Friday, September 04, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Amber Tamblyn Gets the top spot today. Here she is reading from her new book Bang Ditto which you all need to go buy. For those of you who requested the book, it will be shipping your way hopefully next week. (ECA)
And Amber's lovely mom Bonnie.
Notice the photographer running full speed behind Ashlee Simpson. I'm guessing he saw a real celebrity.
Bear Grylls has been absent from the photos for awhile.
Jamie Lynn Sigler on the set of Ugly Betty.
And one during the day.
Jessica Simpson walking the runway in Paris. Seriously.
Our SATC picture of the day is Kim Cattrall. The woman behind her is unimpressed.
Kid Rock - New York
Liz Taylor at the Michael Jackson funeral.
Madonna in Jordan.
Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis at the Michael Jackson funeral.
Mickey Rourke assumes his natural pose when seeing a policeman. He wasn't arrested. Just goofing.
"Here she comes just walking down the street singing doo wah diddy"
Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey headed to the DJ AM funeral.
Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane also attended.
Rumer and mom at Rumer's premiere.
Susan Sarandon on the set of her new movie.
Kathy Griffin pulling a Kate Gosselin.


blog hopper said...

Hahaha...that picture of Kathy Griffin is great.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I had no idea Kathy was that thin. So funny though she looks a lot like Kate.

Rebecca G need a LONG nap.

I can't bring myself to make fun of Jessica. Ashlee looks so emaciated you can't tell me this is natural.

Amber is cute as hell.

Rufus II said...

Why does Rumer always look like she is smelling something bad? It seems like her nostrils are always flared.

RocketQueen said...

Wow - I thought Amber was Lisa Loeb there for a minute!

You can NOT tell me Ashlee Simpson is not on drugs.

LOVELOVELOVE Bear Grylls. My bf gets jealous when we watch Man vs. Wild.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, I bow to you.

Robert D. Jr. makes my lady parts sing.

Alice D Millionaire said...

RocketQueen I agree. I think it is drugs rather than an eating disorder.

Elizabeth Taylor aged and then stopped aging. She has looked pretty much the same since her white diamonds commercials (maybe a few more wrinkles)...LOVE the hair not many could pull that off.

DazzledByTheNorthman said...

LMAO @ the photographer running to catch a 'real' celebrity!

Jamie Lynn looks super-excited to be there!*snickers*

Poor Jess.

I think Kim looks great.

You know the two people who were talking to Liz updated their death pool when they got home.

Way to distract us Madge, cover ONE of your hideous arms.

Lol at Mickey Rourke; at least he still has a sense of humor.

Eric Dane looks very dapper.

I'm going to say something nice about Rumer; I like her outfit!

LMAO@ Kathy Griffin, she is a funny chick.

katespades said...

so is gayheart knocked up or what? she's been looking pretty bumpy

Pookie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pookie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pookie said...

amber t. is so cute & so talented, i don't get why she can't see she's dating the world's greatest douche (next to chris martin).

lol @ pap running away from ashlee! this is too funny...

*can't get enough of the spanish royals stalking. seriously*

omg, the kathy g./kate g. mock shot = AWESOME.

Taylor said...

I think it's great that Jess got a job modeling for Lane Bryant.

DazzledByTheNorthman said...

@Pookie, as much as I liked David Cross (more so as Uncle Ian in the Alfred&The Chipmunks movie than for his stand-up comedy) what he wrote about Amber on the jacket of his book sorta killed it for me.

Lauren said...

I always forget about Macauley and Mila. They've been together forever.

Anonymous said...

Amber looks great.

Ashlee looks like shite.

Bear looks like what I'd like to have for dessert.

Jessica looks a little thick, but that's what runway models should look like.

Is the doo-wah-ditty la Princeza?

selenakyle said...

Ashlee looks smacked out.

Kathy G. = big guffaws. Priceless!

Alice D Millionaire said...

I think it is funny to see that Mila dated Ashton, Wilmer, then Danny. She really worked that set ;) Not picking on her too hard though. Macaulay is a weird looking adult but I am glad she seems happy with him! It does not matter what we think as long as they are having a good time together.

Pookie said...

Northman, i'm w/ ya.

idc how cool he thinks he's sounding, and how great amber may be w/'s a complete and total lack of respect for the woman he claims to "love". i'm by no means prissy or stuffed-shirtsy, but that's such an unacceptable all-time low, that it sealed his douche factor in concrete.

he can suck it, and she can (and deserves to) do much, much better.

RJ said...

I think Mila and Macaulay have something real. I hope they can be the exception to the Hollywood split up syndrome.

