of time staring at. I'd say the smarter of the two is the sexiest one. =)

SusanB said...

Celebrity - Mark Harmon

Real life - Mr. B. Hands off girls, he's mine! Seriously, I feel lucky to have married him, although he's being a real pain in the butt today (nothing to do with politics, just being a general pain in the butt).

italiangal56 said...

Mark Ruffalo

VIPblonde said...

Second vote for Mark Ruffalo

JSierra said...

Aaron Johnson
Liam Hemsworth
Ryan Gosling
Moose from step up 2/3/4
Glen from TWD
Harry Shum Jr.
Dean Geyer
Zac Efron
Joseph Morgan
Zach Roerig

Should I continue? Gawd I am a man whore

NomNom83 said...

If we're going for superficial, "Oh, the things I would do to that man..." sex appeal, then I nominate:

- Louis C. K. Yes, seriously.
- -Clooney. [I don't care if his girlfriends are under contract. He's no dummy and they don't have to sign on.]
- Ryan Gosling
- Christian Bale
- Tom Hardy
- Zachary Quinto (but only as Spock)
- My husband. He has less hair than Louis and can be more "logical" than Spock. He's no Clooney, Gosling, Bale or Hardy, but damn if he isn't the best thing that's ever happened to me.

nolachickee said...

The Fassbender.

SueRH said...

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Colin Farrell
Jason O'Mara
Desmond Harrington

What can I say, I like the Irish boys! :)

Redd said...

Alexander Skarsgard

Anonymous said...

Jensen ackles hot!

Renoblondee said...

Liam Neeson
Adam Levine
Johnathon Rhys Meyers

Meghna said...

In first place is BRUCE WILLIS! I've loved/wanted that man since I was a child watching Moonlighting...SWOON!

Coming in second, JASON STATHAM! I know there are gay rumors about him, but so what! His voice, his accent, his BODY! And nobody rocks a 5 o'clock shadow like my man Jason! mmmmm...Jason!

rhinovodka said...

Colin Firth, then Idris Elba.

Unknown said...


Del Riser said...

Daniel Craig
Jim Caveziel (sp)

selenakyle said...

Hubby. By a large margin.

CrazyCatLady said...

Definitely Adam Levine....he's got the whole "dirty hot" thing going

Spike Gomes said...

Me. Nuff Said. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Chris Hemsworth. Hands down. No contest.

Momster said...

Jeremy Renner.

(Sorry, Vicki!)

sifichick said...

If we're going based purely off of looks:

Norman Reedus That man oozes sex appeal. It's like he shoots out pheromones straight from his body. His stupid pheromones are so strong you can be thousands of miles away and they still hit you.

Krab said...

I'd like to be the filling in a Daniel Craig-Clive Owen sandwich.

Cara said...

David Tennant
Robert Downey Jr
Chris Hemsworth
Matt Bomer
George Clooney

om nom nom nom

trouble bubble said...

Lenny Kravitz

Snapdragon said...

Colin FREAKING Firth, now and forever my imaginary boyfriend. Hands off, rhinovodka! :D

Jurmanji said...

I'm a gyllenhaalic. Feels good to admit it. After that, Fassbender.

Tru Leigh said...

Jon Lovitz. That is one sweet piece of man candy.

WednesdayFriday said...

Charlie Hunnam.

Carolyn said...

Freckles, I LOVE Jensen Ackles, too. :)

But my main one, by far, is still Viggo.

Lauren Eaker said...

ROBERT HOFFMAN. Have you SEEN this man DANCE???

Second, I would have to venture Jensen Ackles.

Last would be (old school,like in original Fright Night days) Chris Sarandon.

I would punch my grandmother in the face with brass knuckles to TOUCH Robert Hoffman. Dear God.

Roman Holiday said...

Ahh, oh all the men - there are so many.....

Raoul Bova - Italian Actor and all kinds of hot!!!

Idris Alba (sp) this man is just so beautiful and he has an accent swoon!!!!

The guy in my office building I don't know his name but i think I want to meet him in the stairwell:)

Ah fuck it - I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!

Roman Holiday said...

Oh and I forgot I love Leo DiCaprio - smug as he looks I think he is so sexy in a sly way and I think he would do dirty things to me YES YES YES!!!!!!

LottaColada said...

Everyone is saying Channing Tatum has it in the bag.

I'm personally rooting for Ryan Gosling

chopchop said...

Jason Momoa / Khal Drogo

bonnie blue-blade said...


SusanB said...

