Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Blind Item #3

This northeast Housewife apparently believes what she has been saying about her ex, but she is the only one who believes her ex didn't cheat. He cheated multiple times each week while they were together.


Tricia13 said...

Luanne-duh and the creepy Tom

Salaam said...

Teresa and Juicy Joe - she still says he never cheated, despite evidence to the contrary

Jasmine said...

Luann and womanizer Tom.

She has a one-on-one special with the puppet aka Andy Cohen on post-divorce. She says in the preview "I don't believe the cheating allegations."

texasrose said...

What amazes me if either Juicy Joe or Tom is I'm amazed none of these women have stepped forward to get their 15 minutes. It's not like Joe or Tom are spending big bucks on them or can offer them a career/job or financial security. All they can offer is themselves and the possibility of some reality fame.

Nancy Pierce said...

What about Carol Radziwell?


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