Sunday, May 14, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 4, 2017

This alliteration of a foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress is being bumped up in what she does for this couture company at the expense of the former vampire. The vampire’s role had already been reduced by a three name actress offspring.

Keira Knightley/Kristen Stewart/Lily Rose Depp


andy said...

Yet Kirsten just got another Chanel campaign.

Hot Cola said...

Must be for toothbrushes or something. To distract her from the coming boot.

SnarkIsFun said...

@HotCola - nope, it's a fragrance campaign. She's done clothing, eyewear, makeup, handbag, and now fragrance - not counting her role as an actress playing Coco Chanel in a mini-movie. Safe to say that Chanel is in no hurry to end her contract - she must make them quite a bit of money.

Yeah, I'm a fan, but still only stating fact.

OKay said...

I cannot imagine buying something because Kristen Stewart, of all people, is shilling it. Makes me think a lot less of Chanel, TBH.


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