Saturday, February 03, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 14, 2017

This A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a long running hit pay cable show told a guy at Fashion Week that she was taking a break from her long time significant other. The next day though she was out with him. Interesting.

Rose Leslie/Kit Harrington


sandybrook said...

Kit reminded her she has a contract to fulfill and is at his beck and call whenever he needs his beard.

Lea said...

He went to school with some of my friends - don't think he's gay, at the very most bisexual with a strong preference for females..
I do have it on good authority that he's an entitled little shit who thinks he's better than everyone else, though. My bet is this match is for bloodlines more than anything else.

MM said...

Jon Snow is BI. Likes it rough, also.

Unknown said...

I think Rose Leslie has the best shot of a solid long-term career out of GOT but noway is she even borderlin A- right now.

laila said...

Lmao, we always need the receipts. The guy is not gay. He has so many hook up stories. Woman from theatre play, that girl assistant from commercial, brazilian actress and others.

Enty said Kit has been hooking up with Emilia Clarke for the entire run of the show. His pr team does a lot of cleaning.

2016 - BG blind about Kit hooking up with Emilia.
2017- bg blind about his pr relationship with rose, they broke up long time ago, now it's a showmance to get acting gigs and media attention.
September 2017 - "engagement" news. Both blinds suddenly get deleted. Nice cleaning job, pr team. Why bother deleting if it's not the truth?

2018 - Blind about rearranging the seats on golden globes so kit and emilia could sit together.
Recent random fan photos of Kit and Emilia being touchy feely in Iceland. I guess they try to be private but they fail.

Brooke said...

Agree with you totally.

Unknown said...

Wowwww. I am shoooked. I love kit and I love Emilia. They look hot together didn't know there were many bg blinds about them


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