Monday, October 24, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #3

October 7, 2016

This A+ list foreign born model spent almost 90 minutes in the bathroom in First Class on a recent international flight. She refused to come out until she was “flawless.” She did come out in new clothes and makeup from how she went in, but some of the other passengers hissed at her. Yes, the word use was hissed.

Miranda Kerr


bhop said...

guess her billionaire boy wouldnt pony up for a private jet.

she's too old for him anyway

sandybrook said...

This is the 2nd time in a week we had somebody sitting in the airplane bathroom for a long period of time and getting away with it. I think the first one was Selena Gomez flushing her drugs on the way to foreign lands that would lock her up if they were discovered.

Melissa said...

Yeah but she has a round face and looks a good 10 years younger than her age and she will continue to do so.
She is a much better bet than a 20 something who may age out of her looks at 28-29.
If a woman is hot at 35 she will be hot at 45. Period. Cant say the same with ages 25 to 35.
Life lessons.

david said...

C'mon, folks!
She's a diva of the largest proportions.
She (thinks she's) is entitled to spend as much time in an airplane restroom as she deems necessary.
The rest of us, can hold it until she feels finished/perfect.

Dutch said...

I never understood the hype around this woman. Sure she has a great body, but it does not make up for a very ugly face.

missilemessel said...


it's not about looks, truly. there's a reason why famous or rich guys who are with STUNNING women (and miranda IS still stunning) get with younger women who actually are LESS attractive in the face, or even body, than a beautiful woman like miranda or another model. it doesnt matter even what you look's the youth itself. theres a reason why guys dont get with hot 35 or 45 year olds, and instead opt for 22 year olds that might not even hold a candle to their supermodel gfs

if you're not a dude it might me hard to understand

bankonit said...

oh trust me, she has a hot face. and her body is hot too. but she is in her mid-thirties. it doesnt matter if youre a hot older lady - you're still an older lady.

Zip said...

After what the whacko younger women do to try to get money out of rich men, no rich men want them.

OKay said...

Well then dudes are stupid, because 20-year-old girls are annoying AF.

April said...

so then if the "youth" is so wanted why do young men want an "older lady" ? The reason OLDER men want younger women is because they are insecure....they think having a 22 year old on their arm makes them look good. Stupid AF

Paulina said...

I'm still tripping over calling a 35 year old an "older woman"... by the comments I'd think we were talking about someone aged 45!

Dumblesnore said...

Toddler face would probably need 90 minutes to be flawless...because toddler face.

ohyeah said...

YES! absolutley, she and cameron diaz with their "look" ie: "faces slammed by a car door"
= SUPER WIDE faces, shitty noses and faux doe eyes at the sight of $$$$$.
Miranda didn't shag Jame Packer on his boat because she likes his huge jaw (she didn't get married or breed with him to produce superlarge jawed children) Hello MONEYgold DIGGER.
Great Body ?- those knorks are IMPLANTS!!
to attract geeks(and keep them around) who have $$$$$$$.
She does sweet FA other than ponce around the gym and bimbo herself!!!
Toddler face? That's a scary toddler.
Miranda was more attractive at the age of 16 but she soon had a face explosion after that.....


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