Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Val Kilmer Talks About Cate Blanchett - Again

Val Kilmer says if “loving” Cate Blanchett makes him “creepy,” so be it.

The actor spoke out on Wednesday night about how he has been called a “pervert” thanks to his seemingly obsessive tweets about the Australian actress.

According to People Magazine, he was asked during a Q-and-A in Los Angeles about who his favorite co-star has been and he quipped, “I can’t say Cate Blanchett.”

He continued, “I wrote nice things about Cate Blanchett on Twitter and now I’m a pervert.”

The star was speaking at a screening of his one-man play “Citizen Twain,” People reports.

He told the crowd, “I don’t know why loving an actor that’s so talented is creepy, but I guess I’m creepy.”

He later told People of the hype surrounding his messages about Blanchett, “It makes no sense. I didn’t say anything weird.

Kilmer added, “I write about all my friends. There’s no story. Nothing weird.”


Scandi Sanskrit said...

Please let "Citizen Twain" be a fucked-up spoof of "Citizen Kane". LMAO!

dianavonthirstybird said...

Someone tell Val he still owes me photos he took of the late Chief Thin Elk back in 1991 on the set of Thunderheart! He promised backstage at the Actors Studio he'd send them to me. Never did! Sad.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

LMAO! That was 26 years ago. Sad.

Hortensia said...

I already said, if the guy's on meds for Parkinson's or anything related, the personality will change. Dramatically. This must be going on with Val Kilmer. Everybody, give him a break, some space, and healing.

Squints said...

I have always liked Val. I liked what he said bout her. Her husband seems like a shithead. Should kiss the ground she walks on.


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