Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos Part One

Three parts today. Olivia Munn took some time away from vacationing with Eva Longoria and her husband to shop.
In Paris are Emmy Rossum and her husband.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
Reader Photo #8
Beyonce showing off her new look.
Ariel Winter actually spending a few minutes away from her boyfriend.


sandybrook said...

Hi Readers! Hi not Johnny Depp (I think?). Hi cute dogs! Wherever that guy with the beard covered in ice is, I'm glad I'm not there!
Ariel almost looks normal there, if not for the extremely tight dress.

Tuesdi said...

Yay for Readers and dogs? And what is Olivia Munn wearing? UGH!

Nawlins Jim said...

Not at all surprised Olivia might be paid companionship for couples...

Tricia13 said...

Celebrities-ugh. no more Munn:(

Ablamj said...


sandybrook said...

Hiiiiseees ablamj!!

MuchAdoAboutNothing said...

Thanks for posting my pic (I'm Edward Scissorhands!) LOL Been a lurker since the very beginning...never have anything that interesting to add. Happy New Year to all!!

Ablamj said...

Hi! New here since mid-November. Didn't send my picture because I don't want to scare anyone away from here. Lol

Tricia13 said...

Hapoy New Year— great pix/ post🥂

Hortensia said...

The Reader photos are great!
So much better than the celebrity photos.

Madame_ovary said...

Aw I like Olivia Munn. Being Korean American, I'm always a fan of actors with Asian backgrounds since I never saw Asian role models as a kid growing up in the south in the 80s. Not sure what her angle is though. I've read a few blinds that reference Munn and how she doesn't play the couch game and yet folks here really seem to not like her (??). Not sure what that's about, but then, I am new here

Freckles said...

Long time lurker, first time I sent a picture in!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Seconding "yay for readers with dogs"!!!! 💛

crackity-Mcgee said...

what sthje deal with olivia munn>? is it diversity or something cause she passes but is at least "asian" llike 1/28th like with cherokee for some people? as far asi can t tell despite all that time on daily show she cant act and shes getting so old and had so much work i dont recognise her? who is her agent?is her graddad hollywoo royalty? does she control copies of the Hugh hefner blackmail vault?

i dont get it, how is she a thing?


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