Friday, January 07, 2011

Camille Does Not Know Why People Don't Like Her

Camille Grammer went to the one place where she felt like she could get the kind of positive coverage she wanted. So, she went to Kneepads. They ran a brief interview with Camille, but it does not make her look much better. With the news that she did get out of her contract with Bravo for next season and that the other Housewives are passing around links to Camille's soft core porn past, Camille wants people to know she is not like the person she is portrayed to be on Real Housewives.

She says things like having four nannies for two kids was Kelsey's idea but she is getting blamed for it. She also says that she does not know where this attitude towards her is coming from. Please. I feel for her that she is going through a divorce, but I would also be surprised if she cares about anyone other than herself. Have you noticed that all the other parents have had their children on at least briefly? Have you seen Camille's kids? Does she know their names?

I think the editing has actually been fair to Camille. The problem is with the exception of Nick, she treats everyone around her poorly. Her only friends get paid by her so they are going to say nice things. The two people who came to her dinner party are probably the only "friends" she has.


Anonymous said...

the only time i've seen camille's kids are 1.) when they were with kelsey before he left for NY and 2.) when the family went to NY for his play

she probably doesn't want to share the spotlight with them. she is bizarre - my favorite "love to hate" housewife

Patty said...

How about the one-on-one's with the camera. She always comes off as smug, arrogrant or vile when she talks about the others. And this is when she is alone.

Unknown said...

Ddidn't she say that she had a surrogate for her children because she didn't want to lose her body? Someone who would go that route is a selfish and wretched individual.

Ice Angel said...

To be fair, she never said that she used surrogacy to keep her body, but she does suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Also, perhaps she is infertile? We don't know, so I hate people taking whacks at someone like that simply because people have the right to choose how to create their family.

That said, the kids have been on a couple of times. I saw them swimming in Hawaii. But why are we putting her down for keeping her kids away from the cameras, when we totally slam people like Kate and Denise Richards for doing the same thing?

Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, the other women are passing around pics from camille's soft core porn past. which imho should be beneath them. camille is vile and stupid, but they all are MEAN GIRLS.

none of these women are classy. none.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Maybe she is suffering from what I call the answering machine syndrome. You know the first time you heard yourself on an answering machine and you thought "that's what my voice sounds like?" Perhaps she's just realising what an asshole she comes off as. Not that I've seen this wreck, but I read things.

Patty said...

You know, anyone could be passing around those pics of her. I'm sure there are many many people who dislike her, either as a result of the show, from her past or even the party who owns the rights to the pictures/movie(s).

Anonymous said...

the huffington post had an article up yesterday from another site where Kyle, and whoever else, emailed some pics and remarked that camille could have had an ally in the other housewives. they were sure that it was sent from the housewife/wives to prove camille is a hypocrite and to avenge faye resnick.

MadLyb said...

I find her vile and pretentious. Her only claim to fame is having married someone famous, yet she has the gall to knock the other housewives for doing the same. Maybe she can finally get Nick away from his wife and they can live happily ever after with Kelsey's $50 million and their own reality show.

RocketQueen said...

I don't even watch this show, all I know is that you reap what you sow.

Theresa said...

How can you not come off as vile, offensive and self centered when you are making comments about how everyone is jealous of you. She has some swim party and Kyle didn't bring her swimsuit because she said she hadn't gotten her body back after baby number 4 and wasn't comfortable running around in it. Camille said in her one on one that they must not have brought them because they were jealous of her.

She has publicly stated that she hired a surrogate because she shouldn't be pregnant with IBS. Funny, I know a few with severe IBS who had no issues and multiple children.

Totally don't knock on her for not having her kids on. I wouldn't either.

Borg Queen said...

Kelsey is no angel for sure but he is repeated his usual pattern of dumping current wife for a younger blonder skank. But Camile forgot what she used to do to support herself (whoring) and let all that money go to her head. The only friends she has is people she pays to be around her. I found it also telling (the nite of the infamous party with the psycho medium) when Taylor said to Camile no wonder u never leave ur house. So u dont interact with other people and just have paid sychophants (sp) around u, you will become delusional and believe ur own lies. I think the chicken has come home to roost and karma is paying Camille back. The ones I feel sorry for is her kids. Kelsey is playing patty cake with his young girlfriend & the 2 kids are being raised by 4 nannies.

__-__=__ said...

I can't judge. If I had kids I probably wouldn't know where they are at any given time in the day. And I would drink. Heavily.

CDAN Mod said...


timebob said...

I think last night's episode was heavily edited in her favor. And they went after Taylor and her creepy husband.

Found it rather boring actually.

karen said...

That said, the kids have been on a couple of times. I saw them swimming in Hawaii. But why are we putting her down for keeping her kids away from the cameras, when we totally slam people like Kate and Denise Richards for doing the same thing?

Amen, Ice Angel.
First, people condemn Kate Gosselin and others for exploiting their kids by showing them on t. v. and now Camille is a bad and selfish person for not showing them? What kind of messed up thinking is that?

