Friday, February 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 16, 2018

This late night talk show host has been feeding as many negative stories to the press as he can to try and support one of his best friends in her current fight.

Andy Cohen/Sarah Jessica Parker


Don Kieballs said...

My guess to this is, why can't they both just go away. Sue me

J said...

So he's the one talking trash about Secretariat.

FancyFel said...

I guess the lesson here is to never miss an opportunity to promote a blind for yourself while doing a kindness to others.

Unknown said...

So many celebs that the posts only feed a certain narrative. I call BS on this. One of the actors from SATC just said Kim's the bitch and I don't doubt it. He likely would have no storyline if Kim wasn't in the movie so no reason to say it. Enuf with the hate for both Andy and SJP

SororSalsa said...

Or maybe SJP promised the actor a bigger check for dissing Kim.

crackity-Mcgee said...

any cohen is just another trash pig with power like oprah or Seacrest


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