Tuesday, February 25, 2014

12 Minutes With Harold Ramis

Four years ago WGN Radio spent 12 minutes talking to Harold Ramis about all of his movies.


Cleodacat said...

Guy was a writing genius!!

KhloeK said...

RIP Harold! Shake ya tits in heaven!

Bruce Jenner said...

Oh Khloe! Harold Ramis directed one of my favorites, Vacation. I love Clark Griswold. The Dad that nobody takes seriously, I can relate!

KhloeK said...

Brucie, remember when you wanted to go off-roading in the desert, "just like Clark" and we got stuck just like him?

#memories #ROFLMAO

Bruce Jenner said...

That wasn't one of my best ideas, but you kids sure got a laugh out of it! I'm glad Kris wasn't with us, she would have yelled at me the whole time.

B626 said...

Dean of Stanford College, on Ectasy, in the movie Orange County- hilarious!


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