Thursday, April 03, 2014

Random Photos Part Four

Claire Danes out solo with her son.

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore hang out with Jayson Blair.
Daniel Radcliffe is looking great here.
Eric Dane shirtless with his wife Rebecca Gayheart in Mexico.
Gisele Bundchen in Rio.
Gerard Butler talks about his method for picking up women while in Australia. He lifts with his legs.
Girl Meets World.
Ashton Kutcher getting in shape for fatherhood.
Kristen Bell is distracting me from the food which is tough to do.


Seven of Eleven said...

I still would with pigeon-toed McSteamy.

And Gerry.

Not Ashton. Ever. Even with his trucker hat pulled over his goofy face.

califblondy said...

Looks like Eric has a big burrito. Who knew?

LottaColada said...

Who is Jayson Blair??? Enties know his name but not Joel Kinnaman. *sigh*

megan00m said...

Meth heads don't tan. Learned that living on the beach in SoCal.

AListDiva said...

CD looks like Goopy in that pic lol

NaughtyNurse said...

Holy McSteamy!!! I've always been more of a McDreamy gal, but now I've got second thoughts!

TalksTooMuch said...

LOL I never understood the McSteamy thing, still in the dark.

Gisele Whatserpickle looks beautiful!

Dan Radcliffe looks so perky, yay

Count Jerkula said...




Harry Knuckles said...

Eric Dane looks fit. Also looks a lot older than 41.

Giselle doesn't always have the best face but she's very pretty in the "Rio" shot.

Tostitos, Cheetos and Cap'n Crunch. I empathize with this Enty.

Kelly said...

Oof, no to the bootie heels Demi.

Unknown said...

Dr and Mrs McSteamy look unhappy.

PJ said...

The above photo proves exactly what I was worried about with the whole Boy Meets World re-boot: At 30, I'm roughly the same age as 'Corey' and 'Topanga' would be now-they may have been a year or two older at most. (What? I grew up on that show!) They supposedly got married sometime just after high school. So, how in the royal f**k is it that they now have a like, 14-15 year old daughter?! Secret senior year of high school pregnancy?? Lol. Not likely but that would be pretty hilariously scandalous is they ever dared to go with such a story line ;) (Though I obviously know the producers would never...)

.robert said...

The last two seasons were college years so they could have kids that age.

figgy said...

Isn't Eric Dane a recovering alcoholic? Or is that his wife? Looks like a beer in his hand.

LogDog said...




Lila said...

Kristen Bell is beautiful, but that dress makes he look like a line-backer. Not flattering. Cleavage looks great, though, I must say. The McSteamys look very pasty and unhappy. I thought people on vacation are generally happy.

Count Jerkula said...

K-Bell SFW

Look at that dumper

Sexy Gif

Anonymous said...

I, too, thought that Claire Danes looked very much like Goopy in this picture.

Demi seems to act, and dress, younger than her daughters.

Yikes, when did Eric Dane get so old - and pigeon-toed?

Oopsy_Daisy said...

Girl Meets World makes me feel ridiculously old.

Eric Dane looks good old. Stupid men.

BLK said...

Kristen is wearing the same dress as Giselle.


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