Also, no matter how unlikeable Camille appears to be, I think that woman has mental problems and is extremely insecure to the point that she has to tell herself and her surroundings all the time that people are only jealous of her. It looks like it's some kind of OCD.
I would say that she's suffering from a big inferiority complex which seem to be the reason for her to behave the way she does and also seems to derive from what she did in her past or was forced to do to have a better life.
I don't think that a woman becomes a prosttitute or does porn for fun, no matter how often they claim it to be the only reason for doing those things.

I also have to say that it's mostly the people who come from a humble social background and then suddenly come into money who behave the most arrogant and pretentious towards other people. They want to distract from their poor upbringing and/or the things they had to do to get rich.

After all, I think the hate for her is exaggerated. She is unpleasant, but she didn't kill somebody.

Meg said...

I'm watching her spot on Ellen as we speak.

Since she is blaming Kelsey for her reasoning for doing the show in the first place, maybe she can sue him & Bravo for emotional distress. At least to get her four nannies back.

nancer said...

i don't feel sorry for her for any reason---so she's getting a divorce. big deal. she's going to have $50 million to console herself with.

if she'd handed ME that book, 'how to behave', i'd have quickly said 'oh, did you already read it?'

detest this bitch.

PotPourri said...

She's a Gold Digger of epic proportions. A former hooker that Kelsey fell for. Finally, he moved on.

nunaurbiz said...

If I were on one of those shows, I wouldn't have my kids on AT ALL! I don't blame her for not having them on.

Also, like rich people don't have nannies? Come on! Having four isn't that outrageous and makes sense from the business end: Four part-timers means you don't have to pay out the benefits you would for two full-timers, though I'm sure the perks (like going to Hawaii) are better that what you might get if you were a nanny for Mr. and Mrs. Nobody.

Yeah, I'm standing up for Camille. I think Kyle is a manipulative b*tch who thinks the world should fawn over her. She even admitted in this week's episode that she says inappropriate things without thinking about the consequences. Camille did take it a bit far, but Kyle fired the first shot. I remember the early episodes, thinking, "Did Kyle really say that? How utterly RUDE!"

I didn't hear her say that four nannies was Kelsey's idea, but that it was something that they BOTH agreed on when they were together. Whole different thing.

He's no angel himself. I'd rather be Camille's friend than Kyle's. Kyle is much more likely to stab you in the back.

Besides, Anderson Cooper loves Camille. How can Randy Andy be wrong? :-D

nunaurbiz said...

And I thought the book she gave Kyle was totally hilarious. People should lighten up. It was a joke! It's something I would have done, actually, and Camille did say that they should read it together. What more do you want, people?

She made the show interesting!

chihuahuense said...

I think she's detestable, but I think they all are in their own way. I thought that I *might* like the English lady (why can't I think of her name) but the DMV episode turned me from her, too. They help me be a better person--and it's not from emulating them. They are all so gross, that it is laughable.

That said, I read the Kneepads interview the other night at the hospital and thought it was funny what a great "victim" she plays. The photos were funny, too--all dressed up like a sad plastic princess.

ChasingHeaven said...

Ok, I have to confess this so maybe the ugly feelings about it will go away: I am SO FURIOUS she is living as a multi-millionaire when I'm up to my ears in school loan debt for my Master's and forced to put up with b.s. I never would put up with if I didn't need the measly paycheck. I can snark about Camille all I want, but ultimately she has the last laugh on me because she's living her life however she pleases because she has the 50 million to do so ans it KILLS ME. I swear the amount of hours we put in at work vs the amount of free hours we have awake to enjoy ourselves are soooo out of proportion, it's a lukewarm form of doing time as far as I'm concerned.

Ok sorry for the long rant.

shakey said...

I watched the first 3 episodes of the show. I think everyone knows what's going on with Camille and Nick and that she has a shady past. What kills me is Camille's camera time - she always looks off to the side when she nervously laughs about liking sports, like she's hiding something.

3 episodes in - I love Lisa Vanderpump. I love her commentary. She makes a good cat.

Brought my son in to check out the big bowl of cotton candy they had in the Vegas episode. I had no idea what Taylor was about to do to it. My son yelled that she was being so disrespectful with the way she was eating it. I'm not sure what he meant by that because he's 9, but it made me laugh at how appreciative the men were as they watched.

Kim is sad, but I feel bad for Taylor. As freakish as she looks, she seems like a pretty nice person and her husband acts as if he can't get away from her fast enough.

Barton Fink said...

I absolutely love this show. The women (and men) are a little, oh, narcissistic, but compared to the New Jersey and Orange County casts, they're relatively non-psychotic. Even Camille seems more grounded than the heavies and baddies on the other casts. Although Camille does come across as unlikable and self-centered.

I have to observe: as soon as I saw the name "Camille" in Enty's headline, I knew who he was talking about. She's achieved one-name famous status already, and might not be going away anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

In the starting credits, Camille's voiceover says she's ready to come out of Kelsey's shadow and shine.
Well she certainly did that.
Everyone knows her and hates her.
Mission accomplished !

weezy said...

Enty, I think you're wrong on this one; really, I think Kelsey couldn't stop her from doing the show (I still think she did it as a divorce settlement negotiating ploy) but he refused permission for the kids to appear.

On the surrogacy -- when they did this with the first kid my reaction was (given her self-acknowledged soft porn past and clearly evident plastic surgery) that she didn't want to ruin her body with pregnancy changes.


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