Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 28, 2017

The boyfriend of this celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister took $50K from her but she says it is just a misunderstanding.

Paris Jackson (now ex-boyfriend and now she wants it back)


Marlo said...

It's very sad how nobody seems to care about this girl.
I thought her older brother would be the messed up one, but he seems to shun celebrity and the spotlight.
Somebody should help her.

sandybrook said...

This was from months ago and since then she seems to be trying harder.

Groaning said...

The boyfriend should keep it. I would rather he have it than have Paris give her money to her new girlfriend Kendall Jenner and her family.

dianavonthirstybird said...

Paris needs to have a Pity Party one night soon with Kylie Jenner. She can cry into her Mojito about the thousands and thousands Tyga drained from her bank account. 50 grand is chicken feed compared to the HUNDREDS of thousands he took from Kylie. These gals never learn you can't play with a playah and not get burned. Badly.

RenShaw said...

Paris is on the road to perdition. The majority of children of celebrities seem to be and they listen to no one. The Smith kids, Jenner kid, that Sofia kid. It's endless and their parents / family don't give a damn about any of them.

Dutch said...

If this is Paris Jackson and one of the Kardashians, oh boy. Pimpmama Kris is going to try to drain all of her funds.....or try to get her to overdose and leave all her money to Kendall, just like they tried to do to Lamar Odom.

Then again she will have to fight the Jacksons for this. And the Jacksons do not play around.

Sarah said...

My heart really does break for Paris. She seems to be doing better, but I pray someone in the family intervenes before her entire life gets too out of control. She's too young to have dealt with some of these issues.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Why the hell did they have them then? For PR?

Hortensia said...

Michael wasn't planning to die so soon.


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