Someone else I find sexy (don't laugh) - Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel. I've lusted after him for years (he may not be tall but he's smart). Smart and/or funny do it for me every time.

Green Wave Gal said...


Chris Meloni just does it for me.
Darius Rucker...that voice!
Adam Levine for the dirty sexy.
Matt Bomer is yummy.
Something about Blake Shelton (even before the Voice).

Don't know/care if he's gay ir straight or whatever but Photographer Mike Rosenthal is sexy!

Green Wave Gal said...

Chef Aarón Sanchez too!

Glitter said...

Other than my husband: Daniel Craig.

curlyhairslacker said...

My top 5:

Johnny Depp
Jason Momoa
Norman Reedus
Brad Pitt
George Clooney

Mamaroni said...

Idris Elba or Chris Hemsworth (that's the non Miley one right?)

perfecttt2 said...

Chris Hemsworth!!

gossipoholic said...

The only man my husband told me I get a pass with - JEREMY RENNER!!! Even his hands & fingers are enough to give me the vapors!!

In real life - the love of my life - my Honey always makes my knees week!!

rtsew said...

Mine are probably kinda obscure:
Mike Patton
Robert Downey jr.
Rupert Grint
Matthew Gray Gubler

EmEyeKay said...


I'm sorry - but he really makes me feel stupid - it's the weirdest thing. In photos he doesn't do it for me, but once I saw the film, I was smitten. I've seen that movie too many times to count. The Short One told my fiance about my Thor crush and how often I watch the movie, and now he teases me about it (in the checkout line at Safeway, THAT was fun to explain, my face was so red).

Also: Norman Reedus, Willem Dafoe, and Viggo Mortensen. John Reis and Mike Patton for musicians. RAWR.

Em Cue Em said...

Sexiest man alive right now is either Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill, or that guy that plays Rick on the Walking Dead. I just realized last night that I want to have his babies. Badly.

EmEyeKay said...

@rtsew! Patton love! Yes!

EmEyeKay said...

I forgot Idris. He makes my heart rate go WAY up.

OMAMA is BROKO said...

John Frusciante

Em Cue Em said...

Oh, oh! I totally forgot Aaron Johnson and Norman Reedus. I kept getting a boner for him while I was watching the Walking Dead, so I googled him yesterday. Holy hell. When he stares down the camera.....

Oh, and real life? I have no idea. Apparently I'm pretty one-dimensional.

hothotheat said...

Viggo Mortensen
Keanu Reeves
George Clooney
Colin Farrell

Alicia said...

Sam Rockwell forever and ever..

Khal Drogo..mmm.. Good one! The books make him even sexier ( in my mind ) so the screen version makes him perfect!! I can't stand JMs personal style so I can only take him as Drogo.

My partner .. Holy shit the things this man does to me.. Tiny brow swear forming now.. I'm a lucky lady!

Sarah said...

Donnie Wahlberg. I'm probably the only one that's going to vote this way which makes him MINE

nichole said...

Celebrity - Chris Hemsworth

In Real Life - Someone I've known forever. His voice just melts me.

Anonymous said...

I want to have wild filthy handcuffed to the wall prison sex with Norman Reedus. In the woods in the dirt sex with him.

Samantha said...

My dream man is Marilyn Manson. I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Collin Farrell. Dirty sex
Blake Shelton
Matt Damon
Taylor Kinney..dirty sex
Giles Marini
Gorvan vir....Dr Luka fro. ER

warmislandsun said...

Jason Momoa

Seachica said...

How can Jon Hamm not have been mentioned yet?! I'll gladly have him all to myself.

Nancy said...

Richard Madden (Robb Stark, Game of Thrones..I have to fan myself thinking about him...sigh)
Norman Reedus
Alexander Skarsgard
Idris Elba
Jason Momoa

Of course, in real life, my hubby.

AKM said...

Colin Firth. Scott Bakula. Jon Hamm. Keith Urban. Alan Rickman. Christopher Meloni. Bruce Springsteen. Harry Connick, Jr. Brian Williams.

And about fifteen others on my I-Get-A-Free-Pass list.

Crap. Don't make me choose.

AKM said...

(Slow down, Seachica. I called Hamm dibs. Heheheheh.)

erin said...


Lauren said...

Ummm LOVING this thread. I'm doing lots of Googling on the side because I've never heard of some of these dudes.

My List:
Channing Tatum (only as Magic Mike and preferably from the neck down)
Adam Levine
Chris Hemsworth
Matt Bomer
Taylor Kitsch
Joe Mangianiello

ThatLady said...
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HolidayinCambodia said...

