Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

May 29, 2008

Speaking of obsessiveness, this former film A lister with the really bad hair issues and now a comfortable B has changed the entire carpeting in his house five times over the past year. He is single handedly keeping a store in business. Seems that he has to like the way the carpet feels on his bare feet. The store has offered to provide him samples, but our whacked out actor insists that the carpet has to be in the house and in its place for him to get a true sense of its feel. Uh huh. Maybe he should just wear slippers. Total cost this year has been about $175,000 on carpeting, installation, removal and labor.

Nicolas Cage


sandybrook said...

Which is why his a$$ is pretty much broke. That and the art.

OB said...

Isn't he a hoarder? Maybe this is his way of forcing himself to clean up!

AndrewBW said...

The rich have too much money, and too much free time.

Airhead said...

What a noodle!

Hot Cola said...

There is no such this g as " too much money": in this case, he's keeping the story in business, the employees, tipping the workers, etc. That's good things.

I ate my own head said...

He's always been a nut. He should date Winona Ryder and they can be nuts together.


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