Thursday, September 07, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 12, 2017

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort was hounded for some loaned jewelry for the past week or so. Apparently our actress wanted to keep it for herself without paying. Ultimately she got some guy she met in the last few days to pay for it for her.

Lindsay Lohan


sandybrook said...

Anyone that lends or hands her anything of value is stupid beyond belief.

zerooptions said...

Wasn't there another recent BI concerning her sticky fingers while yachting?

meagain said...

This young lady must have some talents that drive men wild.

texasrose said...

What jewelry owners were foolish enough to lend Linds some jewelry?? They deserved to lose it and were just lucky they got paid.

Emmaf said...

Where does she keep all this stuff? I feel like she must have her own frigate following each boat she jumps on. Or at least a homing pigeon, delivering back to her own storage centre?

Kim said...

After seeing the hot messes this woman has for parents you can see why she's not the picture of stability. Earlier in her career people probably threw stuff at her to keep, it is probably hard to accept her star power is gone. I wish she'd stop filling her face get a normal range of expression and get back to acting.


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