Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 16, 2016

Unless you are on her Twitter to talk about what she wants to discuss, then you are blocked. A fan asked this A list rapper about the Orlando shootings and to give a statement. Instead, the rapper talked about a new song and blocked and unfollowed the fan.

Nicki Minaj


Kno Won Uno said...

Who gives a rat's ass if Nicki Minaj follows them on Twitter? Do they think she spends her time reading their inane tweets?
This trend of demanding celebrities weigh in so their statements can be judged is one of the more moronic things to come out of social media.
On second thought, stupid fans deserve a stupid idol. I'm sure they're all stupidly happy together wallowing in absolute irrelevance.

Kathy said...

As of anything Minaj had to say would be relavent?

Big Al said...

What is with the false outrage if someone doesn't want to opine on something?

The social media, bullying culture needs to stop.

Me said...

it's not even a blind. Everyone have seen it.

Gookie said...

Well said. Social media is absurdly ridiculous for the most part.

crystalmeh said...

Yes, I commend nicki minaj for not lending her opinion because it would've just been bullshit written by some schmo that she hired anyways. I think she is like Beyonce. "Working illiterate" or whatever was revealed in a BI not too long ago

Claire said...

I agree that people shouldn't demand celebrities to comment on these things. She's not a freakin' politician, she's an entertainer. Even if she did say something, it would probably be insincere pandering. Doesn't mean she's a homophobe or terrorist symapthizer. I wish MORE celebrities would refrain from talking about things that they don't know much about.

SgH said...

If she doesn't want to comment on it, or answer a fan, fine. What I don't get is why Nicki would block the fan. As an Orlando native & resident, currently IN the same hospital as the Pulse victims/survivors (on the same floor), seeing in real time how this has changed some of the best people of Orlando, along with The City Beautiful itself: All empathy is appreciated because we'll never be the same. Any indifference only proves ignorance because the unseen, unprovoked hatred is running rampant in a city, town, or rural land near you.
*Anyone with "fans" has influence over fans of those fans whether they want to or not. In attitude, style, opinion (or lack thereof), that celebrity is watched, and often followed/copied by the youngest fans, the apathetic fans, the copycats, to the hangers-on.

MontanaMarriott said...

I don't think it's about being judged more so about knowing where your celebrity stands on a cause close to you. I know I would lose all love for my idols if they showed a side to themselves not deserving of their fan base, i.e. Beyoncé and her constant no comments on all things LGBTQ turned me off from her to the point she will never get one cent from me.


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