Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blind Item #8

No note. Defensive wounds on his hands, where he tried to fight off his attacker. Supposed to not be found for weeks where clues would have been tough to piece together. Arranged plea deal. Dead four days before he had turn over a list of names. They had been coming after him ever since he took the plea deal because they knew he would have to name names. I wrote about that pressure before. He bought most of his photos. One person who was feeling the heat was this former A+ list mostly television actor. As far as I know, he didn't sell him the photos, but apparently many of them came from his collection. The person that was feeling the most pressure and had the most to lose was an A list producer. Their high and mighty world would have come crashing down. There is no way he was going to let that happen. He has big big friends in that A+ list ringmaster and others who can get things done.


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Original Unknown skeptic said...

Exactly and I also mentioned my friend who just shot himself in public on one of the most famous beaches in L.A.. I'm assuming so someone other than his girlfriend would find him and to spare her having to live with that image and in the home where he killed himself or having to move. The cleanup from that kind of thing isn't exactly easy or pretty. There's also Japan's famous suicide forest, which again is pretty damn public. The Golden Gate Bridge and pretty much any other bridge that's high enough for people to die if they jump from. But again this wasn't a place that was all that "public", it was pretty remote for L.A.. It was public in the sense that it was not privately owned but not heavily trafficked.

Original Unknown skeptic said...

But yet you accuse me of being there because I used common sense to deduce that the police roped off the entire trail leading into where he was found and the trees in the photos are obviously not the photos from which he was found hanging? GTFOH.
Wouldn't common sense tell you that to stage a hanging the tree or branch would have to be big enough to support his body dead or alive? It doesn't really matter whether or not his body was placed there after he already died or he actually hung himself, the physics are the same. If a branch can't support the weight of his live body it wouldn't be able to support the weight of his dead body. How are you people this fucking stupid? So again, logic and deductive reasoning tells you there had to be a bigger tree from which he was found hanging. Logic also tells you that the coroner and crime scene techs would block off a pretty large area from which to work to keep out paparazzi so they can preserve the scene and prevent and death scene photos. I'm betting they were kept pretty far back on the trail. Even TMZ had the photos labeled as the "beginning of the trail" where his body was found. It never labeled it as the trees where he hung himself. You can bet your ass if they had the photos of the actual tree and knew which one it was they would post it and label it as such.
Use common sense, if you have any, and stop being such a moron.

Original Unknown skeptic said...

You mean why a guy who was suicidal and depressed would kill himself days before he was due to be sentenced for up to 7 years in prison for child porn? One if the worst things to go to prison for? I'd say the answer to that is pretty easy. He already entered a plea, he just hasn't been sentenced. If you get a plea deal for naming names you give up those names before you plea so you and the DA can come to an understanding on whether or not the terms serve both your interests and the terms are satisfactory. The guy had money and I'm assuming a good lawyer. No big wig lawyer would have ever allowed him to enter his plea without some guarantee of what his sentence would be and what deal he was getting. If part of his deal was giving people up he already did that months ago. At the sentencing the DA would have given a recommendation for him to get a lighter sentence for cooperating and the judge would have said yes or no (most likely yes). That's how plea deals work.

But him facing time on prison, no future career, and being a pariah with very few friends was a very good reason to kill himself.

You have no proof he was days away from "naming names" other than what you're reading in this blind. The DA and the FBI aren't stupid if they want names they get names long before a plea deal. Normally by the time the FBI is asking you questions they know the answers they just want you to corroborate their information. So if he was giving anyone up it's not anything the FBI probably didn't already know.

Tyler said...

A depressed and disheveled looking Mark Salling caught on video buying cigarettes on Monday hours before his death. Medical Examiner confirmed death was a suicide and that he died in the early hours of Tuesday.

designace001 said...

@346NYC Brilliant!!
FYI this was "message" not a suicide imo. Wonder who took the original rock photo?

Original Unknown skeptic said...

Hmm a lot of my posts questioning the validity of this information have been deleted. Mainly the ones about the trees and the photos being posted everywhere not being the one he hunh himself from. Very suspicious that calling out discrepancies in a blind item would get my comments deleted. I certainly didn't delete them.

LucidDreams said...

r100% false. And if it isnt, and this website owner knows it was murder and doesnt go public they are an accomplice

lully said...

Isn´t it suspect?

I was wondering with so much image files was he some kind of distribuitor?

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What’s Tea said...

Sounds like he was murdered.

Based on what we've seen pedophiles don't get in trouble they get "VACATION" if they continue to play by the rules in Hollywood. They protect their own if their own protects them. Brian Peck is a good example he's not high up like Singer, SS but he still gets protection.

Mark could have committed suicide but with him going in to finish his pleading sounds more like he needed to be stopped. Why go through hell just to end things when they are close to coming to a close? Why not do it sooner??? Or after? if he was going to do the right thing but didn't want to face jail.

He apparently tried to commit suicide ONE time and got scared and backed out of it.

How would this happen if his family/friends were watching him so closely?

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