Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Jennifer Garner makes her first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy.
Joe Jonas gets groped by fans in Mexico City.
Apparently Joe is no longer Disney.
This is Kelly Bates. She and her husband are expecting their 19th child. The most shocking news is that
they don't have a show on TLC with their best friends the Duggars. Seriously. Best friends.
For the first time in her life, Kim Kardashian tastes solid food. Not sure what to make of it.
Because everyone wears a dress to snorkel. Come on Rihanna.
Valentina shows what she thinks of paps.
Tara Reid still classing up Celebrity Big Brother.
Taylor Swift and one of her dancers in South Carolina.


Basil said...

I've been watching Celeb Big Brother, and I find that Tara seems like a very nice girl. She has her issues for sure and I am pretty sure she is going through withdrawl, but I am liking her. Go figure.

Rufus II said...

Wonder if they'll do a celebrity big brother over here in the states?
I'm not a Taylor Swift fan.
Could we put a ban on all Kardashian news like we did with those two who shall not be named?(speidi)

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I adore Valentina, as I adore any celebrity child who sticks out his/her tongue at the paps. Barely out of toddlerhood, and she already understands how they're scum. Good for her.

That Jonas picture pretty much seals the deal for me: he's as gay as a member of Menudo.

I'll give Mr. Bates five bucks if he can even NAME all of his nineteen children. And my own uterus sends its sympathies to Mrs. Bates -- but it also thinks that Mrs. Bates is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge dumbass.

Yep. There's Jennifer Garner, impregnated with more waverider/homosexual spawn. *eyeroll.* What will she name THIS one? Victorella? Surfertina?

Sorry, CDANers. I'm just waiting for the inevitable comments re: Garner's pregnancy from a certain someone, and I could NOT resist.

That's a gorgeous picture of T-Swift and her friend. I might make fun of her music (a LOT), but I think she's absolutely beautiful in a timeless, throwback-y kind of way, and I will forever appreciate how she (mostly) writes her own tunes.

Patty said...

Mrs Duggar and Mrs Bates should schedule a girl's day out to the salon. They are both in need of a hair makeover. Long, unstyled, home-permed hair may have been fine in high school in the 70's, but come on now.

mooshki said...

My brain just can't reconcile how different Kim K. looks without makeup. It's not the same person, I tell you! I'm also going back and forth between thinking it's a shame they can't have some privacy on their honeymoon, and assuming they are eating on the balcony so they will be papped.

Cecilia00 said...


YUP. TeamValentina.

Paps are vultures. I have no issues with them taking pics of celebs wuth boundaries (safety is my biggest concern) and I'm definitely hip to certain hypocritical celebs who call the paparazzi themselves then whine about them - but stay away from the kids.

I have seen more than one incident. Creeping around schools (TeamJuliaRoberts&NicoleRichie on that), scaring kids (Violet Affleck & Liv Tyler's kid) by being aggressive and too close, etc.

Paparazzi need to keep their distance when kids are around

ForSure said...

Ida, today I bow in your general direction to worship you for the Victorella comment. I choose to ignore most things said by that particular poster, just not worth it anymore. :)

Cecilia00 said...

Forgot to add one paparazzi almost ruined Christmas for Kingston Rossdale by asking Gavin something that implied there was no Santa Claus.

To be fair, Gavin (who was holding Kingston at the time) covered for the guy and it did seem to be an accident (the pap apologized) - but still....

Sorry for my rant. It's over now.

BigMama said...

Love Valentina - I should invite her to my kids party. LOL

Jennifer G. Looks great.

Something about Taylor Swift just doesn't "scan"

I can not comment on the nut job pregnant with her 19th. I just can't.

RocketQueen said...

@FS - that makes you a stronger person than I :)

Kardashian's honeymoon. Gawd. It never ends, does it?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@FS -- LOL. What Rocket Queen *just* said. ;-)

The bigoted comments are largely hopeless -- and even bringing up their egregiousness tends to attract the likeminded morons who agree with her -- but the conspiracy-driven comments are HILARIOUS, and I will comment on *those* whenever possible.

califblondy said...

Sorry, but I don't think a small child should be sticking out her tongue like that. It makes her look too Suri Cruise brattish. What's next, the middle finger when she's 10?

I wonder if this is the first time Kim's hubby has seen her without the war paint?

Isn't that the gay Jonas brother? One is married, one straight, and one gay, right?

Lelaina Pierce said...