I really hope Gayheart paid attention to why DJAM died and gets some help. Ashley Wentz also needs to clue in to what she sees in the mirror. And I think Jessica looks good. If we were to see her in person, I'm sure we'd be jealous. It's just that a size 4 seems huge when posted with all the size 00 drug addicts and eating disorders.

Anonymous said...

Ashlee looks very olddddddd. Is she dressed up for Halloween hehehehe.

Bimbo Jessica looks ridiculous. That hair looks like she copy the Alien LOL. And she does look thick. What's her excuse now for gaining weight.

Did you see Madonna's new video "Celebration". She is big time airbrush.

Rebecca G. has fish lips.

Did you read what Demi told Perez Hilton on his remark about her daughter?

Elle Kaye said...

Who's is Amber T. dating that is such a douchebag? What would David Cross have to say about her that's so terrible?

This celebrity stuff is all too exciting and silly to ignore but I don't want to pay attention to them. Uuugh...Seriously, though, they all seem so dorky to me. Being "important", posing for pictures, it's really kind of a big joke and they don't even get it.

Unknown said...

Is it just me, or is Jess wearing jeans under that formal dress??

Ashlee looks like hell...definitely drugs, IMO.

RocketQueen said...

Elle Kaye - Amber is dating David Cross who recently wrote a book - in the liner note of the book he wrote a (humorous?) bio for himself including this last line: He is currently fucking Amber Tamblyn.

DazzledByTheNorthman said...

@Preciousredtx: LOL, she's not wearing jeans under the dress, the lining of her dress is a denim-colored blue.

Sinjin said...

Thanks for the infor RocketQueen. The David Cross comment at the end made me gasp. What a disrespectful douche.

I saw Mia and Macauley together at the funeral and I thought: "Well that's a random pairing" I had no idea they were together!

I am not as evolved as Northman where I can yet find anything nice/polite about TaterHead. Will have to suffice to "say nothing at all". (*crickets)

DazzledByTheNorthman said...

@Lisa LOL! It took me a while to come up with something nice and my hands were shaking uncontrollably as I typed it! But I bashed her on another blog yesterday (deservedly) so I decided to be nice to her today.

Maja With a J said...

"Robert D. Jr. makes my lady parts sing"

Baaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaa! Oh my god, I just spewed cous cous all over my keyboard *LOL*.

Unknown said... must be the angle, cuz it does look like she is wearing jeans, but I see how the dress is folded back...lmao

DazzledByTheNorthman said...

@Harriet, not for nothing but you're gonna have a hard time getting that cous cous out of your keyboard...LOL.

I have now leaned (the hard way) to not read my gossip blogs and eat/drink at the same time

The Sh*t Magnet said...

You know how when your out and drunk and you think you look AMAZING but you really look like shit? Maybe that is what Ashlee Simpson thinks IF she is strung out. I just watched her on Jimmy Fallon the other night and she seemed very....fake (her laugh is like Kendra)and just WEIRD. I so much prefer Jessica to her. At least she has personality.

shakey said...

Looks like Bonnie's singing she'll be riding Wildfire.

How can Asslee look at herself in the mirror and believe she looks good? She could always get a job as a wax figure in a haunted house. btw, that photographer? Couldn't see her from the side. Or maybe a got a load of that face.

I think we should enjoy that picture of Madonna. They don't get nicer than that anymore.

Ironic how Gayheart and Dane were at that funeral.

I too think Elfin Ears looks good here with her Mom.

This is the funniest thing Kathy Griffin has ever done!

lanasyogamama said...

Go away Asslee, everyone remembers SNL.

Mila is drop dead gorgeous. Seriously.

Jerry said...

"Here she comes just walking down the street singing doo wah diddy"

Usually I get pissed off when someone gives me an all-day ear worm like that but in this case I think I'm gonna enjoy it.

Jade, That Girl said...

Gayheart and Dane look like they just finished a week binge...seriously. Get help guys!

Elle Kaye said...

Aaahaha...thanks RocketQueen! Wow...he is an asshole. Eew, she's too cute for him.

Mila is flawless. I like her and Macauley together. Probably b/c they're not all over the tabloids.

figgy said...

I used to think Kid Rock was a doofus until I recently heard about what he's doing for his home town of Detroit. I was impressed.

If Rebecca Gayhart isn't blitzed out of her mind there, then apparently she has been in that condition enough that her features just froze that way. Wow.

Ashlee, you are trying way way way too hard to look Rocker Chick.

figgy said...

Oh, and Madonna? Haven't you beaten the bleached hair/dark roots looks to death? Time for a new look.

califblondy said...

I thought Kathy G. was Felicity Huffman when I first looked.

__-__=__ said...

Is Ashlee the coke mom? Do we know who it is yet?

Love Kathy G!


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