Barack Obama.

End of story.

ThatLady said...

Matt Damon is the most gorgeous man in existence.

If I'm allowed runners up
Matt Bomer
Ian Somerhalder
Shemar Moore
Matthew Gray Gubler
Marc Warren
Joshua Jackson
Tom Ellis
Timothy Olyphant
Sendhil Ramamurthy
John Simm

LiteraryLauraEtc said...

Robert Downey Jr

Kiki K said...

Channing Tatum
Ryan Reynolds
Wentworth miller
Taylor kitsch
Chris hemsworth

DearErin said...

Alexander Skarsgard
Matt Bomer
Joe Manganiello
USMNT Captain Carlos Bocanegra <3
Josh Hutcherson

And my hubby <3

Munch said...

Keanu Reeves, Harrison Ford, David Tennant, Robert Downey Jr, Christopher Eccleston. Keanu again.

And of course my husband... although he said he'd give me a pass for David Tennant.

*Miss_P* said...

Joe Manganiello
George Clooney
Goran Visnjic
Ryan Gosling

lc said...

Alexander Skarsgard-True Blood
Aaron Paul-Breaking Bad
Charlie Hunnam- Jax from Sons of Anarchy
Jason Momoa
Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy-DWTS
Adam Levine

These are just a few, off the top o my head....

lc said...

YES! So so sexy!

lc said...

Alexander Skarsgard-True Blood
Aaron Paul-Breaking Bad
Charlie Hunnam- Jax from Sons of Anarchy
Jason Momoa
Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy-DWTS
Adam Levine

These are just a few, off the top o my head....

Turkish Taffy said...

"Sherlock Holmes" was on TV last night. RDJ FTW!

2nd place: Barack Obama

3rd place: a tie between Bruce Springsteen circa 1979 and his doppleganger: young Mr. Taffy.

redronnie said...

Tim Roth
Robert downy jr
Alan rickman
Bruce springsteen
Timothy Olyhant
Ian Hannamansingh CBC news anchor
Clive Owen
I have lost my train of thought

msgirl said...


JSierra said...

Oohh I forgot about Idris and Norman.

I honestly don't think I could narrow it down to just one Sexiest Man Alive. There are soo many sexy men, like all of the ones listed above.

lostathome said...

Me too!! I've liked him since weather channel first came on, when I was like 8 or 9 looool

lostathome said...


Honorable mentions

Danny Pino
James Franco
James Marsden
Brandon Boyd
Hayden Christensen
Chris Evans!!!
Zac Efron

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Now why do I get the distinct impression that a large percentage of the ladies posting here are VERY much looking forward to the next round of Marvel movies in general, and the Avengers sequel in particular? ;-)

(What, no love for Captain America? Poor, poor Chris Evans...)

A question for Himmmm, should you just so happen to be reading this and chuckling over everyone's answers: when it's time to shoot the Avengers sequel, I don't suppose you all would be interested in some very special baked goods, would you? In addition to the infamous brownies, I also have a number of other very tasty recipes, including a seriously kickass oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe that's wonderful both baked and eaten straight out of the bowl... ;-)

sylmarillion said...

Alex O'Loughlin - loved him since Moonlight
Jim Caviezel - yum.
David Krumholz - as his character in Numbers
Matteo van der Grijn - Dutch actor. Those eyes... and an incredible stage presence.

In real life, my hubby.

Tuxedo Cat said...

Michael Greyeyes

KPeony said...

Mike Wolfe on American Pickers
Jack Black
Justin Long
Zachary Quinto is also an extremely beautiful human being

the hubby too of course. He's too adorable and perfect for words.

AKM said...

Jeez, how could I forget Goran Visnjic?! Good call!

I forgot that RDJ is on my list, too.

Actually, I've missed the point of the list -- that it should only be, like 5 or 10 people -- and it got so long that I had to form an international subgroup. And a Too-Bad-They're-Dead list as well. (Paul Newman, Rod Serling.) ;-)

And Robin, my coworker is totally in love with Chris Evans. I don't even know who he is. I feel old. :-)

Calla said...

Love whoever put:
David Tennant
Matthew Gray Gubker
John Simm

Also strongly agree with:
Alan Rickman
Jason Statham
Norman Reedus
Henry Cavill

But my absolute #1:
Outrageous love for that man. Swoon.

mesewprettyoneday said...

Daniel Craig
Idris Elba

bunnymother said...

