Friday, September 08, 2017

Blind Item #3

I have no love for this Teen Mom, but it is interesting that her most recent accuser of bad behavior was joining in on the bad behavior and also forgot to mention that he would wait until the Teen Mom was incapacitated and then have sex with one of the Teen Mom's best friends who then became pregnant and had a miscarriage a short time later.


LizOz said...

Don't know, don't care..

Save Kaiser said...

Either Jenelle (Nathan's mom is trying to get custody), with bff Tori, or Kailyn (slept with Javi's female bff). I feel pathetic for even responding, but I do hope that all of Jenelle's kids are taken away until she legitimately changes her ways. Kailyn is a pig, but at least her kids are taken care of.

Barbara RiceHand said...

No this is old news about kailyn. I read itn a diff website yesterday and they actually used names.

Claire said...

I thought leah and 1 of the husbands jeremy ( the one she married 2nd )

Kim said...

Janelle needs to be off tv actually they all do, but by far she's the worst. The way she talks about her Mom to Jace kills me and it won't surprise me if they are taken from her.


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