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Blind Items Revealed #5

December 29, 2016

This foreign born dual threat A- list actress is really trying to change the whole cheating narrative. Studios don’t want to hire her because she has such negative numbers right now. There is even talk about booting her from her franchise.

Diane Kruger


Alice said...


LadyJane said...

They will say it is cheating but they just want someone younger and hotter.

Melissa said...

This is lame and NO I am not defending cheating if that is truly what happened but the whole thing is NONE of us know what really happened. None of know if that relationship was dead long before the 'cheating' none of us know and I think it's total BS that she is being crucified for something that MAY have happened when people like say...Jude Law, Johnny Deep, Ben Affleck etc etc cheat, cheat and cheat some more, get away with it, still get starring roles and all is forgiven?
Idk just seems like a lot of crucifiction for something NO ONE knows anything about, in reality.
And honestly who is anyone else to judge the demise of someone's long term relationship....and too add insult to injury they were NOT/NEVER MARRIED unlike all 3 MEN who I mentioned above.
So a girlfriend may have cheated on her boyfriend is what MAY have happened. Not husband, no kids involved, no drama...idk seems pretty lame she is being singled out like this.

Dianna said...

Well,she may be trying to change the narrative but no one is buying it.

Joshua is more well-liked by the general public than Norman by far and her PR stunts and her deal with dailymail are ridiculously obvious. No one is going to support her romance with Norman.

Not even Norman seems supportive of their romance.

Sarah said...


Mary said...

I imagined it could be her, she is trying too hard to make it look like Norman and her are a real couple, because this would soften the conversations surrounding her, perhaps?

T said...

@dianne norman is basically "hmm, good luck with that" and getting away from it lol.

Honestly, I think this whole DK not being liked it's not only because of the cheatting, but her behavior as a whole. Talks about her being rude to people, this really doesn't help her case (although I do agree that people judge woman way worse for things that men do as well)

Tracy said...

@melissa i agree with you in part..i think a woman have the right to make her own mistakes too..what i dont agree, and i think we all know that, is not because of that she is not hired. Diane is well know for being rude to the crew members and workers in general and she is not particularly good actress. If she wants to go back to hollywood maybe she should realign her chakras and try to reevaluate herself and please she have to stop behaving like a 16 year old on her instagram. It's ridiculous.

Guesser said...

Look, they ruined Meg Ryan's career with a cheating scandal, and people liked her. I don't know where Enty got this rating from, she was never one to carry a movie, and even though she's been in big films, you hardly remember her. @ Melissa, you left out Brad Pitt, the most famous cheater.

Shar said...

Find a rich German and get married Diana

Hot Cola said...

@Meliss, its because she's female and all the rest of these names are man...
I acknowledge equality, and also acknowledge double standards...

Michelle said...

Sorry but i cant consider that a cheating scandal at all, but i agree that there is double standards regarding that, but diane was hardly a big shot in Hollywood before and that have nothing to do with cheating or not. I think have much more to do with her performance as an actress that anything else. its not like she had this amount of work lining up before all the cheating buzz.

xxytyt said...

Nobody is buying it. Especially when she spent the past year trying extremely hard to reveal it .
It's not just cheating. It's lying, dishonesty and guilt and both involved know full well this is what they have done. NR has experienced significant backlash to this within his own fanbase already due to his claims he despises cheating, liars and dishonesty, which he has engaged in himself and chosen someone who encompasses (provely) these traits not only on this particular occasion.

If other blind items are true, Diane ought to wake up and smell the coffee. He won't give up his co-star and bits on the side and DK should stop running after someone who doesn't want to commit.

It's not fair if she is cast away from NT franchise, however her social media etiquette leaves a lot to be desired. His actual 19 year old former gf did not act this badly.

My advice - move on, set yourself aside from this, engage in your work in the fashion and acting industries and wait for an opportunity to present itself where someone cares. Why one would leave JJ ?

Sage said...

The hypocrisy of Hollyweird continues
Brad Pitt Cheats on America Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston and continues to get big movie roles..meanwhile Jolie unmarried never recovers movie wise
The Affleck boys cheaters etc..big roles

But god forbid the woman who cheats...she will be scourged
Leann Rimes destroyed Meg Ryan destroyed
Diane Kruger just one of the many

I like Joshua Jackson but never seemed like a good match ..see him with a Katie Holmes CW type (he should be married with kids)
Also when she hooked up with him she was a star and he was a bit of a tv downgrade
She should have hiked up with a big star like a Pitt etc
I think she wanted out of the relation ship ..made bad decision with reed us ..if she had hooked up with a big star and he proclaimed his love all would have been forgiven ..$ rules hollyweird

Shut Up! said...

