Thursday, July 26, 2007

Experts Say Lindsay Could Spend Six Months In Jail--Not Gonna Happen

So MSNBC is yammering on about experts who said Lindsay could spend six months in jail. Of course, they don't name the experts. I think it's 50/50 if Lindsay spends any time in jail. I know, I know she got busted for the same thing as Paris who spent time in jail and Lindsay has some extra charges that have been thrown her way also, BUT in case you didn't notice the whole Paris going to jail for driving on a suspended license was just not consistent with the way things are normally done and the blowback was pretty impressive. Because there are some felony charges here, this thing isn't going to trial for a very long time. So, if Lindsay can clean up her act and not get into ANY trouble between now and the trial in the somewhat distant future then I'm thinking a suspended sentence with probation and community service.

The tough part of this is not really the cocaine charges, but rather the first DUI charge. If she's convicted of that, then there is less leeway for the judge in the 2nd case should Lindsay be convicted there of the same offense. Then she would be probably looking at some jail time, but NOT six months. The whole bringing drugs into the jail is a messed up charge because she didn't try and give it to anyone and the cops should have found it. She can always say she thought the cops had already taken it from her. So, that is the biggest felony charge gone in an instant.

The cocaine from the first DUI was not actually found on Lindsay but rather in the car from which she had already fled. Although she's still culpable, that will probably be dropped as well.

First arrest that leaves DUI and hit and run.
Second arrest that leaves DUI and cocaine possession.

The hit and run will probably be dropped because it was a one vehicle accident and the only person "injured" was Lindsay. So, now we are down to just DUI on the first arrest. If you want to get all crazy you can say that Lindsay could have had drinks before she got tested by the cops because she was so nervous. She could claim she wasn't drinking at the time she was driving but had them in between the accident and when her blood was drawn. Of course it would be a crap argument but she could still hint at it.

So if we have a conviction on the first DUI and a conviction on both of the remaining charges from the second DUI, but with Lindsay being the most perfect princess in the interim, then I think she will get at most a 30 day sentence. If the sentence is longer, then it will most likely be suspended with multiple years of probation and a many hours of community service. During that time period she must also be the perfect princess and not get into any trouble.

This is going to be a very long year for Lindsay and if she doesn't get clean, a very long several years from which her career may not recover.


YahMoBThere said...

In Chicago people try that bogus argument that they weren't drinking before they drove, but drank prior to testing and the judges don't buy that b.s. ever. I'm kind of surprised EL even threw that in there, but CA is a little more relaxed than here.

Jim said...

I agree with EL. She might, at the most, get 60 days. But all of this crap about her getting a year... ain't going to happen IMO.

And also, for the record, as an independent filmmaker, her career will never be over. If she does rehab and cleans up, her career can be rebuilt. I would hire her in a second.

jax said...

But also said Paris would NEVER see jail how THAT worked out.

jlb said...

That's a lot of if's for such an effed up girl.

ent lawyer said...


Paris should never have got jail. I don;t know where I wrote it, but I went through all my clients who had the same issue and I think it was like 2 of them went to jail, and the LA Times did their analysis also and concluded she shouldn't have gone to jail.


I said it was crap argument, but you need to make it, and in some states, if the cops don't test you at the scene or at the hospital if needed, then it's not valid.


I would hire her also.


it is a bunch of if's and I don't think she can do it.

YahMoBThere said...

Oh yay, EL had time to play with us today. Wish you would do that more often.

If you're still here, can you answer this question? Are the Random Photo's really random, or are they hints?

This is such a nicer place now that we don't have all those anons running around.

jlb said...

Twisted Sister - I've wanted to say that so many times too - the negativity those people tried to create was just horrible.

:) Hope your day is good Ent! I gotta say that I've got room in my basement anytime your in Edmonton!

Unknown said...

I love it when you get all lawyerly & explain wtf is going on in LaLa Land. Cuz here in the sticks, they throw the damn book at you for the slightest little thing.

ladorabelle said...

jesse d--

Unless your daddy owns those sticks. I spent many years in the middle of nowhere and could tell a few stories involving high schools and felony charges disappearing into thin air.

kimmypie1 said...

I am confused about someone claiming they didn't drink before they drove, but they did drink before their blood test. Where are these people claiming they drank? Out of the police station's mini bar?

YahMoBThere said...

Kim, an example is you get pulled over and the cop goes back in his squad car to run your license. People claim they drank at that point with no intention to drive. Another thing they do is refuse to take the test and ask for their lawyer, etc., which is a stall tactic so some of the booze wears off.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this and sound cruel, but I truly think jail would be a good thing for Lilo. Maybe would shake her up enough to go straight. Some people really need to hit rock bottom to see the light. I don't think she has taken any of her rehabs seriously and she needs to realize this is her life she's f***ing around with. Her career is one thing, but life is a different story.

She's going to need to realize that her "friends" are not helping her and that her family is enabling her as well. She's got a lot of changes to make and jail might help clear things up for her.

I wish she'd pull it together, but nothing she has done so far gives me any hope that she's either aware of what needs to be done or that she has the smarts/guts to actually do it.

jax said...

LOL..i love that you replied EL...i wasn't disagreeing i was just saying you never know in Hell A.

WTF said...

No way will she NOT get into another mess.

Unknown said...

Just out of curiosity, does it count for anything that she was a minor when she got her first dui charge?

Unknown said...

You said the same thing about Paris.

She needs boot camp.

mooshki said...

"Another thing they do is refuse to take the test and ask for their lawyer, etc., which is a stall tactic so some of the booze wears off."

I don't know about other states, but in MN, if you refuse the test, you are automatically considered under the influence.

Ent, I think you're completely right in your analysis, but what are the odds that she's going to manage to behave between now and her trial? I would've bet money that she'd behave until the first DUI was taken care of, and she sure didn't manage that.

Also, from the new stories from the guys in the car, she could be charged with auto theft and kidnapping.

Why, Lilo, why?

Kelsey said...

it'll be interesting to see if lohan gets jailtime as paris did. maybe then her and paris can go to church together with their dog-eared bibles in hand.


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