Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 21, 2017

I know I already wrote about the former A+ list tweener actor turned A- list adult actor who loves his makeup. I have to say though, someone was up close to him yesterday and said it was kind of strange because he was sweating so much, the makeup was running and looked awful. Plus, it also looks like he has just botoxed and juvidermed the heck out of his face.

Zac Efron


sandybrook said...

So we already know he was a drug addict and had drinking problems. And he struggles with it all the time. Being closeted doesn't help much either.

Movie Midget said...

Lol he should do the spray tan or spray pale

Boldblonde said...

Nobody thinks he's straight to begin with. And his face is always orange!

Spiney said...

Could have been Eddie Redmayne equally?

Habibti said...

I remember when he started using mascara. It was SO obvious. Not very manly.

lucy said...

I think worst offender of boy makeup gone wild is Nicole Kidman's husband, the country dude. he looks so damn sissy-like. his frosted tips and paled glossy lips are so off-putting

Sally said...

It's "Juvederm". Not "Juviderm".

These products have been on the market for many, many years now and people still can't get the names right.

Same with Restylane. People call it "Restylin" and what-not.

It's not that difficult, really.

lucy said...

Sally supplies beauty schooling?


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