Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't You Get Naked For Your Job Interviews?

Lenny Dyktsra used to be on top of the world. Then his baseball career ended and he decided to become a stock picker and investment counselor. You know, because major league players are good at that kind of thing.

Spits some tobacco juice in a cup
Dykstra - Yeah, I think we should go with the company that makes those things I like.

When he started, anyone could pick stocks and make money. Then the market crashed and Lenny did not know what he was doing. Instead of admitting defeat, he kept at it, wasted other people's money, made the federal government mad, and filed for bankruptcy. He also has some issues when it comes to hiring housekeepers. Most people who apply for a job to clean house think they are just going to clean houses. Well, according to a criminal complaint, Lenny Dykstra had a whole bunch of other ideas.

"A woman told police ... when she arrived to the home, Dykstra explained that she wouldn't just have to clean the home, she would also be required to give him massages as well. The woman claimed Dykstra then took off all of his clothes and told the woman he wouldn't be able to hire her without first sampling her skills."

I think Lenny is going to be spending a long time in jail.


looserdude said...

Lenny may be an idiot but he doesn't come anywhere close to the pure stupidity of the people who invested with him.

Cancan said...

A family member is a vintage pinball machine/jukebox dealer on Long Island. Over the years he has sold top-quality pieces to everybody, meaning EVERYBODY - Yankees, Rangers, Mets, businesspeople, celebrities, movies, you name it. For at least 10 years he has been saying Lenny Dykstra is the biggest a-hole he has ever encountered.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"I think Lenny is going to be spending a long time in jail."

Yeah, RIGHT. He's still an athlete who probably has a bunch of good ol' boy lawyer friends who can get him out of this. They'll insinuate that the housekeeper was scantily clad and seducing him with her eyes or some such garbage.

This is America. If you're good on a field, people will forgive you for anything.

bluebonnetmom said...

Is it any surprise that Lenny and Charlie Sheen are good friends supposedly? These are two "Winners" that should be drug tested and on a psych hold.

libby said...

Yeah Ida, maybe she's a minority so they will blame Lenny's actions on her inherent 'animal' magnetism.

Ice Angel said...

Well...if he is smart, he will simply say she came in for the job and wasn't hired and knew his notoriety and decided to claim this story. It is her word against his after all.

That said, I hope she videod it.

timebob said...

this was the guy that said he wanted to help other baseball players not lose their fortunes with sound investments. Then proceeded to lose their fortunes.

Oh, and he bounced a $1,000 check on a hooker/porn star.

Stay classy, Lenny.


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