LOL @ "Surfertina" :)

I signed up eons ago to Taylor's mailing list and I don't normally read her Taylor Nation e-newsletters but the Charleston one caught my eye, naturally b/c I used to live there & I loved that Charleston was on her "must visit" list. The pics were very pretty. And it's cool she vacays with her back up dancers.

Jim said...

Not Joe. One of the other two.

Cathy said...

@Ida - Don't you know that Victor Garber has pretended to be gay for YEARS, just so that he could eventually father a child with a married woman and no one (except for a few strangers on the internet) would suspect him?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@Cathy -- YES! I've HEARD that rumor, and I TOTALLY believe it. I'm also convinced that there are surfers lining up at J-Gar's door waiting to be her next sperminator...seeing as how she's *such* a notorious slut and everything.

Sian said...

Tara seems nice on CBB but UBER paranoid. She also slurrrs her words a lot.

ForSure said...

RQ, Ida, no, I'm not strong, I'm just out of troll food and I cancelled my delivery subscription. ;)

Straight or gay, I'd give Victor Garber a child any day of the week (his talent, my hair = SUPERSTAR!) but Jen Garner isn't my kind of desperate now is she?

Egads, I just fed it, didn't I?

ardleighstreet said...

@Ida --It doesn't matter that Violet is Jen's MiniMe because she looks just like Victor.

mooshki said...

LMAO, Cathy! That sounds like a scheme worthy of the Smith/Pinkett cover-up team.

FS, sorry, if Victor Garber is going to have gay babies with anyone, it's going to be me, dammit!

Monica said...

hurray for a one-piece bathing suit! Two pieces are out.

Texshan said...

Mooshki and FS, no way! I am first in line for a Gerber gaybee! Well, I don't like kids, so maybe not a gaybee, but he could practice with me!
I have never heard any Taylor Swift songs, but I do think she's beautiful, seems like a nice girl, and I would kill for her bod. And I like her swimsuit.
Count me in with CalifBlondy. I think Valentina looks like a huge brat. If I had ever stuck my tongue out at anyone, my parents would have punched me in the chin so I'd have bitten my own tongue. And no, I don't think she's excused for acting like a snot because she's doing it at a photographer. I've gotten a brat vibe from her before, but nothing like with Suri. I'll bet that kid is a right terror to be around.
Rihanna, you are officially ridiculous.
Kim K looks like Gina Gershon in that photo.
Patty, the Bates' and Duggars' hair is part of their religious beliefs. They don't believe in cutting women's hair, wearing makeup or pants, etc. Strangely enough, no outward manifestations of their religion seem to apply to males ...

mygeorgie said...

TEXSAN said: "They don't believe in cutting women's hair"

Don't you mean "from the ears back"? ;) I'd like to know what passage they refer to where *mullet* is dictated.

Seriously, wtf is up with every extreme religion & the fun-kay hair? Hutterites & LDS do's defy gravity & common sense (the women at least).For such a 'humble' mandate, they sure go all out.

Jasmine said...

I came on here late in the game after finishing up an evil first week of school (dammit dammit dammit) and was pleasantly surprised to find no vehement protests about how wonderful this freak family is or how its their private lives (on public tv) and we shouldnt put our noses in it. UGH. Listen, when these people get their own planet (my guess/hope is it'll be Uranus)then I will keep my mouth shut so they can overpopulate and fuck up our already strained resources all they want. Until then, since unfortunatly we are Earth-mates, I will forever disdain people who proudly and mindlessly birth out humans with as much thought and regard as barnyard animals.

Taylor Swift looks GORGE in that black and white pic. The old school one piece was meant for someone like her. Just beautiful.

And the MINUTE i saw girls that close to Joe Jonas's crotch- I winced and muttered to myself RICKY MARTIN. So yeah Ida- I feel ya :-P

ForSure said...

Well apparently the next CDAN national meet up is going to be a jello wrestling match to see who gets to have Victor's babies. It's the only way to settle this fairly.

Mango said...

A (gay) actor friend of mine had dinner with Victor Garber and said that he is very definitely gay but also very down to earth and highly personable. Father of JGarner's spawn? I dunno.

Lindsey said...

@Mooshki - Sometimes resorts set up a nice breakfast/dinner for you on your balcony to have some romance. I am about to go on my honeymoon and that is what we have planned. I hate the Kardashians as much as the next one, but this time I truly think she didn't know she was getting papped.

Selock said...

I will always support Joe Jonas as a sweetheart of guy, but I wish I actually liked his solo music....not really my thang. But why are people so fussed if he's gay?


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