Wednesday, May 04, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which hot fashion designer -- perhaps upset that he didn't get the call to design that dress -- was spotted stumbling out of the Boom Boom Room, yelling, "Kate Middleton is a vanilla whore!" on the eve of the royal wedding while his equally inebriated posse cackled? .

WHICH supposedly straight star kept talking up "hot women" at the Vanity Fair/Bloomberg party in DC Saturday night, while his rumored boyfriend remained close by his side? .

WHICH high-ranking Republican was heard saying, "Donald Trump is a jackass," to his table at the White House Correspondents Dinner?


Linnea said...

Welcome back!
1 - no idea
2 - no idea
3- Hopefully all of them

ms snarky said...

aaaaaannnnnddddd.....we're back!

ms snarky said...

#1 - Christopher Kane or Galliano (who I would totally not be surprised by)?

ms snarky said...

#3 - John Boehner. I've read remarks by him before that seemed semi-normal.

RenoBlondee said...

YAY Enty's back! So glad to have you back!

1. Galliano?
2. Was Jake in DC?
3. ???

MontanaMarriott said...

Yayyyy you're baaaaacccckkkkkk

ms snarky said...

Some of the stars at the VF party -

Seth Meyers (NO! NO!! NO!!!)
Lance Armstrong (oh, how I would love it if this were him)
Zach Galifianakis
Jon Hamm
the Piv (Ha! would be so funny)
Chase Crawford
Paul Rudd (a mild NO!)
Sean Penn (with ScarJo)
Michael Stipe (but he's officialy out, I think?)
Andy Samberg
Bill Hader
Fred Armisen
Bradley Cooper (heh)
Steve Buscemi
John Legend
Jason Sudekis
Shaun White
Matthew Morrison
Daniel Dae Kim

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

1) Galliano? Would he even dare?
3) I'm guessing Romney.

And thank ye gods CDAN hasn't died!

RocketQueen said...

I can't imagine it's Galliano - I don't think there was a hope in hell of him designing that dress.

RenoBlondee said...

Okay for #2 I'm going with Chase or Bradley now that I see your list ms snarky, thanks!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@RQ -- good point. I could picture Galliano full of indignant rage, but he's sure as hell not "hot" anymore.

Krazy Karl Lagerfeld?

bluebonnetmom said...

Zac Posen, Bradley Cooper and Boehner.

Miss X said...

I'm so happy you are back! Of course, now I have lots to do so won't get to peruse the site until later.

2. Bradley Cooper -- isn't he looking for someone new since the recent split with Renee?

ForSure said...

For the designer, it has to be someone English or London based. The word from the get go was that they were going 'local' for the gown. Maybe the current head designer for Burberry?

Jason Blue Eyes said...

YES! I don't have to look at Tila Skankila And Baldy here any longer. Woo-Hoo.

1. Karl.
2. Chace Crawford
3. Was that stay-puft Marshmallow man looking mofo Newt at the dinner?

Vicky said...

Def Jake for #2.

As for #3, I'll go with Boehner. And no truer words could have been spoken.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

If it's Boehner for #3, I wonder if he burst into tears right after he said it? ;-)

And FS is right -- the designer had to be from the U.K. I got nuthin.'

Patty said...

#1 - all of them
#2 - don't care
#3 - good for him!

Maidstone said...

Bradley for #2

C'mon Bradley - come out of the closet.

Unknown said...

#1 Julian MacDonald. He kept giving interviews saying he was being considered, smirking the entire time. I can totally see it being him.

Meg said...

Welcome Back! :)

#1 - What's a vanilla whore???
I don't know English fashion designers...

#2 - No clue

#3 - No idea, but can't imagine anyone disagreeing w/ that statement. He didn't handle the Comedy Central Roast that well either. I saw another person say it well, Trump sure can dish but cannot take it.

ecua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ecua said...

#2 Bradley Cooper...with Matthew Morrison as his boyfriend!

reticulation said...

It can't be Karl because I've seen it quoted in different places that he doesn't drink.

Bubbles said...

I don't think Karl Lagerfeld is losing sleep over designing that dress. He has plenty to do. And Galliano, even if he were in the running before being fired, definitely wouldn't think he'd be designing the dress after what happened so I know it's not him.

sunnyside1213 said...

Vanilla Whore? My guess will never wear that designers clothes.

PotPourri said...

I love the Trump!

Unknown said...

I think #1 is Stella McCartney. Look at the reply she gave when the NY Post asked about the royal wedding:

... we asked her whether the royal wedding or the Costume Institute gala had the most eye-popping red carpet. The self-assured McCartney responded, coolly, "The Met ball, definitely, because I was involved in the Met."


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