Jolie recovered movie wise. Maleficent and salt were blockbuster movies. Even the Tourist did well.

Stacey said...

Hypocrisy at it's worst. So what if she cheated?What about all the men in Hollywood who cheat but never get in trouble? Why would they boot her, unless they want a teenage girl for Nic Cage.

Tanya said...

let me all remind you that her not having a movie career in Hollywood have NOTHING to her cheating or not. we dont even know if she cheated. Diane was not a big shot before. she was not making big movies before reedus so this 'cheating' its to me a way for her to justify herself and become a victim, because poor her was outcasted because she 'made a mistake'. I'm all about empowerment and equality but in this case that was not what happened.
Maybe if she was a little bit more hardworking and a little nice to people on set maybe things would look better to her. Overall i think she have a lot of thinking to do and regroup.

Nonetheless, there is a big hypocrisy in society and hollywood in general regarding cheating that is for sure. Actually Hollyweird (like stacey call it and fits SO WELL) is based on hypocrisy at all levels. Insane.

W said...

I think it was not just cheating but how it occurred. It was so sleazy and public. Making out in a dive bar in public? These people are 40 and almost 50. Be an adult and tell your partner. Making it worse was the way she and her side trashed JJ tryjng to make it him who was the bad guy after the announcement. He did the airport have a nice life pap shot, refrained from trashing her at all and basically took the high road.
She cointinues to make snide comments on Instagram and keeps getting called on it.

I do agree that NR is gross here as well. He knew JJ-have some respect. Tell DK to sort her stuff out before hooking up. In other words grow up.

Donnatella said...

I think DK downfall in Hollywood has very little to do with the cheating. She was not well-liked in Hollywood before she hooked up with Reedus. All that did was give people a reason to like her even less.
I've worked in Hollywood for the past 15 years. Others have related stories to me about her. She is extremely rude to crews on projects she works on. She usually never even bothers to address them at all. I know one person she has made cry over something that that was not the person's fault. Producers and directors tend to become very loyal to crews and if you are an a-hole to them, it's not doing you any favors.

There are certainly double standards in Hollywood. I'm not even gonna say that there aren't as I know I have been the victim of them many times. But in this case, her cheating on Joshua Jackson is just the tip of the iceberg as to why she is not liked. She is just not a good person. Your looks will only carry you so far. She's subpar as an actress and her attitude makes her easily replaceable.

It always seems in this business that the ones with the least talent have the biggest ego. You won't hear anyone utter a bad word about the likes of Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep. But these talent-less big ego having lucky to even be on the B-list people need a reality check.

Monica said...

She and Josh were never married, so it would have been all too easy to break up and date whomever she pleased. Instead, she publicly cheats, but pretends she didn't and then does an interview saying she is giving up a big chunk of her life by living in NY for a few weeks while he does a play! She pretends like they're still together, when they're not and he plays along because he does not like the way the public is judging her for the infidelity.

But while he's making nice and postponing a public acknowledgment of their break up, she is still sneaking around with Norman in Tuscany and France. Josh then calls it quits, but does the "we're still friends" thing at her at the airport and she turns around and denounces him in the press as a thank you.

She's a horrible, spiteful person and it has nothing to do with her infidelity or her gender. She's just shallow, selfish and immature. Plus, she seems to be going through a midlife crisis because her career is waning. The lucky thing for her is she can work in France. They not only love her there, but they cast women who aren't 25 in their movies. There is less age discrimination there. So, she needs to move back to France, find her a hot European lover -- and stop with all the doggone selfies!

Malibuborebee said...

I doubt this is sexist unfairness. Kruger was some year's blonde but that year was a long time ago.

Allie said...

I don't get why she is labeled a cheater if she isn't married. So she had a long term relationship with JJ...who cares. They weren't married, so she dates NR a few times....who cares. NR isn't married so he didn't do anything wrong, DK wasn't married, so this is just silly. They're all adults. They can do what they want.

