Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Mr. X

August 30, 2017

Want to know how bad the ticket sales are going for this former A+ list singer turned A- lister who would rather be acting? She is giving them away for free. Yes, through charities, but the charities are having to give them away for free too because no one was donating money to get the tickets. Right now, about 15% of the seats available are free. That is a ton.

Lady GaGa


Jill said...

She's too 2008.

david said...

She needs to realize she is no longer a big arena act.
She needs to start booking smaller venues until she has another hit song.
(Oh, this means lowering her fee, too.)

sandybrook said...

She shouldn't be playing 2 nights at Fenway Park like she did last week even if she got good reviews for the shows. One night at the Arena would have been better.

Do Tell said...

Haha @ Gaga

LaLaLa said...

Saw her in concert years ago., never again. She has a decent voice, but came across as such a whiny brat, ugh.

Marlo said...

I'm a bit surprised at this since Gaga had this huge gay following and gays aren't as fickle as teenage girls, who grow up. Gay still love Liza, Barbra, Bette and Cher.

How come she lost a loyal fanbase this quickly?

procrastination101 said...

Lady Gaga tried to change too quickly after her first album. Personally, I still swear by her Fame Monster phase because it was awesome. The theatrics got to be too much and she changed the sound to something grittier and it was just all too fast for a fan base that was really still learning who she was as that artist from Fame Monster. She'll never get that back.


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