Monday, August 28, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 30, 2017

SAG Awards

This A- list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring. According to AP, she also looks a decade older than she actually is. AP said you could smell the booze and cigarettes coming off her and that the actress looked like someone who had been up for days on end partying.

Kate Hudson


Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

Wasn't this always the knock on her mom as well (wrt body odors?). I remember Julia Phillips in her awesome "You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again" famously saying that Goldie was "borderline dirty".

Melissa said...

True story from almost a decade ago, friend who works in the biz said '90% of the 'hot' chicks in Hollywood smell and have disgusting hygiene'

Sd Auntie said...

Gross! Hudson is not that hot. Her mom sure was though.

Dumblesnore said...

Don't get the hate on Kate I see in the media. She seems goofy and pretty harmless, like non offensive. She will never be Goldie, and by anything I've ever seen that's always been pointed out to her since she started acting. Whatevs... there are much more deserving "stars" to hate on lol.


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