Saturday, March 19, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 13, 2015

This B list mostly television actress who landed a really good role is married to an A+ lister. Our B lister did some press this week and was absolutely blitzed for her first interview of the day. It is a good thing she was sitting for the interview because the standing and walking thing was not working for her.

Portia De Rossi


Cinabun said...

Not great if true. Eating disorders = compulsive/dependency behavior.
Drinking in a.m. + being bombed for an important event = psychiatric forecast not lookin too good for you, girl.

Kate said...

That makes me sad for Ellen.

The Other Kate said...

If half the drinking and cheating blinds about Ellen are true, she has this coming to her and is also somewhat responsible.

Dena said...

+1 - Ellen is supposedly an absolutely horrible person IRL.

Anna From Savannah said...

Portia has had eating issues since Ally McBeal. She seems to crave stability in her life and yet Ellen buys a new house every three months. She is pretty and talented. I hope she gets the help she needs and blooms again.

Lynne said...

Also, remember this, the promoters setting up the interviews purposely have plenty of free booze flowing (even in the morning). This is on purpose to get the celebrities drunk. These promoters are just scum as they want scandal to happen: a misspoken word or phrase, an embarrassed confession, something revealed by accident, etc. It happens before TV talk shows as well.

Patrick said...

I feel that Ellen is the driving force behind this behavior. I bet she is a stone cold bitch off camera.

Gookie said...

This gives me a bad case of the hurts. I like them both.

marlo said...

Ellen comes across as a very controlling and self important fascist.
It must be absolutely exhausting being married to somebody who always think they are 100% right and everybody else is a bad person for not immediately agreeing with everything they say.

That and her strong apparent dislike for children, is what drives poor Portia - who has expressed desire to have children herself - to self medicate I believe.


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