I do agree that I'm not fond of DK for most of the reasons other posters mention. She seems manipulative, phoney, snooty and I don't really think of her as that pretty. But, she hasn't done anything wrong in whom she chooses to date.

I can see why a beloved star like NR gets a little bit of flack when dating someone like Diane. He's way out of her league and his fans love him and want to see with a nice girl (which she is not) So, I get that part of it, but again, he can do whatever he wants. DK isn't beloved like NR is so nobody cares who she dates. But Norman deserves MUCH better, much, much better.

Time to move on.

Carol said...

Yeah, don't think like Diane does. Just because The Walking Dead guy has a strong media presence doesn't mean he is well loved in general. He's not. Just read the comments under any article featuring him and you'll see while he has a few fanatics, the general public doesn't like the actor, even if they like his character.

He looks like a greasy, drunk heading straight to skid row as soon as his tv show is over. Plus, the gossip columns say he's lecherous. By making headlines with him, Diane boosted her own IG and FB following, but her popularity hasn't actually risen. The things that get you attention aren't the same things that get you respect, admiration or acting roles. In fact, they're often the opposite. A 10 year relationship in which DK repeatedly talked about how committed she was actually lasted more than most marriages. Wedding ring or not, it was cheating. If he and Diane didn't think they were doing something wrong, they wouldn't have snuck around.

marlo said...

You are all idiots, for dissecting what is essentially:

She's not a good of an actress to have a solid long-term career.
She's never been a great actress, not even what she was younger.
She's pushing middle age and is a mediocre performer.
Her looks are fading, so why pay her, when you can pay younger, hotter and more talented actresses?

If she could act the chit out of something, then nobody would give a flying phack about her indiscretions, but she's crap, so why bother?

This has nothing to do with her 'indiscretions', and all to do with her being an arrogant, over-the-hill has been, with a very high opinion of herself. Julia Roberts publicly humiliated the still-wife of the man she stole - and nothing happened to her career, cause she could act her way out of a paper bag. Diane can't even act sober for 5 minutes.

marlo said...

One more thing: in the german press (I read & speak german) she has always come across as insanely arrogant, comparing herself to Liz Taylor, Monroe and whatnot, when I have yet to see her perform more than 5 spoken lines, in anything.
She's completely delusional.

W said...

Not being married does not mean their is no relationship. A lot of states recognize common law marriages where long term partners who live together and act as married are legally in a relationship. DK and JJ owned properties, lived together and acted as exclusive partners. She cheated. And NR cheated with her. Period.

As to her career, if she was more popular would it have been impacted less. Maybe. A lot depends on how people handle it afterward. DK handled it badly. That coupled with her bad attitude on sets, her lack of popularity and her Instagram persona all probably contribute to her lack of work. As someone else pointed out. She should go back to Europe and work there and let this fade. Stop making cryptic messages about JJ on Instagram. And stop with NR aaa he clearly is not that into her.

u said...

There´re several revealed blind items on this site about Josh Jackson that say that he cheated on Diane.

Are these blind items true?

T said...

@W I don't personally believe the cryptic posts are about Jackson. A reasonable portion of them evidently are about her shacking up (or whatever it is they do) with NR. She's desperate to shout it to the world which is neither endearing on herself or fair on someone she should supposedly care about when it's wrecking his favour with his own fans. If you refer to the post she made about playing games months back most agree thats due to another blind revealing that whilst she thinks it's serious, he has already cheated multiple times and already had something with his co-star for a long time he refuses to end. I say this without malice, but with good advice that she should get some self respect and realise if he doesn't want to be exclusive, he's not as serious about things as she is and she should give him up because the negative attention this gives on her reputation and career is not worth it. It somewhat seems he is not for the serious life and if he was, his concern is with his co-star.
Maybe she regrets breaking up with Jacksonand can't lose what she swapped it for because she'd end up with nothing.

She's attractive. She still has model looks. She's an okay actress and has status she can use to promote other things she cares about. Use those talents and move on from this because this will always drag her down.

W said...

@T. Oh I think she and NR are equally ridiculous with their Instagrams. DK only really started pushing the public stuff with NR after JJ was on TV talking about dating. She seems to want to keep up a weird tit for tat that whenever he is doing something she has to be seen as doing something. One of the funniest was her desperate balancony posing in the Daily Mail the day after JJ and His costar had that marathon lunch drinking session. I mean if so happy with your new guy-why the need to do this stuff?
And NR clearly just wanted another notch on his belt. Neither come out looking good.