Giants catcher Buster Posey. That tongue of his can't seem to stay in his mouth and it drives me crazy! And those thighs... and arms. All of him, yes! lol

biteme said...


bunnymother said...

if I have to pick an actor, Matt Damon. funny is sexy. and Jake Gyllenhaal. I could watch that santa hat scene in Jarhead for days.

Sherry said...

John "Hammaconda" Hamm
Rocco DeSpirito (sp?)
Ben Sargent (Hook Line and Dinner)
Harrison Ford (Circa Blade Runner)
RDJ (Home For the Holidays)
Hugh Jackman
Guy Pierce
Don Cheadle
Alan Rickman for his voice alone
Liam Hemsworth
Mel Gibson (circa Mad Max)
Colin Ferrel
Naveen Andrews

But the handsomest man is my Opster. He really is still yummy after all these years

feraltart said...

At the moment I have a MAJOR Jeremy Renner problem, & looking up all the hot guys I didn't know is not getting any work done.

Rogue said...

Tie between Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston for celebrity crush.

misspoppypants said...

I would choose Larry David in a heartbeat. I know he's over 20 years older, plus in his 60's, but he is adorable and sexy and Id chose him over Craig, Tatum and Gosling any day (or Louis Ck--theyre all adorabls)

misspoppypants said...

I read an article yesterday saying it WAS decided and it was Tatum. How odd.

short le chic said...

Yes! And oh, yes!!!!!!

misspoppypants said...

Who is Idris Elba? I have never ever heard that name. I feel like Im Christopher Walken in the Dead Zone, seeing all these unknown names.

Agent**It said...

Patton Oswalt. I'm a realist.

Sarah said...

I didn't realize we were being greedy. Right, as well as Donnie -
Michael C Hall
Ryan Gosling
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Daniel Craig
Nicky Byrne
Mark Wahlberg

VeeBee said...

Even though I don't go there I can still appreciate a handsome/sexy guy. I LOVE me some Aaron Rodgers (Packers quarterback.) Of course I also think Jake Gyllenhal is cute and those two could be separated-at-birth twins!

Ryan Gosling IS hawt.

Yes on Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio and Liam Neeson too.

Sarah said...

@mosspoppy Idris plays the title role in the tv show Luther

Sarah said...

@thatlady do you mean the UK actor Marc Warren? I like him too, despite the Abi Titmuss era

ThatLady said...
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ThatLady said...

@Sarah I did mean him. His Hustle character Danny Blue is one of my favourites and he was great in Mad Dogs and Life On Mars. He's got a very cheeky smile and can play vulnerable characters and bad boys equally well.

Sarah said...

@thatlady :-) he's not to everyone's taste but I totally get it

greenmountaingal said...

First time poster, long time reader.

Clive Owen mmmmmm
Gale Harold
Daniel Craig
Jason Lewis
Joaquin Phoenix
Gael Garcia Bernal
Jeremy Irons
Andrew Lincoln
Adam Levine
Alan Rickman

And...don't laugh...Joe Biden & Howard Dean. I'm serious!

old ;ady said...

I should be too old for this,but I have a passion for certain men.

Irdis Elba
Ryan Gosling
Colin Farrell
Charlie Humman
Jason Momoa
Joe Manganello
Micheal Greyeyes

old ;ady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lostathome said...

Can't believe I forgot Joseph Gordon Levitt seeing as he's in my top five.

You girls keep adding names I'm kicking myself for forgetting.

old ;ady said...

I forgot one of my favorites
Mark Harmon

Alita said...

I'm with the Skarsgard guess - but only if he plays Eric .. Eric from the books. The early books. I'm very specialised in my tastes :) Mr Alita got me a Skarsgard poster for Christmas 2 years ago and joked that I could put it in the bedroom. Sigh - I wish he hadn't been joking ...

Michel said...

Guy Pierce. Period.

rtsew said...

I forgot Gael Garcia Bernal

Mary Ann said...

Alexander Skarsgard
Ian Somerhalder
Nathan Fillion
Norman Reedus
Jensen Ackles
Theo Alexander

I would die happy if only I could sandwiched between any two of the above. Looking at them, I'd say I don't have a physical type.

P.S. My husband looks very much like a shorter, older Theo Alexander. I am a lucky woman.

curlyhairslacker said...

Damn, lots of good ones mentioned that I forgot about. Let's get a 2-yr calendar made with these fine men and send the proceeds to charity! :)

BabysitMe said...

David motherfucking Beckham

BabysitMe said...

David motherfucking Beckham

Green Wave Gal said...

