Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bachelor Pad Star Duped By Reality Check

When I was originally sent an email from Enty to contact Jesse Kovacs from ABC's The Bachelor Pad for an interview , I had no idea what to expect. But when I read about how Kovacs managed to almost get scammed by a fake Victoria's Secret model, I tossed out all perceptions and contacted Jesse immediately. While most of you know Kavacs from the show, he also has a successful Vineyard with his family and a new book coming out with his brother. I'm not trying to shill for the guy, this actually plays into the story. Not long ago Jesse was contacted by someone claiming to be an executive with Victoria's Secret and were requesting that Jesse and his brother Jacob provide the wine for the gift bags and assuming,the event. Even though Jesse was growing skeptical about the situation, the girl persisted and gave all the right information. This girl really did her homework. It wasn't until she started sending dirty messages and pictures that Jesse FINALLY realized the girl was a fraud. But not before he slept with her 5 times. Kidding! I actually asked him if he ever met her face to face and they didn't. He also never received money or provided any wine to her.

Moral of the story: Most real business people don't do business via text message, especially when a contract is involved. And most executives at Victoria Secret aren't also "part time models on the side" for Sports Illustrated as well. To his credit, Victoria's Secret are investigating it. Poor guy, obviously after dealing with Elizabeth's manipulations he has no idea who or what to trust. You can hear the whole story here from Jesse himself. It's actually quite amusing to an outsider. You can also check out his first book in his series with his brother. Ok, business aside, after we finished her chat about this we got to what I had been waiting for, talking about The Bachelor Pad.

Kneepads, take note. This is how you do a follow-up question.

Jax- How did you get involved with the Bachelor shows?
JK- A friend of mine in San Diego got me into for a laugh. It happened really fast.
Jax- Do you see Jillian at all still?
JK- I see her around and on facebook but not like on the phone or anything.
Jax- Are you still with Elizabeth?
JK- I can't talk about that!
Jax- Ok, well I saw the pictures on TMZ of you in Vegas and I'm guessing "no" either way now.
JK- (laughs) No Comment!
Jax- Ok next, is Dave as big as ass as he gets portrayed on the show?
JK- I can only speak for myself,but he's my really good friend.
Jax- So no? To be fair ABC likes a villain. It is a reality show.

We discuss whether TMZ referred to him as Douchebag or Douchenozzle. Douchenozzle, I win.

Now it gets awkward. The last Bachelor Pad episode had them answering questions about the opposite sex. Some of the questions for the females were Dumbest, Least likely to be married and Worst Boob job. For the men, Who will Win, Biggest Flirt, Biggest Player. Somewhere in LA, Jennifer Aniston sat up and said, "Not cool, ABC."

Jax- So Jesse, did you realize that Survey they had you do was going to create a backlash? they pretty much alienated 50% of the audience by making the questions so gender biased and misogynist. I'm not going to make you the poster boy for the cause because I have you here,but you were featured in this episode struggling with the answer of "Who has the worst boob job?"
JK- Ya,it was a tough one.
Jax- Did you ever think to turn to the producers and say you can't do it?
JK- It was all part of the game, we kinda had to do it.
Jax- Did you at any time feel uncomfortable about hearing any of the answers about the men?
JK- Um, well, I don't know. I feel really uncomfortable right now (laughs) and I never realized that it was alienating the female viewers, maybe I shouldn't be commenting on that right now.
Jax- No,that's cool,but personally for me? A someone who watches a lot of reality tv for blogging, I hold the Bachelor shows at a higher standard than some of these bottom feeding ones and that was disappointing as a female viewer. But I will say, I did appreciate your compassion towards the women in your answers.
JK- Thanks.
Jax- Last question. If they asked you to be a Bachelor would you do it?
JK- (laughs) Um, well-
Jax- WAIT! Have you been asked before? That's the better question.
JK- No comment. Hey you are putting me in a bind here, these interviews are supposed to go through ABC's publicist!
Jax- Well then don't arrange them through your publisher! (laughs) Seriously though, thanks for your time.

We talked more about his wine and book and the chance of coming to see him in Vancouver for his tour. Nice guy, bad judgment when it comes to the ladies.



jax said...

at least i chose a decent picture so if the content isn't your thing you can look at something perty.

sunnyside1213 said...

Jax, no idea who he is, but thanks for the "perty" picture.

Mango said...

Cute and has a nice tummy, but a bit naive.

Miranda said...

I dunno who this kid is but I love the interview. So funny.

MacVixen said...

Biggest shocker from this article for me: jax is a woman?! I don't know why, but I always assumed you were a man. Sorry! lol

I have no idea who this guy is. I've never seen the Bachelor, Bachelorette or any of it's like-minded cousins. Though I did once meet a very nice guy who was once a contestant on The Bachelorette a few seasons a go. But that's another story for a different day ;-)

jax said...

hahahah! yes, all woman! i can see how the lack of filter and obvious profanity might be confusing.

KLM said...

LOL @ Jax - I always thought you were a man, too! It's probably due to my own lack of creativity (jax = jack = man). Funny article - the guy looks like a bit of a hottie, but I have no idea who he is.

von said...

I'm going to go ahead and disagree about the "nice guy" part, he seems like a real tool. Elizabeth is a nightmare but he stuck with her so he doesn't get any sympathy from me there. And he said on the show, he felt bad about answering those questions because the ladies vote the men off. No points there either.

But, having said all that, good interview jax! I like the follow up questions. You were clearly paying attention and struck when he let something slip.

Pookie said...

yay, jax! makes me wish i'd watched the show b/c i had no point of reference as i read that..but ooooh la, la...freckled abs on a man get me every. single. time. THANK YOU!

mngddess said...

Fab, Jax. Good looking guy with a VINEYARD, ladies. Free booze whenever you want. My kind of guy!

MCH said...

Aww! I remember him from Jillian's season but I never watched the Bachelor Pad.

jax said...

thanks, peeps! my god,so many typos..oops.


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