Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

August 22, 2017

Things are about to get even more uncomfortable for this married A list comic/actor as another two women are about to come forward to discuss their affairs with the A lister.

Kevin Hart


John said...

His behavior is long known and self admitted. I'm betting she didn't marry him for his fidelity.

Whywhywhy??? said...

She secured her future for next 18 years at least. Maybe she can do a "karruche" and kick start a career from this union. My guess is Kevin is moving on at some point.

*sigh* said...

Supposedly, the only reason this particular scandal lit up is because the (1) girl recorded their encounter of him trying to beg her not to release the video of them sleeping together.

Wifey might just ride it out. After all, news cycles are short. As are attention spans. He should cool it though, couldn't this hurt his career too?

Phyllis Whitweed said...

People get righteous about other people cheating, but this story seems more about extortion. The women he cheated with don't care about their own reputations? What would they get out of going public? It doesn't seem like it would help his wife. What am I missing?

Hortensia said...

He's cute! Too bad for the wife.

Sd Auntie said...

Ok.so Kevin cheats on the sidepiece he cheated with while married to his first wife. Good 4U Kevin. Don't really care either way but divorce her and never marry again


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