Jake Johnson from New Girl

E Gee Be said...

I've always said I am lucky cause I married the cutest boy I ever met, so mr. Be, of course, but luckily he looks A LOT like my secret celebrity boyfriend Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters....he just does it for me.
And I've had a thing for RDJ since the Weird Science days and only gets more attractive the older we (all) get!

Hootspa said...

Gay-rights hero Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings. The only thing sexier than a man who writes well is a Progressive man who writes well, brings the snark, and loves World of Warcraft.

Alita said...

Hehe @ThatLady, now I'm imagining you finished with Matt Damon and all your 'runners up' running up the stairs in a line with flowers.

Ahhh :)

Alice Ann said...

Alan Cumming, especially when he's wearing a three piece suit. Also Sergio Romo, great smile.

MadLyb said...

I know he's gay, but Zach Quinto.

rightgrrl said...

Tom Hiddleston!!

YourNameHere said...

John Slattery

Olive said...

Jensen Ackles
Ryan Gosling
Guillaume Canet
Aaron Paul
Paul Rudd
Conor Oberst and probably many more.

Olive said...

How could I forget?
Craig Ferguson.

babo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babo said...

I made the tally of all the answers (tough day ...) published on this thread to do a

CDAN Sexiest Man of the Year Contest!!!

# 1: HUBBY/PARTNER, 12 counts
#2: Ryan Gosling , 11 counts
#3: Robert Downey Jr, 10
#4: Chris Hemsworth, 9 with
Idris Elba, 9
Norman Reedus, 9
#5: Daniel Craig, 8
#6: Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo GoT), 7 and
Matt Bomer, 7
#7: Adam Levine, 6

I like those results actually. It s a pretty good mix :-)

auntliddy said...

Liam neeson!! Everytime i think of the scene in Schindler's list where he is having sex with a woman-why it warms the cockels of my heart. That right- the cockels, lol

Sarah said...

@babo haha, thank you! What great taste we have

AKM said...

I forgot Hugh Laurie and David Cassidy. Really 1972 David Cassidy, although he's aged fairly well.

Jules_345 said...

Definitely agree with Skaars as Eric Northman only...I think it is the combination of the character and actor that does it for me. Also...purposely stopped reading the books halfway thru because I was getting upset that the shows disregarded the books. Figure I will pick them up again in a couple years.

Jules_345 said...

He is awesomely is nice to see him in something of decent quality too.

Jules_345 said...

Christian Bale without a doubt!

*Tara* said...


Lucas said...

You only have the lesser Hemsworth on that list. What do you have against sexy men carrying babies?

Lucas said...

Amen, sister.

Lucas said...

Em, Thor makes me goofy and I'm a straight guy. No, seriously. Stop laughing - all of you! ;)

Also -Mike Patton? Is that an intensity thing? I can't imagine watching the video for "Falling to Pieces" and thinking "I'd hit that." Although I did once do an Ani Difranco-style cover of that song at an open mic night.

Lucas said...


Lucas said...

Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Hunnam. What? I'm allowed to have a type.

And for a looong time Matthew McConaughey was my not-so-secret man crush.

Lucas said...

Ugh. Just realized that the replies I posted from my phone all sink to the bottom when viewed from a real computer instead of sticking to the post. That explains a lot. :/

Anonymous said...

I'm ridiculously late to this thread, as is my MO, apparently. But I figured I'd join in anyway.

My Laminated List has only two guys:
Hugh Laurie
Nathan Fillion

Of course it's just fantasy. My husband really is the perfect guy for me--he's just as geeky as I am, and he looks like he could be Nathan Fillion's younger twin. Same (shorter) build, same face and hair, same mannerisms and expressions...I'm a lucky woman.

Lori Wilson said...

Hands down, Robert Downey Jr. Not just physically hot but quirky/funny as well. The things we do together in my head sometimes late at night;-)
Jeremy Renner: Cute in that "toe in the sand" type of way. Want to kiss him all around his face.
Harrison Ford: when he was younger, that smile, *whew*!
But #1 always and forever is RDJ!!

Gabby said...

Ryan Gosling always. I have been in love with him since Murder By Numbers, not only is he attractive but he's funny and can sing and play guitar? *swoon*

Joanna said...

SHEMAR MOORE *sigh* Strikes me as a guy who's super-sensual
ADAM LEVINE - agree with whoever said he has that "dirty hot" thing going on.
Daniel Craig. *swoon*

rtsew said...

@lucas Patton is awesome:


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