Tracy said...

I'm sorry T but i dont think she is an ok actress...that have been her problem here...she maybe had some potential in the beginning and she had all the opportunities for that, but the problem was that she was always more preoccupied in being famous than in being a professional hard worker. Putting on that the fact that she is rude on set and everyone that works on the industry knows, of course people dont give her the time of the day. She is very pretentious and entitled. she should have some humbleness in her and some self respect.
Nonetheless, i still think she should just take care of herself revaluate her life, put things in perspective. Basically grow up. I know it hurts but Reedus is obviously not interested in this point i think a lot of her 'cryptic' instagram posts are most things from her own head. She is an financial independent and more or less an independent in general. She should cut the crap and take care of herself period. i hope she gets to that in the end.

NR doesnt look good either in this situation but i think the difference is that he didnt perpetuate the ridiculness honestly i think every woman as the right to do whatever they want regarding social media but if she wants to get back with her career, posting critic quotes, selfies and other stupid things on instagram is not going to help her at all. honestly she screams desperation in general with those posts.

@W that Daily Mail balcony pics crack me up every the way she was posing to her own selfies to look like were not selfies makes me laugh every time!!

T said...

@w @Tracy agree the childish IG behaviour of adapting her image to be like NR's tongues, middle fingers, same music, naked and suggestive ladies, genital parts, sunglasses, motorbikes, all the way to copying his text style is really, quite embarrasing for a woman of her age. I would expect this sort of behaviour from a teenager idolising her boy band crush. Reedus has enough obsessive fangirls. He doesn't need another one and youdthink a 40 year old independent woman would be confident enough to own her image instead of change it to become like anothers. Does she think people will accept her more if she's his mirror? .to repetitively post about her alleged experiences with him or something about being complete by him is incredibly narcissistic and not respectful of what any normal person would consider an intimate and private relationship to be treasured.if you are prepared to call the papaprazzi to your private home address and pose on your private balcony to get a picture in the media then I feel sorry for you. Notably these are all cryptic behaviours that provided the part of a reason for his break up with Cecilia Singley the model.

I concur the difference here is NR has not broadcast this whatsoever. He has acted badly in lying about the type of person he is to his fans and engaged in shady things but he has the upper hand in choosing to be private about this and it's sensible, or rather, the guilt in him that understands none of this is a pretty sight for their reps whereas DK tried to use to benefit celeb profile.This is why, although his rep is poor amongst hollywood, he does not suffer as much.His fanbase is currently divided between people who realised the truth and are mortified and turning away and people who refuse to accept he'd do this so he's lucky to have at least some backup even if it's not warranted. Shortly after their finland escape they had a lot of people calling them out and many fans turned their back on NR. That wasn't even a huge number of people but it was an event so i'm not sure how either expect to turn the story around should they ever decide to go further (IMO both should run away and start afresh). She quickly tried posting some saint like posts about forgiveness and being nice to quickly repair things but as we all see that did not last long. Maybe some will buy it but everyone knows what happened.

I don't think she's a bad actress at all. It's not lack of talent but lack of integrity and self respect that I think has prevented her from gaining work, particularly as she tried to make Jackson look the one on the wrong and has been messy af with this NR business. She could have remained quiet, tried to distance herself from it but thought she'd get attention from it. It was not the type of attention she wanted, unfortunately for her. As I previously said her best bet is to leave this mess with NR, distance herself, find new projects small or big and slowly rebuild. She has basic talent that can go far if she wants to work hard for it. It's unfortunate that the national treasure rumour is probably due to ageism which she doesn't deserve as a woman but I can't say she doesn't deserve this Karma on accord of her unprofeesionalism and cheating. She can't change the narrative of this scandal until she herself lets it go, moves on, and stops using it as a promotive tool. I personally cannot speak for anything other than the image she puts forward to everyone and that is not coming across well at all but I hope she can learn from mistakes and do well in the future.

Mary said...

I personally don't believe Finland happened, I think it was her trying to sell it like they were a serious couple or maybe even in love.

Either way, I agree with the majority here. Even though Hollywood is raised on double standards and sexism, with DK, this is not the factor playing in her downfall in Hollywood.

