Monday, May 11, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 19, 2015

What do you do if you just lost your monthly income and one of your best friends can’t do much more than walk red carpets for money? Well, if you are this B list celebrity/ex-girlfriend of an A lister and her bff former A- list singer you find two guys who are willing to drop $100K on you and take you on vacation out of the country to the Caribbean. The problem is that the two guys were not satisfied with the service so to speak and feel like they got ripped off. Yeah, who are you going to complain to?

Karrueche Tran/Christina Milian


AndrewBW said...

If I were old, rich, and stupid I could see taking out Christina Milian. But Karrueche Tran? Not in a million years.

david said...

Right with you, AndrewBW.

Emily said...

I love these Karrueche blinds, she plays the innocent act but is nothing more than another hollywood prostitute.


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