Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Random Photos Part Three - Planes- Fire & Rescue Premiere

Kesha gets photobombed by Ludacris.

Ali Landry
Julie Bowen
Ariel Winter
Dane Cook
Ed Harris
Patrick Warburton
Mario Lopez and family.
Karina Smirnoff


Seven of Eleven said...

The Tick! I <3 The Tick!

Ed Harris kind of gives me sads, but he's aging gracefully. Love his movies.

Ugh, Hopez.

sandybrook said...

Except for the 2 bottom feeders now we can talk.
Kesha looks good except for the hair color.
Ali and Julie always look good.
ed Harris is fine and its good to see Dane Cook earning money.

TH-ighs said...

I hope that's not Ed's clown hair sticking out and he's sticking with the full shiny head

Count Jerkula said...

Is Ariel Winter old enough to start talking about her huge jugs yet?

Count Jerkula said...

16 as of January, so she is.

And they still prolly got a growth spurt left.

Lady Heisenberg said...

Dammit Landry & Lopez for Blind #9
Kesha's eyes look glassy.
Julie Bowen needs help hooooly shit

luvgossip said...

Mario's wife looks like Rancic's Latin cousin. Lollipop head!

Sherry said...

I lurve Patrick Warburton. That is all. Oh and Keshit looks good there. But ack with the purple hair.

Kelly said...

Yay, Kesha looks so pretty!
Julie Bowen gives me the skeeves for some reason.

Lioness70 said...

Someone please tell Kesha that lavender hair doesn't look good on anyone. Try dark purple streaking (on her natural dark hair). Much more flattering. Besides that, she looks great.

Honey Bunny said...

Hey Kesha and Luda!

Kat has left the building said...

That's not Ed Harris all I see is a suit with a bright idea

rajahcat said...

hmmmm Landry and Lopez

hello Courtney M.

Frufra said...

Gawd, I had no idea Dane Cook was still working. He's the worst. I used to work with a guy who went to HS with Patrick Walburton. My co-worker HATED him. I think he was jelly of his success, honestly.

Zsa Zsa said...

Good to see Keshas hair is distracting the world from the fact she's had her eyes done!

NaughtyNurse said...

Sooo…Dane Cook has turned into a frumpy middle aged man.

And please tell me that Patrick Warburton meant to make fun of all the women on the red carpet, with their stupid, knock-kneed/pigeon toed poses.

StuffandNonsense said...

Patrick Warburton! I love that

White.God.of.Fuck said...

Julie Bowen is the shit. I want to creampie her mouth.

Bitca said...

@Lionness70 (fab avatar pic btw!)
But don't you think Kesh almost makes the old-lady lavender thing work? With the dark roots & that face she's rocking, I think she should perhaps be the One Celeb permitted to wear Old-Lady Lav right now.

It's not just the "looks not-so-awful on her" excuse. When she was in rehab 2 months, it's likely Kesha was cut off from media access. Maybe she didn't see the OLL dye wave sweeping the celebrity herd--from D-list (Rumer; Kelly Osborne) to A (KPerry)--then back to D again (ie, KO getting an OLL buzz-cut girly-hauk, so she can do a limited run in "That 80s Show--the Musical!").

Aesthetically, though, I tot agree. Those Manic Panic-type revival shades are far more flattering & look more Current when you skip the bleach. And repeated 2-step processing fv@ks up your hair for YEARS... x|

Sprink said...

I like Ariel Winter. I genuinely root for her to survive her crazy mother, thrive in her acting career, and lead a normal, happy life.


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