TN said...

@mary I agree, Finland never happened. Norman can't show up in an airport and he is spotted and have pictures all around, it was impossible for them to go there icognito the way she tried to make it look like. I think she was trying to hard in this whole "I'm dating Norman Reedus", thinking that popularity is more important than having a good image or a good career.

But it seems like she is giving up on this idea because DailyMail has already an article today calling her "newly single". So she is trying to detach of what happened. And to me, not because she realized it wasn't good for her, but because Norman didn't play her games the way she wanted to. I never really believe they were serious, maybe a few things here and there, but many of the "sightings" (again without pictures) of them were made up by fans of his that wanted this whole drama to be true for some reason.

I think she realized she was coming across as desperate and DK doesn't like to look like this. Reasons why she behaved like she did with Joshua even being the one who was wrong in the first place.

T said...

@TN Don't be surprised if DK and NR still mucking around, this "newly single" promo is their way of pretending they recently reconnected and fooling people away from the cheating scandal of the last year. Stupid if you ask me because nobody believes it. That might have been what Paris was. A test to see if people still returned to the rumours. And, they did. Any sane person would call it quits now. They couldn't shake this off after a whole year. They probably won't.

TN said...

@T I have a different vision of this whole story and you may not agree, which is fine lol

But to me, DK and NR was never that deep or that serious. It was probably a few hook ups here and there, but I don't think he never intended for it to go that far, and never saw it as serious relationship.

DK, on the other hand, maybe because she was more into him, or maybe because she just wanted the buzz around her, wanted to play like she was dating him.

But it was clear that from his part, he never entertained that idea. All these "sightings" of them were never a real thing because it was always made up by his fans and wherever someone asked for a proof, they went with "they asked to not have pictures of them taken" which to me is bullshit.

And Paris was DK trying to show she was available to him. For the way he greeted her (with a high five), showed pretty well that he wasn't planning for her to come along or even wanting to be seen with her. He took pictures and took off right after she arrivided, with his crew. If it was their intention to "test the waters", would make sense for them to arrive together, and then if things went bad, state that that they were there "as friends".
Instead, she went with her friend director, and hired Dailymail to write all about how good she was by supporting his work even with the rumors around, stiring the pot once again.

And if the other blind items are true, it's kind of obvious that Norman is more invested in his co star than DK. I was having my doubts, but after him taking a flight to GA before NYE for only 24 hours, and now DK spreading this whole "newly single" around the media, it shows to me that I think I was right in my assumption that he never considered her a partner, and DK went too far with her idea of them dating.

Ipoopalot said...

I never understood what JJ saw in her but I guess she is a kinky freak in the sack. I looked at a bunch of photos taken of them over the years and JJ was always looking at her, body turned towards her, like he was her appendage. In the same pics she was always facing forwards looking at the cameras. He seems to have been enraptured by her and she took him for granted. Hope he finds someone who appreciates him. She should use her freak sex skills to land a rich guy or pad the bank account.

Nicole said...

Once a cheater, always a cheater. She was still married when she got together with JJ. That should have been warning bells right there for him.

Kit said...

She spent her 20's with her husband, her 30's with JJ. Did she actually think she'd spend her 40's with Norman Reedus?? Ha!!! Fat chance in that happening! He bails after a year so if they've been sneaking around since last December when she straddled him in the dive bar ...times up Diane!!! It's very telling that she wasn't with him at any time during the holidays & his bday. She barked up the wrong tree, thought he'd commit long term with her but it was a big fail. They probably hooked up a couple times & she took that as a relationship. Dumping JJ for NR was her first mistake & now she looks pathetic trying to change up her personality to fit into NR's lifestyle. It only makes her look desperate & immature. Flipping the bird, sticking out the tongue, FU messages, NR phrases, even calling her cat an "asshole". Sound familiar?? A middle-aged woman should not be behaving like a teenager on IG. Find some self respect, Diane!

Lori P. said...

"A- list actress" ....that's reaching! She's B- at best. I never even heard of her if not for her dating Joshua Jackson. That's gotta be a misprint.

Penelope2 said...

Are we sure it's not just that she's boring and doesn't get ratings? And the cheating is what those that like her are blaming it on? Because I wouldn't watch anything just for her.


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