Monday, March 10, 2014

Simpsons Say Goodbye To Edna Krabappel


Bacon Ranch said...

Lesson: Don't date/marry Ned Flanders unless you want to die before your time.

Steampunk Jazz said...

I will miss Marcia Wallace. She imbued Krabapple with the worn cynicism of a woman who wanted believe.
She died with her boots on doing what she loved.
Rest Well.

QueenAnne Guido said...

Loved Edna and her motto of "soup for one and wine for two."

auntliddy said...

Marcia wallace was hilarious. Wonder if theres a comedian section in heaven. If so, I'll be visiting alot.

Sherry said...

Queen Anne..Love that! Must remember to use this in the future.
Aunt Licky, you can damn well bet it's there a comedy section Ill be there as well. I just happen to think it's gonna be in hell though. (In which case I will REALLY be there.)


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