Thursday, December 08, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #3

August 1, 2016

Teen Choice Awards

This A- list mostly television actor is back to filming two shows at once for the second consecutive year. He took his girlfriend to the awards but that audience was right in his wheelhouse. You never saw a guy talk about his college scholarships so much. They don’t exist, but he got a lot pf phone numbers. Only from women. No men eligible for his scholarships.

John Stamos


sandybrook said...

they are for Trump University in any case

Sunspirit said...

He gives me the creeps

AyyyPapi said...

What a lad.

just north of 8mile said...

I don't think he ever got over losing Rebecca romaine (sp) she was probably the love of his one compares?

Samuel said...

Got get over it you little loser sore crybaby snowflake
Trump is great!

sandybrook said...

No you fu<k off you POS, Trump University was a scam he got caught running and has to refund most of the money he embezzled. If he even has it to repay since his scam "charity foundation" that paid his f'n bills got shut down too.
Trump is great my ass! Stupid f'n jackass.

Vets50 said...

I thought he loved Lori


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