Monday, July 04, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #36 - Kindness

May 4, 2016

This actress is probably unknown to lots of you. She was in a big franchise, but not the franchises one typically thinks of. Book based though. She is on a long running almost network show. I wouldn’t call it a hit, but on that network, you don’t really need to have huge numbers. She is foreign born. One of the leads on her show. It films outside the US and when she got to that city she found a school that was looking for volunteers. She takes part in an after school program there several times each week. Reads to the kids, helps them with their homework. Leads art and craft projects. A couple of the teachers knew she was an actress but not what she was in. One day they had a movie day though and the movie that was picked was the first in that franchise of hers. Apparently it was quite the scene when all the kids pointed to the screen and then back to the actress. She has been volunteering at this school for years now.

Anna Popplewell


Rebecca said...

Aw, nice to hear. Loved her in Reign.

Mrs.K said...

Oh wow! Great to hear. Too bad she was decapitated in last weeks episode of Reign! Lol!

... said...

Already loved her and this just made me love her that much more.


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